Angelsdoll Discussion PART 6

Apr 14, 2017

    1. @Jareth

      Thank you! I have an order from the beginning of August I’m waiting on so I wondered
    2. Which one did you get?

      One thing I found is the head doesn’t have magnets included so I will need to get some I guess
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    3. @Jareth

      The new male body with the silicone kips and the Karl head. Rats on the headcap magnets! It’s kind of irritating to have to find the right size. I guess I’ll have to look out for that too, but I guess at least I can make the strength to my liking
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    4. I’m probably super late on this one but I just checked the website and I really like their new Maron head I am kind of tempted to get him but I need to get my Evan completed :XD: I was also wondering about the ASD40 body... I don’t have any MSDs but I actually quite like the doll!
    5. Thread doesn't seem very active but I was wondering if the Angelsdoll Tan may match Mirodoll burnt sugar? I'm trying to replace my guy's body with a smaller body the angelsdoll body is just way too much to handle. I checked out the comparison thread but that seems pretty in active. Thanks. :) On another note my Iseul head has swapped bodies quite a bit and is currently on a April Story body which isn't too hateful.
    6. It really depends on Miro's burnt sugar at the time. I would say the AD tan is probably too dark (blushing might fix that). I have current samples from them (came in last week) but I need to take pics.

      That should look cute!! I have mine on a newer Soom body. It's a rather small head. Here she is on the 2012 Soom girl body next to the much bigger old Soom body. I think April Story would be comparable.

      And I have the Gunel head! I need to take pics.
    7. Yes she look just fine on the april story body, but I'm not very fond of the body, but better than the luts senior body I did have her on. I like the old soom body better weird that there is that much difference in the old and new I sometimes wonder why companies make decisions like that to make the bodies way completely different..especially girl bodies and then they make the boys super huge and they just don't look quite right together.
      Which is why I want to replace my boys body it's just all legs I could deal with 65cm but this 72cm...ugh. Even though the april story body is bigger than the senior luts body she was on they still don't look just quite right together he needs to be much but that is just me.
    8. There's a HUGE difference! I prefer the old ones too... and the newest ones? Even smaller, while the boys get bigger. I prefer a better ratio too, it's not just you.

      Does anyone remember this head's name? I have her on a Miro doll 62cm tan body, it's OK, but this is a big head- could use a bigger body. For now I am content.

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    9. Is that AngelsDoll Angela?
    10. Angela? Wracking my brain and I don't recall an Angela sculpt (now I'm upset I may have missed a release). Is this a Rin, maybe?
    11. Whoops! My bad idk why but I was getting her confused for another sculpt entirely :XD:I had another look and I think it is Rin.