~:. AngelToast "Elf Raven" discussion thread .:~

Oct 21, 2010

    1. LeexMarie: I'm not 100% the resin colors are the same for Raven and Hawk, but I have an artist cast Hawk, and he was sold in two slightly different NS - NS pink and NS peach. AngelToast recommended different company matches for each. I don't remember exactly what they were, but I got an NS pink Hawk. He's been on an Angel of Dream NS-Pink body for a while (though I have a different body on layaway for him now) and the match is pretty close. Not a 100% match, but close enough for me.

      Here's a pic I took when I first got his body home http://www.flickr.com/photos/cowpewter/5279473601/in/set-72157626181538446 (and you can find more pics of him in that Flickr set). My Hawk was a little pinker than the body, but the body was also second-hand and could have been a little mellowed. The body I have on layaway for him is from Doll Chateau, also NS-pink, as AoD and DZ/DC should be about the same color. When it comes in, I'll definitely post pics in the Hawk thread.

      Edit to add: And if you like, feel free to look at my doll list on my profile, and if you want a pic of my Hawk's headcap next to any resin in particular let me know. I don't mind snapping a few comparisons this weekend.
    2. Thanks! I'd love to see it next to the FL Puki if possible. In my dreams, I'll be getting a Feeple 60 or 65 body for him. :'D
    3. The old Leeke World boy bodies are a close match with the original artist cast Pink Normal skin. I can post pictures with my Hawk. Just have to slap him back on the body.
    4. I am so sorry this took so long, LeexMarie, but here's the photo I promised.

      Artist cast AngelToast resin comparison by cowpewter, on Flickr

      Taken indoors, next to a window in morning sunlight, on top of a piece of white cardstock.

      Resins in pic are:

      Luts NS (year unknown) (the Lishe)
      Dollzone NS-Pink (2007) (the bunny)
      Fairyland NS (year unknown) (the puki)
      Angeltoast NS-Pink (artist cast, original Hawk release) (the headcap is his too)
      Iplehouse NS (2012) (the hand)
      Soom NS (2012) (the foot)

      Did my best to represent the colors accurately, but I will add that in-person, the best matches are Luts and DZ pink (though my bunny is a bit yellowed, brand new DZ is probably pinker). Fairyland is pinker, and both Iplehouse and Soom are too pale.
    5. any news on when the body's coming out?
    6. Hello everyone! Hopefully theres still a few of you here. I just got a raven head in white skin with a wig lot and need a muscley body that is around $350 and will match his skin. Preferably doubke jointed, but thats not a deal breaker. Anyone have sugestions?