Any dolls you LOVE but don't see yourself ever buying?

Jul 16, 2020

    1. Pasha, Popovy, Iplehouse. I think they are beautiful and I love the wigs, specially from Popovy, but I’m full fantasy person. My dolls all look like they came from an enchanted land rather than a fashion show.
    2. I won't say never because when I bought my first tinys, I thought there was noooooo way I would ever buy a 40 cm doll (GIANT!!!!) And now I own one (and ordered 4 more), I say I will N.E.V.E.R buy bigger, but then Smartdoll will release Monday soon, that I find adorable and that I plan buying, sooooo....
    3. I also love the popovy aesthetics, but all my girls are very curvy, they would just look so weird next to them!
    4. All the gosh darn cute tinies....

      I can't enjoy owning a doll I can't sew for and I hateeeeeee sewing teenie.
    5. I love fantasy but I just can't see myself owning a fantasy doll. I do find most fantasy dolls extremely gorgeous (the scales on Angell Studios mermaid dolls are so satisfying to look at) but I just..... don't want to own one.
      But maybe my opinion will change in the future, who knows until then I'm content with just looking at owner photos
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    6. Centaurs! I really love to see them, they are really interesting in their engineering as a Bjd, and I’ve played with a couple owned by friends but they just don’t seem to be a good match for me. Another type is dolls with large resin wings. I really like looking at them but I’m not willing to devote the space to display them how I’d want to. Lucywen is so amazingly gorgeous and yet she is the culmination of both of my ‘nopes’.
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    7. Yeah.. iplehouse Daniel. I love him, but not his body. It’s hard to hybrid and iplehouse doesn’t sell head only. For the same reason are Soom megagem and idealian. I’m into slim/slender boy so they will never work with me.
    8. I am absolutely in love with Trinity Doll's Klaire sculpt but I don't see myself ever owning her... because she is about 3'6" and USD$2000!
    9. Iplehouse’s Carved Heritage dolls, Volks 2B, Dolk’s Shinku. They are so beautiful but my mind goes blank when I try to think of what to do with them as they just feel perfect to me in their fullset forms, while for me styling my dolls in different wigs, eyes and clothes are a big part of this hobby for me.
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    10. Dollzone's Merlin! I adore his expression, and the fullset is utterly gorgeous. I just can't see myself shelling a character with him or doing anything else.... I would love to see one in person some day, still ^^ Maybe if I had unlimited money, I would buy him just to sit on my shelf, haha
    11. Popovy dolls are a fantasy I only dream of...soooo expensive!
    12. Anything under 60cm is a no so no russian art dolls. It sucks because I like them soo much, but they just not fit in my crew.
    13. - Anything 65+ because I am tiny and they are heavy, even though there are sooooo many gorgeous sculpts in that size range.

      - Anything under 19 cm because it too tiny/I would be afraid of losing bits/I can't justify the price at that size. Same goes for a lot of indie pet dolls and the like.

      - Mature tinies, because my brain just yells at me that I could buy obitsu/parabox/azones for a much lower price and they'd be less fragile.

      - Villitunes - they cute as heck, but I have no idea what I'd do with them.

      - Seriously debating centaurs/mermaids and other chunky fantasy bjds, because they'd take up space and prob be awkward to pose, and again I have no idea what I'd do with them.
    14. Anything 40cm or yosd, I could see myself buy one but I never do it. I just never get that impulse to buy with them, but they are really cute and impressive based on how their owner's coordinate them. Also fantasy dolls. They're awesome to look at but I would just never buy them either.
    15. I've been tempted by a few mermaid dolls, but I have no idea what I'd do with one. A doll that stays on a shelf looking beautiful is nice, but I'm not willing to pay BJD prices for someting I can't interact with. I really love the look of some of Soom's Mega Gem dolls (Captain Hook/the Ticking Crocodile is one of my favorites) but they're huge! And the prices...*_*
    16. there are a lot of smaller sculpters i love but due to their dolls being so limited and often more expensive (rightfully so) i cant see myself buying them. I had my eye on a sheepy doll for a long time but couldnt end up saving enough. I also love Villi tunes sculpts but again for now at least i dont think its something i'll be able to afford or justify.
    17. There's too many to list.

      But, as for reasons, it's either:
      1. There's no character for them, and I have no intentions of making one just to buy the doll. It's one rule that I force myself to stick to.
      2. Their size is just too inaccessible for me [80cm+ is just too big right now - should I get a house that I can have a doll room in, maybe, if not just to say "look, I've got one"].
      3. They're too expensive [Fifth Motif Venitu, Dollshe without the sales, etc.].
      4. I just don't have the space to justify them all.
      5. I just don't have the need for them, and my desire for them soon dwindles.
    18. A lot of the crazier fantasy dolls. To be honest, I love seeing all these ones with wings & horns & hooves or anything else. But I just don’t have characters for them & often they’re way out of my justifiable price range for a ‘random’ doll, but I love looking at them. :XD:
    19. I like the unusual concepts and designs that Doll Chateau makes but those are not dolls that I want to have. They don't quite appeal enough to spend money on but I like looking at them.
    20. Like a lot of comments before me (Like PennyForTheGuy above me) I really enjoy looking at Doll Chateau dolls but don't see myself buying. Their full sets are so very much my taste, and feel like they are already what I would want out of a doll. I mainly enjoy the crafting part of the doll hobby, so having a doll that I would already consider fully designed to my taste would be boring.

      I also love looking at other companies' SD sized dolls, but I think I will never have the space for them!
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