Angelsdoll Discussion PART 6

Apr 14, 2017

    1. @chalyss thank you :)))))

      I was hoping their dark tan would be less red, but their light tan is a very nice toffee color. I was also hoping their white would be stark white because I like how white dyes without worrying about undertones, but its understandable they would want human flesh pale skin.

      You have helped me a lot, Ill be placing my order for Gunel in light tan soon. Im still surprised these heads are that cheap, I was actually worried I was on a non legit website

      I really like what you have done with your King Korey, wouldnt have expected him to look good on the SID body!
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    2. You're welcome!

      I'll have a light tan Gunel too! As for the head price, that's normal.

      Thank you! He looks good on the AD body too! Copper oriental and lt tan are a decent (That is, blushable) match. Here's the pic of that:
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    3. I bought Evan a few months ago and I think he should be with me soon as he was sent out last week. I haven’t really decided what I will do with him yet though.
    4. I have put one on layaway, but this will be my 3rd. I may get another to replace an existing Evan body depending on how much better it is with the silicone parts. 2 will be AD purebreeds but the 3rd is a hybrid with an Impldoll head.
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    5. Just a question. Do angeldolls pose well? What are its perks?
    6. Perks? it's very, very pretty! The new male bodies have silicon nubs to help with posing and I have yet to try it, though I have a new body on layaway. The old ones pose well (no change except that silicon, like Granado and Dollshe have), but it's a LOT of doll, so the knees suffer. Wire and suede them and you should be golden. Also, the jointed hands probably need wiring too. The more the doll, the harder is seems to pose under the sheer weight of itself (which is why Minifees are so amazing in the pose department- size, weight and engineering); also, the AD boys are heavy and need thick strings. I have mine with 5 (or 6)mm strings but I think he could do with thicker. That would help a lot. His channels are big enough to support more, if memory serves.

      As for the girls, they have renewed hip sockets... no more magnets. I may have restrung mine. I'll have to look. Very cute (if not short at 60cm) body!

      Follow this link for a bunch of boy body posing pics:
      [​IMG]Angeldoll Evan
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    7. I was planning to get an Impldoll body for mine but I really like the Angelsdoll body now I have seen it... Evan is so lovely I can’t wait to get mine a faceup :aheartbea
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    8. Hi Jareth! (waves) We were just talking about him on FB messenger! I do prefer the aesthetic of the AD body over the Idol. It's lanky but muscular, a really nice balance. I remember I was considering modding mine shorter when I got him, but when I opened my box and put him together (I asked to string my own), that idea vanished! He's very visually pleasing as-is.
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    9. Hiya!! Yes I definitely like my guys on the lankier side when possible. I heard that the AD body is slightly bigger than what is said on the website? Just wondering what size clothes he will fit. He’s gorgeous I’ve certainly fallen in love with him now :XD:
    10. Wow, laaate reply! So sorry! I don't know about bigger than the website, which claims 75cm in height I think- he stands about that without shoes, maybe 74.5cm. I use ID75/Idol/EID clothes with him. Some may be a bit short and some a bit thicker waisted, but if it fits ID75, it should fit him. Here's a pic of the ID75 next to the AD Evan in Army gear.
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    11. So been forever since I posted on DOA.
      I actually have an old AD Ivan and for years thought the company was gone forever but then I learn they came back....and ohhh boy I think I fell in love with the Evan....Thank you to whoever posted the comparison picture of the Ivan with the Evan. I am now definitely thinking of reshelling my Ivan’s character into the Even
      Love the Ivan but he is so skinny and Im really in love with the new body. Heck Im strongly debating on reshelling my Ivans wife into the Yul
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    12. I have finally finished my Evan layaway so I can get the new body!

      That pic was probably mine and YES, huuuuge difference between the two bodies! Evan is gorgeous! Even moreso in real life! I still have the Ivan head, traded the body, and am going to get it back again for the head I never found another body for. *L*

      Yul is a gorgeous girl, but the difference between the 75cm boy and the 60cm girl is pretty big. She's quite petite next to him, though if that's what you want, then it'd work fine! (The girl is nYiD size, Evan is ID75 size.)
      I urge you to get the Evan! ;)
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    13. I currently have my Ivan who is named Jack paired with an EID Luna
      The Ivan being so skinny with the EID being so full bodied is a bit awkward
    14. Well, the EID gal will look good next to the Evan! I may have a pic of that somewhere... no, I don't. But I can get one!
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    15. @chalyss I'm suddenly loving the 60cm girl calves, woah
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    16. The body is actually super cute! I just wish it were a bit taller or with the option to be:
      [​IMG]Angelsdoll Lucia
    17. Finally! My Evan arrived this morning to me ! He is gorgeous! I can’t wait to get started on him. I kind of want another Angelsdoll now :XD:
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    18. @Jareth

      Do you mind saying when you ordered and whether you got notified it shipped? It appears there is no waiting room for AngelsDoll or I would look and ask there
    19. Basically I ordered the head with my friend in mid-June and it shipped in late August and arrived to my friend in early September. But what happened was I was going to receive the head at a meet but my friend forgot to bring it but he sent it to me finally.
      It generally takes them about 2 months to send I think.

      Edit: yes they did also send a shipping notification!
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