Any dolls you LOVE but don't see yourself ever buying?

Jul 16, 2020

    1. Asella/Nobel Dolls Raspberry. Like, I love everything about the scupt? But I don't want to pay secondhand pricetag.

      More 70cm dolls. I have one, and he's great! But like... Never again.
    2. Completely!!! I won't me able to list them all, but for me it's clear when I like admiring a doll and when I want to buy it.
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    3. Most likely any of the Dolfie Dream Mikus. They're so cute and I've seen a few in person, but they just don't fit in my collection. All of my dolls are for shelling my own characters, aside from one.
    4. Every time I see a Dust of Dolls Chamboyl I basically melt a little. But I’m pretty sure I will never own one. They are so unique and gorgeous but I don’t think I want the added commitment of finding clothes and shoes in her size. Not to mention the price tag...
    5. I’m in love with volks Hasekura Tsunenaga but he just costs so much and I don’t know if I could justify the purchase. Another doll I really like is dreaming doll Ryuna, but since she’s msd size I don’t see me getting her. I collect 1/3 dolls and I’d just feel inconsistent if I bought a doll of another size.
    6. Ah, I feel you there, I have the same issue with Villitunes dolls (I love them, but they're so strangely shaped!). Dolls with unique body shapes can be so beautiful, but then I think of the headache of finding clothes or having to commission bespoke things for them and I get too intimidated.

      Dolls that can fit into various things I already own, or who are more 'standard' are just more convenient.
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    7. As much as I love anime-style dolls and sculpts, I don't think I'd do much with them and it wouldn't be fun to have a doll I couldn't bond with. Also fantasy dolls! I love how many cool, stylized and just unique fantasy creatures are coming out now (flower mermaids?! Scorpion centaurs?! Demon cats!) but they're to be admired from afar only.
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    8. The Dollfie Dream Nero. I love the character and have happily cosplayed her for years, but the Dollfie sculpt has so little expression for how boisterous her personality usually is. She's precious, and I've been lucky enough to hold an acquaintance's in person, but I'm not sure I could every justify her myself.
    9. Dolls that don't fit in with my others scale wise. It keeps me in budget, but man, there are so many cute dolls I can't bring myself to get, especially little mature ones.
    10. Let's see, where to begin—

      I've learned through firsthand experience that I have a strong appreciation for anthro cat dolls—but that I prefer admiring them from afar. After having the opportunity to own one, I've realized that—as much as I love cats—I much prefer anatomical cat bjds to their anthro brethren.

      Mature minis. From 1/6 up to the fashion/MSD size—there are quite a few that are just wondrous to admire. With a couple exceptions—I just find anything smaller than 1/3 or 55cm in resin too small for my tastes (and it gives me nightmares just imagining having to do the faceup work on such tiny details...*_*). This especially goes for Iplehouse's FIDs, Dollshe Fashion, Granado's 31cm, and Raccoon Doll.

      Fantasy themed bjds. Especially unicorns, dragons, mermaids, centaurs...the gamut. I shell mainly OCs, and fantasy creatures (with the exception of a winged cat anyways) wouldn't fit in with the rest of my crew. It's a shame, really—there are so many to admire, but I prefer enjoying them through other people's joy.

      There are so many realistic sculpts that I also admire that I probably will never have. Considering that I focus on only shelling OCs and specific existing characters, the probability of fitting a character to every one of those sculpts is practically improbable. Hence, I'll just enjoy them through others instead.

      I'm sure there a few I'm forgetting, but—oh well.:XD:
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    11. So many.

      The first time I saw a Puki in person and played with it alongside the owner was fun. I also knew I'd never get such a teeny Tiny for fear of losing it. I refuse to get any Tiny below a certain size, no matter how endearing, as too small a scale it difficult to sew for. On the other end of the scale, I never get SDs unless I'm co owner, as I'm much more happy with MSDs and Yo sizes. There's a lot of Volks and Iplehouse dolls I pass over for that reason.

      Within my referred range, I continue to admire Volks and Iplehouse, along with Harucasting and Doll Chateau. If I were to buy every doll I admired, I'd have no money or space, so it's best I'm picky with purchases.
    12. There's a lot of dolls I love looking at but I wouldn't purchase or ever see myself owning most. Mostly because I prefer (true-to-scale) smaller sized dolls, that are more realistically proportioned, but don't actually exist in any genre outside action figures. However, I love looking at Doll Chateau sculpts as a whole. I think if they made 30cm mature looking humanoid-dolls, like their Dolores (for example), I would be in huge trouble. I love looking at other Chinese BJD companies as well; like the ones with male sculpts that tend to look like computer game characters, which is really attractive to me (as a collector of anime/video-game scale figures). The bodies are not my cup of tea in general, so I just love looking, but never feel like actually buying any of them (with the exception of head sculpts alone, I'm usually really tempted to get a few floating heads, but I don't own any bodies I could use them on).
    13. 5th Motif Venitu. I came so close to buying him when he was being discontinued.
      I’m actually glad I didn’t buy him because I found that while I love looking at other people’s Venitus I don’t really have a desire to own one. I honestly just wanted the hands from the timeless body LOL :sweat
    14. There's a lot of dolls I love seeing, and I actively search for in several platforms to see what their owners have done with them, but I would never own in real life, mostly SD-sized as I don't collect anything taller than MSDs.
      The fact that I only collect realistic humans (MSDs or Yo-SDs) and anthro tinies doesn't affect my love for many other kinds of dolls and so I am very grateful for all the people that share amazing pictures of their dolls as that is a way for me to show my love to those sculpts I could never own.
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    15. i love so much tiny dolls but i try and isn't size for me ;_;
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    16. Anything from peakeswoods :)
      I like looking at owner photos but that's it.
      When I look at them, I feel like they're already so pretty and finished as is, there's nothing else that could be done.
      I have a very similar feeling towards Switch too.
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    17. Centaur dolls, like the Kid Delf centaurs, or the Fairyland griffins and hippogriffs. I love them! So beautiful and amazing! But if I had one, it would sit on a shelf. I love looking at other people's, though.
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    18. I love the look of Popovy dolls. Especially the one modeled after Yolandi. But I think I'd rather look at them than own them. I think they're just magnificent works of art, but also kind of too uncanny valley for me.
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    19. Since I try to be minimalist as hard as I can, I want all my dolls to be
      characters with a unique style,
      appearance and traits. This limits the number of possible dolls, otherwise all this would inevitably begin to duplicate in someone.
      So I would actually like to buy a very large number of different SDs, dollfie dreams and smartdolls in different skintones, I like all of them sooo much when I see them, but
      the number of my dolls is forever limited to 10 characters and that’s only for good.
    20. Dollfie Dreams! I love them, but I can't justify owning one to myself for practical reasons. It's not so much the cost, as the fact that they're basically a different type of doll and totally different aesthetic. As cute as they are, I have to set a limit.
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