are there dolls you would like but probably won't buy?

Nov 27, 2005

    1. Hmm.. I like the new DOT dolls.. all three of them - but I dont see myself buying one. I love the Mini Fees.. and possibly WILL buy one.. or two.
      I admire a lot of dolls from afar - but I am happy with just admiring.
      I like Namu and Rain from Soom.. and the new Iplehouse boy. Love Unoas.. but they are just so expesive and hard to come by.. and LONG waits if you do get in the preoder.

      I love School Head C.. and really hope to be able to get one ONE day... So he doesnt count :)
    2. There are some dolls I just see and go "Wow I'd love to own her/him, if only I had a back story to go with them..." I don't really judge on price. More like, once you know you have to have them, it's worth the pain of saving up for each one!
    3. I love L-bi and Lusis, but I will most likely never by either of them.
    4. There are quite a few dolls I like, but I won't buy them until my money-making schemes start paying off!

    5. I have always loved El but I just don't really see myself getting him. I don't feel that I could personalize him enough to make him all's hard to describe that feeling #_# and probably makes no sense =.='
    6. Agreed..
      My list of dolls I like is huge, but I can't even seem to save up enough to get bodies for those with personalities.. XD;
    7. I think that there are a lot of dolls I like but won't buy and for many reasons. One such reason is an inability to portray a doll exactly like the doll that you like. (Example being, even if I ever got a Tsukasa Konoe, I'll never be able to make him ... Uno of Mistula.) Another reason is that some dolls, no matter how much I like them, may not fit into the family of dolls I already have, or that I'm planning for. Sometimes, it's because of the body joints. XD; Other times, it's due to the ridiculous prices. ^_^

    8. Hm.

      Shiwoo (all kinds)
      Love him, adore him. But, I love him because of other owner's pictures and personalities, therefore I would rather just enjoy theirs. (This goes for the Mini Fee ones that come out at well.)

      I collect pictures of this boy. I follow posts of all the Hounds like the addict I am. . . and yet. . . in the end it might be grabby hands but not a grabby heart. Maybe someday if there is another spurt of "I'm selling my Hound!" then I'll adopt a lonely one. But no buying new. Just not happening.

      Tender Too, Si, or Lahoo
      I go through phases of wanting them. Then I remind myself I have plenty of DODs. Plenty.

      In the end I decided that my Lune's face was too Clara like for me to need her. The pouty lips are beautiful, but I would look at her and think. . . looks like Lune.

      Anything tan
      I just go crazy when I see tan dolls. Pretty. But I never plan well enough to have money for them set aside. I don't want to wait for tan molds of dolls I like, so I just admire from afar.

      There are mods I would want to do on her. But if I had her then I would need another doll to compliment her since she is part of a pair and I am not travelling down that road again. That's how I ended up with like four more dolls than I should have in the first place.

      oh yeah

      Yder sleeping and regular
      The twins that will never exist. I already have some twins. Yder is pretty but I don't need him. All my dolls are pretty. ^____^
    9. hmm theres several...
      Shiro Tachibana [The first doll i ever fell in love with but probably will never be able to get ><]
      F16 [Another sexy beast that is out of my grasp!]
      Tsukasa [Sexy.. but impossible! ;o;]

      maybe ill get these dolls someday somewhere over the rainbow, i would like to.. but at the moment it seems i just cant..
    10. Tanned Hound - because I can't picture myself owning two Hounds, even if they have different face-ups, skin tones, eyes, styles and wigs. Too much friction, I don't think Chulyen would like it at all. He might be okay with a Bermann, but I can't see myself getting lucky enough to snap one up on Tensiya.

      Kohya, Heath and Isao also are going to be admired strictly from afar. That's just the way it goes sometimes, and I'm okay with it.^.^ But if I ever win the lottery, watch out! All bets will be off then!
    11. I love B-el, but I think he would look odd with the other dolls I own. I also really like Paris and Volks' F-17 SD-13 boy head.

