Angelsdoll Discussion PART 6

Apr 14, 2017

    1. Aw heck, I've been planning on buying Evan, but I didn't think about resin color until now. I think I'll probably get ns, but does anyone know what the white is like?
      I also wonder if static hands are now standard? I know this body is being reworked, but I dunno if I can handle waiting to order =P
    2. Evan is gorgeous! Angelsdoll white is a pale NS, not a true white. Think Iplehouse white. NS is a nice fleshy tone. here you go. The head is white next to the other pieces which are all NS:

      I know AD was working on making static hands for Evan, not sure where he's at in that... or the body overhaul. He answers emails though.

      All their offered colors:
      [​IMG]AD color samples
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    3. Hokay, so after looking at the dolls I have, thinking about their resin colors, I think I'll order him in ns for sure. I also want to try and ask for a sample chip or something of the white resin, in case I like the body well enough to buy another for a floating head. I'm pretty excited now =)
    4. The NS is a nice peachy color- I love it! The white is also pretty and a soft pale pink.Very close to Ringdoll NS. The AD light tan is amazing! I need to order something in the dark tan and violet. Impldoll Idol heads, Idealian heads, that size... they look great on the AD Evan body. He does stand 74/75cm.
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    5. I do love that dark tan color. I wonder what he's up to? It's been a while since his last release!
    6. Well, since he hasn't magically popped in here to tell us, maybe I will email and ask him! he did say the Evan body overhaul would take a good while.
    7. Haha, get your spork out, @chalyss XD

      I'm thinking about ordering a 5Stardoll 60cm male body for my incoming Lucia head but I really can't decide what colour to go for The head is Normal which seems to be somewhere between pink and peachy so I was leaning towards pink except I've heard 5Stardoll's yellow is quite pink so maybe that would be a better match?
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    8. *LOL*

      Well, I have normal AD resin available and 5star white and pink, but no yellow. The 5star white is very creamy, the pink is quite pink (almost exact to Impldoll pink) and from pics the yellow looks /yellow/. But maybe it depends on batches?
    9. I'm thinking the same since looking through pics the older yellows look fairly neutral but the more recent ones look yellow-yellow. So I'm thinking pink, lol. Impldoll pink is very pink atm - used to be close to Resinsoul normal but now it's def pinker. Normally I'd wait until I had the head but 5Stardoll has an event running right now so if I buy the body and a cat (I don't need a cat says my wallet) I can get a free doll under $200 (I don't have MSDs and I neglect my yosds - shut up wallet, they have a chibi Hellboy!)
    10. So I ordered my boy right before christmas, I can't wait to see how he turns out =) Do you guys know how long the wait time is? I know I read it somewhere, but I've forgotten, oops.
      I ordered him in ns, but now I find I'm wanting one in white too, maybe as a body for a floating head I have(a Venitu in fresh skin), or as a character doll(after thinking about it, I bet Evan would make a nice DIO from JJBA)
    11. I'd like to know how long the wait time is too - ordered my Lucia head Nov 30th so in theory once that arrives it should mean your order isn't far behind :)
    12. Well, it's been a few months, and my order still says "processing" on the website. I guess it's time to send an email to ask for an update :P

      Edit: or post to their notice board. I don't see an email.
    13. Dang, yes! I need to write him again and see what's happening with the company.
    14. I got my doll pretty soon after bugging Angelsdoll. I've got the box opening here:

      I wasn't expecting him to be bigger than my Venitu, for some reason. Deffo a good candidate for making hybrids.
      I can't really comment on stability or posing until I fix the knees. I think he's gonna need suedeing for sure. I also think I wanna try sanding his seams.
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    15. Congrats!!

      When I first got my Evan, back when he was launched, I had thought to shorten his legs and make him less than 75cm; but when I saw him in person, he looked so nice that I never bothered. The knees ARE a problem, yes! I now have 2 of the Evan bodies and had to break down and wire his legs. It barely works. Mine has 6mm string, too (I made this request of AD and they obliged) but I think, for the legs, he needs thicker if his joints will take it. I'll have to experiment with the size on the bottom half of the body and use a non traditional method. Sueding, from my experience, will not be enough on it's own.
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    16. @chalyss your poke must have done something. :lol: I like the new head they've announced!
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    17. Im surprised how cheap they are compared to the amount of details in them, they look amazing!
      I really love the face of Gunel, $60 for a 70cm doll head seems like its not believable to me?

      If anyone's interested, I wanted to order a full doll, the 70cm male one but he told me Im not able to because he is updating the body to fix the issues and refine the appearance, and he might present it next month so theres that to look forward to
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    18. Gunel is my favorite too. Thanks for the news about the body update. :)
    19. The body's been in update mode for a long time now- which he did say would happen. Nice to hear it'll be done soon!

      I like these new heads! I want both boy heads! Yes, $60 seems cheap but it is correct.
    20. $60 a head also makes it hard to reach that $200 mark for the freebies unless I want all 4. *L* I so wanna try a violet one!
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