Angelsdoll Discussion PART 6

Apr 14, 2017

    1. @chalyss

      I asked whether he’d offer the heads for this release in other resin colors besides white or normal and he said no, but they’d be offered in other colors later
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    2. Aw, bummer!! But thanks for letting me know!
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    3. @chalyss

      I know! I feel like I’ve been stalking this company to buy something specific for years! Now they temp me to add on a new head, but the male body I’ve wanted isn’t available yet (although I appreciate the rework) and no special resin colors!
    4. That body has been in re-work status for over a year. And I'd love a reworked body, cuz the two Evan bodies I have, the knees are awful! But the heads hybrid well, so I could match them to Impldoll bodies, too, which I may have to do to get a complete doll anytime soon.
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    5. @chalyss

      I know! I keep stalking his Instagram, but the only body I’ve seen is I think the 1/4th scale:


      And Impldoll is no better, gosh darn it! There’s a three-eyed female head and an MGB female muscle body I’ve been wanting! :XD:

      Although here are maybe the hands:

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    6. Impl WILL be releasing those, the 3-eyed head before the MGB I am sure (I know, I neeeed one too)... but Angelsdoll... please come out with that body, it's your main SD sized boy one!

      UPDATE: Talked to them on IG and was told the new boy body will be available for purchase next month. Yay!
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    7. 4 heads doesn't seem extreme to me... ;) And good news on the body!

      @americanseamstress I love those green hands! That resin would make a great full doll. :)
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    8. *LOL* It isn't, I just don't need the girls. But I'd like a new Lucia.
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    9. Yes, but with all new sculpts and no way to get any of the old, gorgeous sculpts we all still want. New bodies too!

      Hang on to and cherish your old AD kids... they are still only available on the second hand market. *sadness*
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    10. @Cureless he looks amazing, love the detailing on the muscles of the brow :D

      On his IG they posted a guitar that they said is an event item, pretty cool to get rockstars. Looks a bit small so I think that maybe for the 1/4 body that @americanseamstress posted about earlier?

      I love that they give their hands detailed nails, their hands are my favorite and Im excited to order the new 70 for the jointed hands alone XD

      This summer is not good to anyone's wallet... so many amazing releases :doh
    11. Thank you ❤️

      Thanx, he is severe guy ;-)
    12. Just a heads up for all those interested

      Angelsdoll just posted their two new heads (Serin and Maron) thats going on sale tomorrow 11/8
      With an event that you get free eye molds with the heads

      However, there will also be the new and improved ASD70 doll body debuting too!!!

      There will be a free jointed hand event for that body and the tan skin colors will be available for this event too :)
      Im not sure if the heads will have the skin color options other than normal/white but they confirmed that the full ASD70 will

      I am definitely getting Gunel if hes available as a full doll in tan :love
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    13. Has anyone tried to buy any of the bodies on the Angelsdoll site? I assume the link for the 70cm male body (even though it shows the old body pictures) is the correct one to buy the new male body because there is no other link, but all resin options are out of stock. I brought this up on the Q&A, and Angelsdoll stated he “can’t find any problem.” Is this issue unique to me or can other people not buy the body either?
    14. @americanseamstress I asked them on their instagram since the pictures are not updated, that if I buy the body, would it be the new improved one and they told me yes

      I also have no problem with adding the ASD70 male body, I tried adding each color and they all worked fine

      Just to make sure, this is the link Im using
      ASD70BODY – Angelsdoll

      Im also using my laptop to view and add (thought i would mention it since I know some people use their cellphones/ipad and those have issues with some websites). Im also using Chrome as my browser

      If its none of the above, I would clear the cache and internet history and reload, then try again?
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    15. @GreenTeaSlug

      I contacted AngelsDoll directly and they fixed the problem about an hour ago. Thanks!
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    16. Does anyone have a comparison between light tan and tan?

      Ive looked around a bit and the I cant find a general idea, and some have different names like vivid tan (not available anymore, or maybe name change?) so I would love to know about anyone getting their tans in the recent 2-3 years

      Ive come across information a few days ago but cant seem to find it now, that light tan is close to Iplehouse's real skin and tan is close to light brown, would you find that true?

      I mostly want to know if their tan looks very saturated like the color comparison on the official page

      Would you also say their white is paper, ivory or pinky white?
    17. [​IMG]AD color samples by

      Their white is a pale NS.
      Vivid tan was close to real skin but that was the old Angelsdoll. Now tan is more like old AoD/DZ tan.
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    18. Also, here is a pic of Angelsdoll light tan (The super tall body) with an Impldoll tan head on it, next to a SiD Peach Gold body with a Dollshe in oriental peach (I dunno the color- the one up from Oriental). The AD light tan is very close to a Soom tawny, as all these colrs are.
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