April Story SD Boy & Girl Dolls - Part 3

Sep 27, 2020

    1. Ok, took me longer cause I was in a mix of being busy and being lazy.

      April Story and Flora Monkey body comparison.
      From left to right:
      April Story ASD Senior Type with C bust in Normal skin,
      April Story AS 13 Girl Body in White skin
      Flora Monkey FM 15 Classic Girl Body in Normal skin.

      You can view more HERE. Also, I never realized how very small Lucy and Luna heads are.

      -------- Notes --------
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    2. @Koma Nice comparison!
      I have an AS13 Diana and I also thought her head looks kinda small (even though all my other SD dolls are 8-9 wig size too). Is the senior girl body an older sculpt? I thought she would be much taller than the Junior girl! Or is all that height difference in the head size? :lol:
      I love the look of the AS13 sculpt personally but I think the FM body also looks nice.
    3. @AmariGem, Yeah, the senior body was one of their original bodies I guess, I got her back in 2014. It is smaller than the junior girl body and slightly thinner.
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    4. Hi guys! I'm a bit confused on the current event? Was Jelly only until the end of September?
    5. Her page says she was available until September 23rd, but I don't if she can still be purchased. I know if you purchase the 1+1 box you get a baby Jelly for free. You can try asking on the Q&A on their site.
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