Sep 15, 2017

    1. Hi there!
      I'm really in love with the sculpt of Oyster (also known as Muli) and she (yes, I want her as a girl) looks like one of my characters. So I want to order her head, but I'm still not sure what skintone do I want because I can't figure out their actual colors. Do they look like UniverseDoll skintones? Or maybe there are some differences?
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    2. I just discovered this company poking around on Taobao, and I instantly fell in love with the "little girl" head (Is that really just the name? "Little girl"?)

      It's a little difficult to tell just how big it is... seems a little small for an "sd" size doll. Or maybe the neckhole is just small? I want to make it a boy when I get it, so hybriding might be interesting.

      I'm planning to just buy it straight from Taobao... am I correct in thinking the wait time is probably around 2-3 months? Or has that increased?
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    3. Well shit. I guess I missed some posts here.

      I don't know if the UniverseDoll and AngoDoll resins are the same. They used to (before UniverseDoll had an Etsy, which is now defunct), but then UniverseDoll narrowed their resin selection and renamed their white resin colors. I don't really know anymore.

      The wait time off of Taobao was one month for me in January 2018 and two months for me in September 2018. Angodoll is relatively fast for a BJD company.

      AngoDoll Little Girl is an SD head on an MSD body.

      I only own the body, but here is it compared to some SDs and MSDs
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    4. @americanseamstress Thanks for the info! I'm glad to hear the wait time is reasonable.

      As for the size I was hoping to hybrid it to a 60cm boy body... but I guess I'll figure out how/if it looks on SD bodies when I get it. If worst comes to worst I'm sure it will also look fine on other big baby style bodies.
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    5. @0bsequi0us

      I wouldn’t be surprised if it worked, but you may need to make the neck hole wider.

      Maybe @EchoUndine here on DoA who owns the full doll could help you
    6. Hey, is Noah new? He's a cutie pie, and I feel like he wasn't there a week ago when I ordered my head (which has already shipped, miraculously)
    7. .......I don't need a new head but Noah is so endearing.
    8. And how is it with their resin colours? I like one of Musen's heads, but I'm not sure for what colour should I go for (what would be easiest to hybridize, that's it :) )
    9. @werelyan

      AngoDoll white skin (pinky normal skin; resin color name according to Google Translate via Taobao) is pinkish and matches Dollshe Fresh. However, AngoDoll used to use UniverseDoll/Musen Musen resin colors, which have a “Snow White” (paper white) and a “Milk White” (light pink-orange normal skin).

      By the time I ordered my Hazel head, I can only conclude that UniverseDoll/Musen Musen and AngoDoll had parted ways in terms of resin casters as my “White Skin” AngoDoll head did not match my older “Milk White” parts nor the “Snow White” Musen Musen hands ordered at the same time.

      I cannot show you a comparison of all three since I dyed my Milk White and Snow White resins. However, I include this information to underline how important it is to be precise with your resin color names while ordering and perhaps to ask if they are using the UniverseDoll caster.
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    10. New 1/3 gal released? Not much size information and no blank images of her sculpt yet...
      (let me know if I'm being annoying by doing this, I just like keeping up with this company lol)
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