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are there dolls you would like but probably won't buy?

Nov 27, 2005

    1. I like a lot of the Luts and CH Petite Ais but they're not quite my style. ^^
    2. There are definitely dolls that I look at that I like and don't want to buy. There are plenty of lovely dolls out there, like the Narae but I don't know what I would ever do with one. I tend to see dolls, like what people have done to customize them but I know if I ever bought it, it would just sit there. And there are definitely way too many dolls for me to buy all the ones I like.
      And sometimes there are dolls that I just like one persons doll, what they've done to it. Some of the limited ones I would never buy because well, they cost too much and yes I admire them and I think if you spend that much money on getting the doll you have to give it alot of attention. You can't just buy it and then never look at it again.
      And there are just some dolls that while I think they're lovely sculpts I would never want to spend money on them. This is true of the Volks boys mostly, I think most of them are lovely and what people have done with them is great, but I don't want to spend money on them.
    3. Probably kaede, she's so cute but too smiley for me. I love SD mika though again with the smiley-ness. I would love sweet dream nana but doubt I will ever get her.
    4. I'd love a magical Micheal from Volks, he's the only one that speaks to me in the Volks line. Unfortunatly he's 1) too expensive 2) I have no dolly money right now, well I do but I want to get a Hound so Micheal is taking a back seat 3) he's limited so the chances of me getting one dwindle every passing moment.
    5. any SD/BJD from Volks, Angel Region and CustomHouse. I'd like to have one from Volks but even if i can afford one of them i know i'll never purchase from those companies^^
    6. I like SoulDoll Reese, but not sure if I really want her. I don't think she would look right in the type of clothes I dress my dolls in. I also want a Volks Isao. *Sigh* I'll never be able to afford him, but oh how I wish I could....
    7. A Bermann.
    8. I like the Supia dolls really much, but the're just to realistic. I wouldn't be sleeping well if they were on my room.
    9. I have a story line and things im going around for my dolls, and there are certain really human looking dolls, and even companies i refuse to let myself buy from. Also I am super picky and if I can find a flaw in a headmold thats done with XP
    10. Yep. I like a number of Soom's Mega Gem and Idealian sculpts, but I doubt I'll ever buy them because they're too big (both lines) and I don't like their bodies (Mega Gems). Should Soom ever release resized Mega Gem (or Idealian) heads that fit Super Gem bodies (like they've done with some of their Mecha Angel heads), I'd definitely consider buying them though! They're gorgeous sculpts, but at the sizes they are currently they just wouldn't fit into my collection at all.
    11. Small dolls.
      I bought my sister a Puki Sugar years ago for her birthday, and she is the sweetest thing! I love playing with her and just cuddling the crap outta her, she's just the best. But she's soooo small! I have really bad wrist problems, and it can make handling small things difficult. So while I love the small dolls, it gets tiring for my hands. :(

      Probably won't buy any anime-eye dolls...I just don't like them.

      Big dolls are more my speed. They're heavier, yeah...but my first BJD was a Dollshe Hound. Go big dolls!
    12. Yes. I love Ringdolls Frankenstein and Bride dolls. I think they are so cool. And Iplehouse Addiction's vampire heads are great. But they would scare the hell out of other people in my house. Also, I love making pretty clothes for my dolls. My niece and I make scenes around the house with them. It would be really hard to fit them into how we "play dolls". :(

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    13. I see many dolls that I would love to have, but I just know I wouldn't be able to work them into the story my dolls are from. So I appreciate owner pics but have no interest in owning one myself, unless in the distant future I have dolls for all the characters of this story (I'm nowhere near done).
    14. Short answer: Yes.
      I have tinies, yosds and msds and I don't think having an SD doll in my family would fit but I love so many of them!:
      Feeple60 Mirwen, Migidoll Jina, Crobidoll Yeonho (and any other sculpt because Crobidoll are perfect)
    15. Volks Yukinojo...

      I just content myself with drooling over everyone else's Jo, since I've never gotten around to hunting down one of my own. :lol:
    16. I love looking at tinies (more specifically anthros, like Pipos) but I don't care to own one myself. I've tried that size, and they are just too small for me but I think they are adorable. Also, some of the Volks sculpts are neat, however there is only one that I would seriously consider purchasing so I just enjoy looking at other owner pictures :)
    17. Any girl doll, specially mostly of the Volks girls ;A; they all seem so lovely but I don't see myself owning one even I sometimes think it would be cute to have a girl among all my guys... But at the end I think is not that of a good idea and that's all -sigh- is the same with tinies :(
    18. There are plenty for me... anything above Mini size, there's plenty I absolutely love but I don't do large dolls well, so I won't get any of those. There's plenty of limiteds out there I won't be hunting down, too, and plenty that stylistically won't blend with my collection (Doll Chateau, for instance--I love looking at them, but I can't see owning one). But that's why we have owner photos, right? :D
    19. I have so many dolls that I love that I could never buy them all. Some just aren't my style, some are too expensive (do you hear that Volks SWS Nono?!) and the rest I just don't have time for. I only want a few dolls so I can enjoy them all. If I get too many of something I tend to forget the individual loveliness that each one holds and it becomes more about acquiring the newest eye candy I spot.
    20. This happens to me all the time, I make a big list of the dolls I like or love, but then I look through it again and think 'Would I realistically save for buy it?' and then my list shortens :')