~:. AngelToast "Elf Raven" discussion thread .:~

Oct 21, 2010

    1. That's what I'm hoping Karlyl! Tamais is gorgeous even without a body! Lovely, lovely boy.

      I have to get some sealant though, I've got enough for probably one spray but I'm going to save it for my MSD I'm in the middle of dealing with.

      My poor elf Raven is just sitting here naked, I'm calling him 'Sekrit' as a place holder since I don't want to debut his character until he's done. The boy needs clothes. He's holding a sign that says 'Will cute for clothes'.
    2. All my boys are hobos right now, lol. I'm working on making some clothes for them so they don't have a mutiny and steal all the girl's clothes XD

      I can't wait to see Sekrit in his final incarnation!! I know he's going to be beauteous :)

      Here's a pic of my other Elf Raven head! He's a special gray version and his name is Sinuhe :)

      Sinuhe in Glasses by karlyl, on Flickr
    3. Oh man. Holy cow he's gorgeous in gray! Stunning.
      My mind is blown.

      I can't wait to get Sekrit all fixed up and ready to go. I just have to break down and get some MSC but the shipping on that stuff is so horrible! It's pretty crazy really in my opinion, I know it's worse in other countries but esh. :/

      We're making a workbench so my sewing machine won't bounce and then I'll be able to sew my boy some pants at least.
    4. I love, love, love my gray Elf Raven :D He was my first one, back in 2010, and I was so happy she made him in this color for me :D I got my second one earlier this year, with the hope to make them into a pair of bounty hunters. The joke is that they're "not related" hahahaha XD It's probably only funny to me, lol.

      Yeah, I just did an MSC GO and the shipping was 12$. But I'm not sure how much it would be -- try plajapan.com (check out hobby supplies) and see how much it would be? I use ZM spray otherwise from Volks. Or look for a GO? I think there's one going on right now.

      Oh man, I was making some pants today and lol, I didn't pin it properly so they have a huge crotch XD

      Gotta fix the body issue and then, pics, pics, pics!! Both have their wigs, final eyes, faceups, etc, so it's the only thing I need to do...preferably before I get clobbered by angry heads XD
    5. Hey everyone! ~waves~

      just ordered an Elf Raven head in pale skin, total binge purchase. I'm currently planning on ordering her an Ingenue body by Twigling (procast also by DollShe, so resin matching shouldn't be an issue) I just saw the fierceness of the face and fell in love :D
    6. Oooooo Congrats Girrl!

      Elf Raven makes a super fierce lady, that's for sure! That's awesome about the Ingenue body (which is SUCH a gorgeous body, oh my!)!

      (How many exclamation points can I put in a post? A lot!)
    7. I've got an Ingenue already, Tallulah, and her body might have ruined me for others. She poses so naturally and stands like a rock. It's kind of amazing.

      How's your boy coming along? I can't wait to see how he comes out, gotta love androgynous sculpts! :fangirl:
    8. JunkySpot is getting some MSC in soon, thank goodness. Once that comes in I'll order me some so I can spray him down and get to working on his face. I'm lucky in that it's allll worked out for me already. I might order him a fur wig soon though, me and these long too big leekeworld wigs aren't agreeing at allllll.

      If Twigling ever came out with a boy body... man, I'd be doomed. And Sekrit might get a new body. :)
    9. I'm pretty sure she's mentioned maybe sculpting a boy in the future, which might be bad for my bank account... But it would take a lot to top my current favorite boy body, LSD's 73.5 guys are incredible! The muscle detail is unbelievable!
    10. I think she has too but I am probably safe for a good while at least!

      I think Loongsoul might match with the Dollshe oriental, I wonder if their white matches with the Dollshe pale skin?

      I really considered a Loongsoul body for Sekrit but the only thing that stopped me was the 60CM boy's pecs, I find them just a little bit awkwardly shaped for some reason.
    11. very nice pics
    12. Put me in with the no body camp. Got my Elf Raven head not long ago. He's white skin but I am not sure what body to use for him. What is everybody else using?
    13. Probably not terribly helpful, but my Elf Raven is going to be a girl. I've got a Twigling Ingenue body on order and my head's off at the artist's getting faceupped, so maybe all together pictures in the next couple weeks?
    14. [​IMG]

      I finally got my MSC in and had time to do his face-up! So here's a sneak preview. He's still really really naked.
    15. And has a really really awesome face up! (from what can be seen)

    16. I like the older and now much less expensive Delf body...
    17. Verity's body arrived today!! Squee!! :aheartbea


      She's a Dalish hunter, a la Dragon Age 2. Now I need to make her some clothes and maybe a bow...

      Gallery thread here
    18. Okay so.
      I REALLY want one of these heads in NS but I have no idea what companies match beside Dollshe. So, for everyone who has the ns Elf Raven, how does the resin compare to your other brands in NS? I'm praying it'll be close to FairyLand so I can nab a Feeple body, but I'd like to know for sure.
    19. It is -not- a match for PopoDoll Normal, that's certain!
      The Oriental Skin Normal Skin is really pale and very yellowy, there's no hint of peach or pink in there at all.
    20. :sweat Good to know, but apparently not helpful to me after all. The head I'm getting is from Angel's original artist cast set of heads. Does anyone know any resin match for those. :'D