"Anne" by Castle Anne -- mini girl

Jun 8, 2007

    1. Introducing Teodora my CastleAnne/PlanetDoll Hydrid: I LOVE BIG HEADS


      Name History:
      Named After Teodora Ungureanu, Romanian Olympic Gymnast from the 1970s. Always the brides maid never the Bride; Teodora was considered the more talented of the two, she was often overshadowed by her more famous team mate Nadia Elena Comaneci.
      Here Name is also a variation on the name Dorothy

      Head-CastleAnne Jasmin in White Ivory. Face up by ME
      Body-PlanetDoll Mini Riz in NS (Yellow)
      A pefect Match

      Base of Head is 6.7cm
      Base of Neck is 5.0CM
      So I modified the base of the Jasmin Head to Accept such a small neck
      I also Sueded the waist for added Stability
    2. I'm bumping this question! :) I guess the proportions would be OK, but I'm also curious about the resin match.

      Zell: Your Marie is sooo beautiful! This sculpt was my second "OhMyGod, This Is So Beautiful, I Should Get One!" one. XD
    3. does anyone know what happened to the Castle Anne website? are they out of business? =(
    4. do castle anne still exist?
    5. I fear they have given up the doll making business. I bought two of her boys - tanned Hwa Rang. At the time I got them I had a feeling that she was leaving the business. One person that might know the answer to Castle Anne is Grace from JPop dolls.
    6. oh thats interesting to know, thank you. im really growing to like tanned Hwa Rang, from what i can see of him, it would be lovely to see some photos if you have any :)
    7. I have an old photo of Hwa Rang and Volks YoSD Isao. I had taken it to show the difference in resin color between the Castle Anne tan and the Volks pure resin. He's more of a milk coffee color, I think. The faceup is done by Castle Anne, and he did come with an extra pair of hands. I'll try to find time to take photos of my twins tomorrow.

    8. he's gorgeous, thanks for the photo! what a shame about this company! :pout: