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are there dolls you would like but probably won't buy?

Nov 27, 2005

    1. this may sound random, but i refuse to buy a doll that costs more than my monthly insurance payment.
      i have nothing against more expensive dolls, i'm not being a jerk!!
      my partner and i just have a limited amount of money we can put into our hobbies, so it's a logical restriction for me. heh.
    2. Hmm... I think there are a number of dolls that I would like but probably won't buy, though out of all of them there's one that tops my list: Soul Doll Chiron Centaur. He's super pricey and I'd just have no idea what to do with him :sweat
    3. TTuTTll a number of them, actually... I like pretty much all the dolls I've ever seen with very few exceptions but sadly I can't buy all the dolls... There's a number of beautiful Soom dolls I'd like, and many, many Volks in that list... and Dollfie Dreams, and sculpts I love but sadly can't fit in a character...
    4. Oh there's definitely a number of dolls I love but could never see myself actually having. I really love a lot of the more angular faced 70cm male dolls like Akagi Doll, Loongsoul, Island Doll, Iplehouse, etc but they're so unlike all the other dolls I own that I just feel they would stick out too much. Most of my dolls are softer faced like the old LUTS CP Delfs.

      Also I would love love love to own a Dollmore Lusion or Trinity but my parents would probably murder me if I ever attempted that one so totally never happening lol.
    5. Zia89: I totally agree with you. I would also love to own a dollmore lusion or trinity, but that price, and that weight! I would have to make a LOT of money before considering it. It would be super fun dressing one, though. C:

      There are a lot of animal/pet dolls that I really like as well, but I've never bought one because I wouldn't really know what to do with one...
    6. I like a LOT of dolls.

      I can't buy them all, so, yeah...
    7. There are some limiteds that I really love but they don't fit any character of mine so getting them would just be a waste of money. I got a tiny just because I really loved her but she's too small against my other dolls and i haven't been able to do anything with her so she's just sitting there all the time. Lesson learned.
    8. I love Lots of dolls....but I can't buy them all.
      I really love DollShe's boy but I don't think I will buy them.
    9. For me it would be most of Soom's Fantasy Mega Gems. They are gorgeous and amazing, but between the size and the price, I doubt I would ever buy one.
    10. i suppose for me it would be jointed hands. i think they are so beautiful but at $70 to $100 a set it would rack up really fast which is just too much for me to justify spending when the hands my girls have now are equally pretty just not as poseable.
    11. There are a couple and my reasons aren't really for money (though I couldn't buy them right now if I wanted to xD) but weirdly enough, more of because I can't figure out what I'd do with them even if I did get them. Sort of like, I think they're gorgeous and like their look, but I don't like their look for me and as part of my collection.
    12. I find it very difficult to settle on admiring a doll from afar only and stop wishing to have it someday. Guess that's just something i'm still to learn. So, yes, there are a lot of dolls i really like but more likely would never buy for various reasons, which i still feel sad for, but shouldn't because that's just perfectly fine to not to own some of the dolls you like. They're extremely hard to distinguish from one another tho.
    13. Minifees! I love them they are so pretty! I love to look at them, but they are way to small for me :)
    14. Yep, there's a ton of dolls I love but would never purchase, mainly due to space restrictions and budget of course, but also I don't think I'd enjoy SDs and up. If I was in to larger dolls I'd loove to own Soom Breccia & Sard!
    15. generally all dolls that are way too expensive or limited ones, like 2 in 1 - soom sard xD
    16. Anything from Doll Chateau. I like their dolls quite a bit, but they just wouldn't fit in with my others.

      Any more SDs, at least for now. I recently got a cat, and there just aren't many places where my dolls can be in view, safe from the sun, and safe from my cat:kitty1. I can fit a few more small dolls in my cabinet, but the big guys/girls have nowhere to go, and I don't want to hide them away in a closet where I'd never get to see them. It seems like 90% of the dolls I really want are SD-sized - I wish I could shrink them!
    17. @FrigidDamsel: Do you have a high cupboard. I store my dolls on top of that. Since it's too high to jump onto from the ground and there aren't any other furniture nearby my cat-monster could use, my dolls are safe there.
    18. Haha yes there are ton of dolls I would love to own - if someone gave them to me free of course ;). Wishful thinking aside, I'm actually quite satisfied with the girls I have. I currently do want to get a tiny and have been looking into a couple companies. I actually really like Latis, especially after seeing one in person, but honestly their price and waiting times scare me so I think they are in the 'want but probably won't buy' category...unless it's the fox Lea. I would totally get her if I can find her xD.
    19. I have one in the kitchen, but it's in direct sunlight from a window that can't be blocked off. The house I'm renting has an odd shape, and there are a couple of windows that are too high up for me to put curtains over - those windows light up the whole den/kitchen/my bedroom. It's a tiny house, and there's no room for any new pieces of furniture.
    20. Aside from the money aspect, I've always thought it'd be awesome to own a Minifee Lishe cause the sculpt has been one of my favorites since CP was around...and I've always liked Unoa Lusis too. I dunno why I don't see myself ever purchasing either, but I can't say for certain I won't at some point...who knows?! XD