Any Halloween Costume Plans for Your Dolls?

Oct 20, 2019

    1. I am going to AWA Halloween weekend and plan to bring some of my girls. I am taking two of my SD girls dressed up in Halloween dresses. I am also taking two of my MSD girls dressed up for Halloween. I can't wait for Halloween! I hope to be able to make my own outfits for next year!
      I normally have to work Halloween but since AWA moved this year I am able to enjoy it.
      Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!
    2. It's not a costume but i'm working on a doll of my Halloween themed pumpkin headed kitty, Jaque Paws!
      I'm hoping to get her finished for Halloween this year so the deadline gives me some incentive :lol:
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    3. Sounds like a blast! BJD-related panels just started reappearing in my local con scene after years of nothing. Super excited to have opportunities to bring mine along with me now. :XD:

      The progress looks great! Did you get everything done in time?
    4. This is so well done *o* Do you have any plans to make a nurse doll in the future?
    5. Thank you very much! I don't plan on making the Bubble Headed Nurse as a doll, but I do plan on making a cosplay in the not so distant future, for one of my OT figures. Similar to my cosplaying Rou, as Pyramid Head. I would love to own a permanent Pyramid Head doll, but sadly I wasn't able to get a second CL body while they were still available (and affordable to me). (:
    6. Yes, I was indeed successful in finishing the doll in time and even got in a photo session! :D
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    7. Wow, she turned out beautifully!
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    8. Thank you! :D