are there dolls you would like but probably won't buy?

Nov 27, 2005

    1. School Head C girl. *__* I love her, but I am about to make a huge doll purchase and probably won't be able to afford another expensive doll for a long time.. maybe never..

      And Sch C is going to be pricey, not even including the body. ^^;
    2. Same with me, Bermann is one of my favorites but I don't think I'll ever get one because I'm starting to feel like I have enough dolls (including the 2 I'm saving for) and I keep thinking he would look out of place with everyone else.

      Another doll I really like are Unoa's, but I doubt I'll get one anytime soon if ever. Mainly because like I said I'm starting to feel like I have enough dolls and although I like them they aren't dolls that I feel like I "must have".

    3. Heath's the only Volks doll (well, the only non-customised one anyway, there are many SDs out there that I'd happily kidnap!) I've ever really thought "Ooooh preeety!" over but I don't think I'll ever get one since I'd just gawk at him constantly.
    4. Oh, yes, lots. There are so many lovely dolls out there, most of which I wouldn't mind having! But as I've learned from my current dolls, owning a doll involves so much more than just buying the dolls - wigs and outfits and shoes and storage space for everything and time to get to know them - and I realized there just isn't enough time to do that for every doll I find attractive. Sometimes I wish I had infinite time and resources!

    5. I once outlawed myself from buying any SDs, but, que sera, sera... I'm saving for two SD. *dies* But....

      My mom really likes Hound. (she saw him in Singapore) and always asks "Is that Hound!?" When a doll of any sort appears on the screen. I'm trying to convince her to get him for himself. xP Then I would have an excuse to have Sir Hotness skulk about the house. XD

      I think a doll I LOVE but would probably not get is a Lishe... They're so beautiful, and have such elegant faces, but I when I look at them, I see "Lishe" - I can't think of them in any character of mine. Same with El. Love his sculpt to peices- in fact, Elf El was my first head-over-heels BJD love. I still feel my heart flutter when I see one FS in the Marketplace. :) But alas, what would I do with him? Heeehee....
    6. Hmm.... El and Kun are at the top of that list... And Berman, too, now that I think about...

      Like many here, I don't think larger dolls would fit well with my MSD sized dolls... However, I had the opportunity to see an El at a dollmeet not too long ago, and he is absolutely gorgeous. :D
    7. SD Shiratori, SD13 Sweet Dreams Lucas, SD Nono, SD 4 sisters, CP Delf Shiwoo, CP Delf El, K-doll Kayan, Peakswood Yulli -> I like the look of them very much, but they are just the wrong size for me. I stick strictly to minis: although I might dabble in tinies one day, the chances that I will ever buy anything taller than ~50cm are slim in the extreme.
    8. I just discovered DOD's 'Camine' and 'Lahoo' Dream Teen dolls. Wowsers! But alas, I've planned my family to three so I wouldn't go for them. :(
    9. There are some dolls I would love to own, but probably never will because they are so expensive. I would buy Tsukasa and Yo-Tenshi Yuki in a heartbeat if they were in the price range of, say, Heath and Yo-SD Suzuna, but as it is I just can't imagine shelling out that much money for them!

      I also adore Pocket Fairies, but they're just too pricey for their size, even compared to similar sized dolls.
    10. Unoss
      I have seen a couple of customised ones I adore ...but I dont collect large girls
      everytime I buy a large girl ...I end up selling them , I just cant bond with them
      I only have 1 larger girl in my house Unoa thats enough:grin:

      tiny ones I just cant resist
    11. Umm...
      I might get a Hound, but I might not....mostly because of the size...
      I was gonna get one to take on one of my characters whose name is Kaz, but then I realized that if I get the doll I'd already picked out to be his girlfirend...he would be a LOT taller than her.....I know it doesn't matter to some people, but it matters to me....
      Now I'm thinking I might not get him....and there are plenty of other dolls I want, but can't have, because I am a high school student with limited funds and parents who don't believe in giving Dollfies as gifts.....
    12. Narae I would love, but I don't see myself owning her, this is the same with the k-doll heads. I like them but I don't like them enough. Also f-16 and f-28... they just wouldn't fit in my family anyway.

      I WILL get a Bermann. It seems impossible, I know, but it WILL happen dammit!
    13. A friend and I were looking over my wishlist last night. It's a rather long list, and I already have many dolls. At this point, everytime I bring home another doll, I have more and more difficultly getting them to "fit" the rest of the group. I just brought home two dolls and a head, none of them fit in at all!
    14. There are a bunch of dolls I'd get if I was rich, but there are some dolls I "need" and those are the ones I actually get :)
    15. Hound. Especially the tan kind. I love everything about them, and saving up to buy one won't be a problem. But as mentioned before, I feel he will need companions, and that will be too much for me.
      I don't know, really. I might get him someday...
    16. I don't find hound size a problem ^^ He is tall... but I like tall guys *___* - A LOT XD
    17. See...I don't mind tall guys in real life...but I'm afraid he'll look out of proportion next to the others..
      Plus the one thats supposed to be his younger brother is an MSD and so he'll be A LOT shorter than him, but he's not actually that much younger than him....
      Then there's the problem that Hounds can look really girly if you stick them in certain wigs or outfits and Kaz if purely a manly man...
    18. Right after Juniper came home, Soony came out. I was really conflicted about it. If for some reason I hadn't gotten Juniper before Soony came out, things would've turned out differently, but I didn't want two 60cms and I loved Juniper too much to get rid of her.

      For the longest time Ttori has been my absolute favorite headmold ever. At the time I started liking her, the kid delfs as a whole (including ttori) weren't very popular and I had never seen many Ttoris, much less a girl. Now Ttori eventually got more popular and at this point I'd say that he/she is the most popular kid delf. A few girl Ttories showed up while I was saving, but none of them had the likeless of the girl I was saving for until a particular girl Ttori came along. Mandiiv's Purin fit almost exactly what I wanted a Ttori for, and even came up with the perfect name for her. It was like the Ttori I wanted had picked someone else to live with. I was kind of dissapointed, actually, like she let me down. But I didn't feel as if I needed her after that.. it was if she didn't need me anymore. XD

      Now if for some reason Purin showed up on the secondhand market, I'd buy her in a heartbeat, but for now I feel that she and I are content where she is. ^_^

      Ksy.. I love Ksy a lot, but not only do I not want another 60cm, but she is so hard to find. Aya is another 60vm that I adore. I came so close to buying Aya on one occasion, I would have named her Lotus.
    19. I love Soah and PF Yoko...but I really doubt I would ever buy them. I'm just not as interested in Girl dolls and I feel that I wouldn't play with them enough or do them justice.

      They're still two of my all time favorite dolls though. ^_^
    20. I can admire the bigger male dolls but cannot see myself owning one. I just like MSD-size and under the best, I guess. I once had 2 bigger girls but sold them (and I miss my Ryung terribly, esp. when I see Sher's beautiful Iliana-goddess!!). Someday I will likely have a big girl again but for now it's just the smaller kids:)