Any dolls you LOVE but don't see yourself ever buying?

Jul 16, 2020

    1. That is so interesting!!!
      I’m the complete opposite. I only buy doll that are “done” and I don’t have to change anything on them.
      I find it super interesting to hear the reasons why people choose the dolls they have or what exactly they enjoy in the hobby.
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    2. It really is fun to interact with other doll hobbyists and learn about the diversity of reasons why we get into a particular niche! :)
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    3. I think this is what makes the bjd hobby fun and interesting... everybody's tastes and styles. As much as I love the fantasy characters, I really prefer the realistic sculpts. I enjoy taking these dolls and making them into the fantasy character. I have 2 couples (well actually one and a half). One couple is complete and they are big dolls... 60cm and 75cm. One couple has only the boy half and he is a 75cm as well. Going forward, I'd like to get his companion, but after these 4 dolls, I will focus more on the smaller msd, minifee sizes. But then I discovered Realpuki's and I finally have one in hand and I love her! So who knows actually. My tastes change all the time, so it's much easier to find a sculpt that I love, and make those sculpts work. I can always sew for them and create what they need, I'm not too worried about that.

      I guess other than being all over the map with styles of dolls, I can say no more big ones for me.
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    4. I love a lot of fantasy dolls, especially the more recent AS Koi Mermaid doll, was absolutely blown away by how beautiful the doll is. But I just don't see myself taking care of them, probably because they just seems way too delicate and are more for decoration, and I like to carry my dolls around like they are part of the family lol
      Dollmore Trinity are stunning too, just the price lol Maybe one day when I have enough money to spare, I might.
      I am considering Spiritdoll's 1/2 size though... it would be a big leap but I do see myself having one.
    5. Love the MNF Alicia mermaid from Fairyland but I can't find her listing anywhere :sorry
    6. Anything bigger than and MSD! I love the super mature/ realistic looks of some SDs, but from experience, the size is way too much for me.
    7. I'd say anything about 30 cm is automatically far too big for me. I've fallen in love with so many huge dolls but I will never buy them. I just cannot imagine trying to walk around with someone so huge! Not that I'm against but I love the appeal of my tiny dolls :)
    8. Doll Chateau’s aesthetic is right up my alley. Oh man, I adore the creepy stylization of their dolls and I love seeing what other people do with them. Just never saw a sculpt that tempted me enough to bring it home myself. (Their Noah came verrry close though, lol).
    9. There are a LOT. I won't buy any of them due to their size. I do enjoy looking at photos of them, but I know that once I get them I won't enjoy them because of their size. So I just spend my time lurking and drooling over photos lol
    10. There are so many beautiful centaurs and mermaids, but some of them are high enough priced that I just don't see myself spending that much on a single doll. Maybe some day? I could budget for one but I worry I'd have regrets.
    11. I love iplehouse dolls- their faces, skin tones and bodies are just so beautiful. I have many friends who have dolls from them but I just can’t see myself buying one.

      The same goes for ringdoll though their full sets and their heads are gorgeous something always holds me back. I have a really varied collection so I don’t think it’s the aesthetics...

      I also felt like this about dollshe for the longest time but now I’m sitting on the fence. XD

      This thread is super interesting!!! I love reading everyone’s replies :)
    12. I really like the minifee liria...because she’s so expensive and hard to find I know I’ll never buy her. I also don’t have any idea what I would do with her. She might not be my favourite minifee, but in the top 5 for sure.
    13. I took a break from the hobby for about 7 years because of college and moving around. The first doll I looked at and reignited my interest in the hobby was SoulDoll Freya. However, after a little while I knew I wouldn't buy her for myself.

      For starters, I prefer MSD size dolls. I think they are more manageable for me personally and my lifestyle (small apartment living). I've also recently become more interested in tan dolls. I am currently waiting for a MF Alicia in Tan. She'll be my second doll and I'm excited for her arrival. My interests could change again, but those are the things I noticed when I returned to the hobby after many years.

      Also, my wishlist from years ago included a bunch of Dream of Doll. As they aren't selling via their website anymore I wonder if I will ever see the dolls I was interested in buying again.
    14. Weirdly I think its anything really small. I see a lot of really cute TDs but I'm nervous about the size. I'm too afraid I'll knock them over and break them... It sucks because of there are a lot of TD sized monsters and fantasy dolls.
    15. My favorite dolls are realistic Asian dolls who can be contemporary or ancient. Posing is a priority. But I often fall for other ethnicities and want stiff posers due to their aesthetic. But then I see another Asian face and I have to have it. So with limited money, I never buy any others. For instance, I have Goohwa but although I love him, I would never get Venitu.
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    16. There are a lot of 1/4 scale dolls I love, but don't think I will ever buy...if I bought one, I'd probably want others to go with her, and I really do not have the time, money or space to have a whole second BJD collection, since I would definitely NOT be getting rid of my 1/3 collection to make room for them! Some of my favorites are Youpladolls Ziya, Unoa Sist and Lusis, and Minifee Shushu, among others I'm probably forgetting. They're really cute and I know from handling other people's that the size is super fun, but I have enough dolls to dress and customize as it is and I love the realistic mature style of my big dolls way too much to switch.
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    17. I had an encounter with a very unpleasant dealer at a convention.

      They're the exclusive dealer for a company that I would otherwise be interested in, but given the circumstances (not giving them, possibly too identifiable) I have absolutely no intention of ever buying anything that has anything to do with them, ever again. Pity. The dolls are adorable. But in my experience the dealer is an absolutely terrible human being.
    18. I really like the new wolf-taurs from Dream Valley... but right now I'm not buying anything not on my wishlist. I am not sure if I could even handle a taur in my collection anyway o_o they're so big! Their poseability looks amazing though ;o;

      (Kinda hoping they'll appear second hand, or get a re-release, and that I can maybe decide later if I want one or not. I do think they would be a bit awkward to keep. Currently I have no room at all for one.)
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    19. Iplehouse Soo. I was going to order her later this year, but Iplehouse is giving me such a hard time with my current order, so I honestly don't wish to buy from them ever again. Instead I will just be enjoying pictures of all the pretty Soo's out there, that lovely people are so kind to share on flickr, Insta etc etc ;)
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    20. I have a lot of nostalgia for Doll Chateau Alberta (I REALLY wanted her back when I was 14 or so and just getting interested in BJDs), and I still think she's a really neat looking doll, but I have no idea what I would do with her. :sweat
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