Angelsdoll Discussion PART 6

Apr 14, 2017

    1. @chalyss Happy I came back!! Thank yiu for the rain color pics! I need a few of these bodies, I really like the shape. I contacted AD about it but they said right now they are reworking the bodies and will tell me when they are for sale again. I can't wait! I hope I like the change.... I didn't ask what kind of changes they were though.

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    2. @Dreadfulme, OooOOoooh!! Last time they reworked the girl body, she got a longer neck. I am very curious to see what they're doing this time! Maybe make her taller? Maybe add front thigh slits! THAT'D be nice. I might go ask what changes are being made!
    3. That's interesting news! I wouldn't mind a little taller, or a little longer torso.
    4. @chalyss @Alewife

      I sent them the question after posting here. I will let you know what they say. The body looks so lovely already. I hope she doesn't become less curvy!

      I really want a few for my custom head that's being made **finger bites**
    5. Thanks for keeping us posted! I bit more length to her torso would be great but she IS awfully cute as-is!
    6. @chalyss @Alewife Angelsdoll came back today -- they said that they are only modifying the joints on the girl body.
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    7. For any unrepentant headhunters like me, thought I would mention that I asked Angelsdoll if Evan could be sold as just the head. They let me know they intended to have that as an option in the future. I'm very interested in the Lucia head but Evan seems to call to me as well, so I asked. Just been waiting for them to release him as such~ Probably should ask after an ETA, hehe~
    8. Yai for new thread!
      Now i'm curious about new joints, and also if company is still just reworking on female body or have any plans for male body too.
      Anyway it wouldn't be bad if they finally will add high heeled feet to female body ;)
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    9. :sigh when i'd read reworked i hoped for more important changes, such adding heeled feet and making the girl body taller, com'on..she's barely 60cm and he's like effeil tower..:roll:
      *sit down waiting for better updates*
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    10. Oh, a new thread! I was wondering why it was so quiet. :sweat

      @Dreadfulme thanks for the update! I'm curious to see the new joints.
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    11. I just went to and it is one of thse search sites with links. Are they still selling bjds?
    12. Sorry to double post, but would someone mind telling me if another doll's legs would fit in the sockets (or are close to fitting in the sockets--I don't mind modding) of the female body?

      I want a doll that's a bit taller than she is, but I like the more realistic aesthetic.

      Maybe Impldoll legs? (I really like floating kneecaps as opposed to hidden peanut. Or really anything other body that someone's willing to look at.)

      I don't really need a picture of the legs in the socket, but if someone with another female body could measure the circumference of the upper thigh, right where it goes into the socket, and then do that for another body, that'd be great. Male legs are fine too.

      Thank you!
    13. Hmmm... I'll see what I can do. I didn't get updates for this thread... boo hiss!
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    14. @americanseamstress Are you still wondering about other legs in the Angelsdoll hips? I had success putting the legs from the newest Doll in Mind Love body in the hip sockets. Thighs were smaller overall and there was a little extra room but posing/ mobility was better. I've rehomed my Angelsdoll body and am packing it up to mail tonight, but I can take you measurements beforehand if you still want them. You want the circumference of the hip (on the leg pieces) right?
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    15. I did my first and second faceups ever on the lucia head, its so androgynous and hungry looking. Very glad i purchased this head, by reccomendatiom from a friend.
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    16. Novice poster here, trying to figure out why my flickr picture urls are not working... hope to post a picture soon!