Angelsdoll Discussion PART 6

Apr 14, 2017

    1. Lucia looks really fab on the old Starwoman body I think. The neck is 9cm on both so it works well there too.

      Here is Ivan on a 68cm Mirodoll body. Ideally I'd like to see just the tiniest bit more bulk on the body for the head, but clothed this would look great.


      Checked his height- he stands at 67/68 cm, so he may be on the 65cm body. I'll check another Miro body that I KNOW is 68cm later. Maybe the legs I put on for height are not the ones I thought they were.
    2. @angelie23 I'll try to remember where I saw some. Maybe they were Chalyss's photos. :sweat
    3. Lol! Ivan head on a Granado body? I can do the defunct 64cm body and soon an Evol body if that is of interest.
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    4. @chalyss Doesn't look too bad on that mirodoll boy body. Thanks for the photos!

      @Alewife No problem. Thanks for the suggestions though.
    5. I have 2 Ivan heads I don't know what to do with, so probably twins on Miro bodies. Lol. I have a feeling that pic was the 65cm body instead.
    6. So my first order with Angels doll just came in. I order the ASD60 body and it's stunning. But I don't like the ankles to much... do you know how on earth to make them possible?
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    7. That body should be renewed then- he did a lot of work on the joints. Can you post a pic? I'd like to see if the ankles have changed from the first gen.
    8. I never get photos to work on here, I put them in my flickr.
      Angelsdoll ASD60 body ankles
    9. I see what you mean. Those wouldn't bend at all!
    10. They really dont, I love the body so much... but the ankles are annoying. She can stand like a champ, though... just not in even smallest heel. I'm trying to think of a way to make then work.

      The main issue I've noticed with the ankles (besides no possibility) is that the hook keeps getting stuck in on the little lip on the ankle. So eventually I can see the ankle being damanged. So I'll have to mod eventually.
    11. The only thing I could think of would be to sand off both lips and install a ball in between. Glad to hear you like the rest of the body though! Have you taken more photos? :)
    12. yeah that's weird. He spent months renewing the body with better jointing and he'll spend months doing it to the boy body now. I need to check my 60cm female body's ankles now.
    13. I have a few on my instagram. She's just beautiful.
    14. I'd love to know if there's a difference.
    15. Greetings, all!

      I recently sent my beautiful Torsten (Baku) off for a faceup, and he arrived safely home again today! I absolutely adore how he looks. :drool


      (Clearly, his love missed him very much. So clingy. *snort*)

      So... yes. Just wanted to share. ;) I don't see Baku around the forums much, these days. He's such a beautiful sculpt!
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    16. Oh he's gorgeous! Congrats!! I just traded a Baku head- but it had been modded a bit and I really wanted a pristine one. Also, I am getting in a Michael! So excited!

      OH I still need to get pics of those ankles, sorry! Maybe write them and tell them about the problems? They're accommodating and maybe he didn't notice.

      My sweet Iesuel:[​IMG]
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    17. And Angelsdoll Ruby! I need more pics of her! But one ear broke... and won't stay glued on. :(

      Then Iseul and her human counterpart:

      And the New Angelsdoll, Yul head modded and faceupped by AlisonVonderland:
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    18. @chalyss: Thank you! :hug: I am so, so pleased with how the artist did his faceup. Also, I'm quite certain that wig was MADE for him. Holy crap. Absolutely perfect.

      Eeee, Iseul is so cute!! I love that smile, and the shape of her nose. So darling. <3 You have such lovely pretties. I want to hug them all!
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    19. Aww, they'd love the hugs! And thank you!

      Yes, your Baku makes me regret rehoming mine. *L* But I did get a body out of it, so it was for a good cause. I am always on the look out for old Angelsdoll sculpts!
    20. You're welcome! :3nodding:

      Aww, I feel you, he really is a beautiful sculpt. I've had him for years (purchased directly in 2012, I believe?), and I certainly can't see myself ever parting with him. Oh, definitely, Angelsdoll had some incredibly lovely male sculpts, in the past. Ivan, Kloze, Cian, etc. I'm unsure as to what actually happened with the company; did they disappear for a while, and then come back? I vaguely remember something happening, along those lines.