      I really want to keep from getting too many dolls so I can always enjoy them and most of them fit in a particular storyline so.. *shrugs*

      I'm glad so many other people on DOA do own dolls I don't so I can admire them. :daisy
    12. El, I love El I just..don't have a place for him? And all of the new DOT dolls. I'd Love a Tan Shall....actually If I ever get a girl doll, it will be a Shall.

      I think the School Head C has found its way into my wishlist somehow, but Im not certian I'd ever own him either.
    13. I absolutely adore B-el. I love his naughty smirk and I want the optional penis parts so bad! But I don't think I'll ever be lucky enough to own him, or it will be years before I do. I'm hoping that someone here who owns him will ahhh utilize his optional bits to their fullest and share though ^_~

      The first doll I saw and loved in person was Shirou Tachibana, but due to money constraints and wanting a default fullset, I've never seen a repaint on him that I really liked, I doubt I'll get him.
    14. Being sixteen and unemployed, money is pretty rare. I love sooo many dolls, but I know most of them are out of reach. Tsukasa, Heath and Jun are all dolls I'd love to own but probably won't ever be able to afford. I'd love a Volks F-05, Dollkot Kiss, and Kawainino Ando head. I'd love to get my hands on one of Customhouse's letdie02s but I have no clue how to find one. x_x
    15. Oh, many, many, lots!

      Some because they're so expensive, like a Madoka boy, or the limiteds with outfits at Souldoll or Custom House.

      Some because they're the wrong size - I'd love to get Hoo, Jerome, and a bunch of other minis, but I want all my boys to be able to pose together, and they just look wrong together, because of the scale. So I'm sticking to fullsizes (except for characters who are meant to be children).

      Some because they don't have the right sort of faces - the boys I have are kinda halfway between realistic and anime-ish. A doll with a realistic sculpt (like a Narin boy) would look odd next to them, and so would a really anime-style doll (like a Rasendo).

      And others because I just don't have the room ^_^;

      But if I had enough money to not care about the first or last points, then I'd certainly have a lot more dolls than I do now *grins*

    16. LOTS! but mostly the girl dolls...I'm just not someone who would give that much attention to a girl doll if I had one.
      So I show my brother all the pretty girls and have him get them XD~ that way I can admire and play with them when the mood strikes....but otherwise I'm very much a boy doll owner.
    17. hehe- Sasha
      I love her but really lost my hope, that ever someone will be willing to sell her and I'll be lucky enough to get her
    18. I used to be a SD fan since that was the only thing in the market... Nowadays... I'm a MSD fan with a weird, weird fascination/inclination towards Isao Nanjou and Soo ri. I'm likely to get Soo Ri but AFTER I complete my MSD family. I have no idea when I'll be able to complete them since I can be so damn indecisive.

      For the sake of whims and all CP BW/Normal DELF El and Dollshe Hound - White were both impossible dreams of mine. I had the idea of customizing them to look like someone from a manga I'm a fan of (Anybody here familiar with Yamane Ayano's You're my Loveprize in my Viewfinder?) and he would be a constant cosplayer and such... Then I realized how whimsical it was to like both since now that I think about it...They have qualities I wish were in one doll. Not two. Then I met Soo Ri...

      MSD wise... I have a lot in mind. At the moment I'm Two guys, one girl...
      I'm in love with the Noir Asha and HOPING she won't be out of stock by the time we order her... If she's gone, I'll mope for weeks. Also... It's a...

      MNF Chiwoo vs. DOD Si [F] --augh. Such a hard decision. >.>

      And Hoo! Oh god. AND I SAID JUST THREE MSDS! xo
    19. One doll I've been thinking about lately is Kiss from Dolkot. I think he's gorgeous, but he just doesn't seem to fit into my future. Though I think that could change if I grew more attached to him. I also love Bermanns but I'm not sure I'll ever get my hands on one. Oh! And also, DOC U. So many people have gorgeous ones but I just can't see owning him myself.
    20. Volks F-16/28 FCS or whatever number he is going by nowadays ^_~ I'd love to have one, but I don't know if I'll be able to afford FCS any time soon, and I've already got 3 boys, 4 would be crazy!