April Story SD Boy & Girl Dolls - Part 3

Sep 27, 2020

    1. Ok, took me longer cause I was in a mix of being busy and being lazy.

      April Story and Flora Monkey body comparison.
      From left to right:
      April Story ASD Senior Type with C bust in Normal skin,
      April Story AS 13 Girl Body in White skin
      Flora Monkey FM 15 Classic Girl Body in Normal skin.

      You can view more HERE. Also, I never realized how very small Lucy and Luna heads are.

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    2. @Koma Nice comparison!
      I have an AS13 Diana and I also thought her head looks kinda small (even though all my other SD dolls are 8-9 wig size too). Is the senior girl body an older sculpt? I thought she would be much taller than the Junior girl! Or is all that height difference in the head size? :lol:
      I love the look of the AS13 sculpt personally but I think the FM body also looks nice.
    3. @AmariGem, Yeah, the senior body was one of their original bodies I guess, I got her back in 2014. It is smaller than the junior girl body and slightly thinner.
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    4. Hi guys! I'm a bit confused on the current event? Was Jelly only until the end of September?
    5. Her page says she was available until September 23rd, but I don't if she can still be purchased. I know if you purchase the 1+1 box you get a baby Jelly for free. You can try asking on the Q&A on their site.
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    6. AS's new event has me tempted to pick up some bodies for floating heads, but I'm concerned - has the posing ability for the AS17 body any since 2015? I love the aesthetic, but I always had such a hard time getting my Classic boy body to stand I'm not sure if I want to try again.
    7. I have an April Story Clover head, and with the current event I was thinking if getting her an AS16 body. How white is the white skin colour? Does it have a slight yellow look?
    8. @Meyneth I don’t have any other white skin dolls to compare her with, but my girl is VERY white. Her white resin shoes are paper white but they’re not a whole lot whiter than her body. I don’t have any real comparison pictures right now, but this is a pic I took outdoors this summer:

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    9. Basically is very white with a slightly yellow undertone, but not paper white. Unless they've changed the color since I bought the two dolls I got in 2018. then it's similar to Fairyland's Beauty White. I had my feeple60 Cygne SP head on an AS junior body for a bit.
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    10. I have a few questions. Is Aprilstory better these days? As the classic 17 body is 70% off is it worth spending $100 more for the other body?
    11. It's always so hard to find the April Story website, so I'm logging it here on page one :)

      April Story
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    12. I also have the same question..... has anyone ordered from them since they switched over to Flora Monkey after that disaster some time ago? I'm interested in their 70% off sale but it seems to good to be true?!
    13. Here’s my take: After showing up on my porch with no shipping notification, my doll came with the wrong bust size and after months of asking them to send the right size I finally gave up. She’s very pretty but poorly engineered and the resin doesn’t seem to be the best quality. You get what you pay for. That said, I do really like her.
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    14. Hmmm, so how screwed do you guys think I am for trying out the 70% sale? xD They were responding to me and now that it is the weekend, I doubt they will write on to me or anyone again until Monday.

      I guess if I don't get a shipping notice by Wednesday of next week, I may request a refund or something. I don't want to wait a half a year or so to get something when they said it was IN STOCK. I had bought extra heel legs with my girl body too and asked if they were in stock. They said yes. I hope they hold up their end of the deal.
    15. Ramendoodles and I discussed our experiences a bit over in the waiting room, among others. I cant believe you still haven't gotten your bust. :doh

      My transaction ended ok, even if it did take a few months to get there (custom order, not in-stock). I sort of got the vibe that if you ordered a-la-carte and there were no issues, everything was fine. It's only if you have issues, or want something weird, that things can get funky.

      Just be aware April story/flora monkey is a company that goes "it'll be ready Monday" and Monday comes and goes... "was my parcel shipped?" "It'll be shipped thursday" and thursday comes and goes... and so on. Don't be afraid to call them on it, and if you feel you've waited way too long to something "in stock" to ship, don't be afraid to let them know and/or open a dispute. I think I got assertive enough with them that they stopped trying to pull that on me :roll: I would not touch "ready to ship in 1-3 days" with a 6-foot pole, but im also not bothered by wait times.

      With all that said... I'll kick around the idea of buying another body LOL. Under $200 is a good price and I have so many floating heads... I do like their aesthetics, and im not off-put enough by the posability of the one I have to not get another. He is difficult to get to stand (wobbly ankles, small feet), but im not afraid to modify for better results at this point. I'm also looking at a boy body, which feels "safer" than the girl body... fewer option parts to bungle up. I know heel feet and busts were both common complaints, over in the waiting room.

      Ymmv, but im a glutton for punishment and cheap dolls,, so maybe AS/FM and I will have another go-'round :chomp:
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    16. @Xila - I have read through waiting room and this discussion thread/err previous ones. I know they're pretty bad. I am just gambling because a body for $130-$150 is damn tempting when I have floating heads like you said.

      If I don't get a tracking number by Wednesday, I will open a dispute. I don't really want to wait around when they said 1-3 business days. I ordered yesterday.

      But I am also a glutton for punishment and like to gamble. LOL
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    17. @Koma May i ask what the ASD body is? I haven't seen that variation with the mobility thigh and shape of the body! :o

      I only own the Classydoll Body that they carried over.
    18. I think that means April Story Doll :P

      Oh gosh, I need bodies as well, I better check out the sale! But I have no money to spend :...(

      I don't see the sale, am I too late? I see it, just the FM body, thanks :D
    19. OH, that would make sense. LOL I am asking because it seems April Story has gone through many variation of bodies I am not aware of. Like I only found out recently that they took in Classydoll body and sold their bodies for awhile until discontinued. I love the Classydoll body look and not the April Story ones. Flora Monkey bodies look a bit better to me so I am trying it out on the sale.

      I hope they come through but that's a gamble I was willing to take. lol
    20. @sugarcactus that body is they body I got back in 2014 before April Story discontinued those bodies and then released the Senior/Junior bodies.