Angelsdoll Discussion PART 6

Apr 14, 2017

    1. Yeah it was vivid skin! I don't plan to recolor him in any way. I don't dislike the color he turned. I just hope he doesn't turn any other colors!

      I was happy to see that the company returned though. Their new sculpts are so beautiful. I hope when their smaller doll comes out that it does really well!
    2. Not that I remember. I wonder if he's working on any more 1/3 heads as well?
    3. Oh I hope so! I have bugged him a few times- he was revamping the joint systems of the 60cm bodies... to be more like the 40cm body which has amazing posing ability. I think we'll see new sculpts in the new year. A taller girl too, I hope. He just keeps promising things are coming, so I am trying hard to be patient...
    4. ASD40 body released and WOW that posing!! But not sure the actual height. I emailed him to find out.
      ASD40-BODY – Angelsdoll
    5. Wow~ The posing on that new body seems absolutely amazing!!! Very nice facial traits too~ I don't know if all colors are available... There's no option menu for his listing.
    6. It IS incredible posing! it is also a 40cm doll. He is using the 70cm Evan page as a template and he's adding and changing the info as he goes over the next few days.
    7. It's hard to be patient! :eusa_pray

      Very impressive engineering on the new body!
    8. Just found out about this company

      I love the large jointed hands

      I had problems registering. I registered and it would not let me sign in saying there is no email or username in that name but when I try to register it says it is taken :huh?: I found their email and send to them

      I really like the shape of the jointed hands for the 75 cm it’s very nice I hope they will let me buy it alone and that they reply to my email
    9. I'd been meaning to ask AD about their jointed hands and if they'd sell them as stand-alone items. Let me know if he tells you!
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    10. @chalyss funny because I fell in Love with the hands when I saw it on your Aerek and it made me want to ask them because the idealian hands I received were too small plus I love all the details in the hand and nails!!! I’ll post here when I get a reply

      I hope they do because I’m not able to put it on Q&A because of the registering thing
    11. *LOL* That is funny! Yeah the hands are HUGE. The wrist ball is really big so it may need modding to fit in other wrists.

      I do all my corresponding via email with AD- they should respond that way. :) I just keep forgetting to ask about the danged hands!
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    12. I got a reply from them this morning :-)

      They told me the jointed hand parts for their 75 will be available for order separately soon

      I’ll add it to my saved tabs to check haha

      @chalyss yes the ball joint does look big but the hands are beautiful when I sand it and if it still look awkward there will be he man cuffs to hide it :aninja:
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    13. Thanks for sharing! That's great news! I don't know of their big boy even has static hands- I have never seen them; I got mine when the promotion was going on.

      Man cuffs! *LOL* Yes! I think if you're willing to sand those massive things down, they'd look fine. I'm excited to see it done!
    14. So Angelsdoll has this 40cm boy, and the price is only 40$? :aeyepop:
    15. That ought to be the price for just the head, but it really does go into the shopping cart as $40! Weird...
    16. If that's truly the price I'd actually get one... (I don't do MSD size)
    17. Hi, my Angelsdoll Cat Avatar Cian, whom I've bought recently, finally arrived! I've been pining for this boy for a long time. Managed to snatch him secondhand for a 'not-so-terrible' price. I'm so happy! :D I named him 'Shrkhan'.

      I'm also waiting for an Angelsdoll Lucia head in white skin. Any body suggestions for both heads?

      [​IMG]New doll head: 'Shrkhan' by Alsvieth Hropter, on Flickr
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    18. Congratulations, that's a real find! :)
      I like Granado bodies with these heads. I'm not sure what would match AD white though.
    19. CONGRATS!!! So hard to find the older sculpts! Cian would do well on a 68-72cm body. Aprilstory normal would match that kinda well, as would their white. Their white is a cream white but not as dark as my monitor is showing yours. I have an Ivan head and he looks pretty good on a Mirodoll 68cm muscle body. I can show a pic later. If you want a tall, lean Lucia lady, then a Mirodoll 70cm girl body is not bad. She'd probably look best on a 65cm though. Or did you want her as a him?
      Lucia as a boy on the Soom Super gem body: REHOMED! Angelsdoll Lucia head in NS

      As a she, she'd look great on an Impldoll old Starwoman body, 63cm, willow and narrow like the head:
      impl heights

      Lucia head on a RS Long body: Lucia head on Long body

      Lucia head on a Mirodoll 70cm girl body in white (white skin head): snow ell'fh
    20. @Alewife Thanks! :XD: Any photos that you can link?

      @chalyss I would love to see the Ivan hybrid, seems intriguing. Lucia's going to be a tall, slim woman.The Impldoll body with the Lucia head looks good. I also really like Lucia on the Mirodoll 70cm body; although, I would prefer bodies around 60-65cm but who says a woman can't be as tall as her man? Thanks for the suggestions! Truly appreciate it. :thumbup