are there dolls you would like but probably won't buy?

Nov 27, 2005

    1. There are many dolls I like but I don't like them enough. I love Mecha Angel Sabik but I don't see myself buying one.
      And any tiny dolls. They is cute but I don't know what I would ever do with one. They are just too small for me.
    2. I think the Dollmore Trinity girls are beautiful but they're just too big to fit in with the rest of my dolls - I like all of my dolls to be part of a pairing or group, so I doubt I'll ever get one.
    3. A lot of limiteds, I think. Especially Soom limiteds. Limited dolls usually cost ~$100-$200 more than the average doll of the same size and depending on how long they're available (like how the aforementioned Soom ones are only available for 2 weeks at a time), it's not enough time for me to decide and/or work out my finances to see if I should get it. I'm sure if one really strikes me as a "wow I must have this one", I'll make it work and make my decision within 24 hours, but for most cases I'm usually waiting to see what my credit card situation is going to be after the following payday before I say yes or no.

      I also really love Doll Chateau's Christina. I'm fascinated by her sculpt and face-up but I just don't think I like her enough to have a doll so different from my plans for a future doll family. Maybe I'll change my mind some day though.
    4. I love iplehouse EID Arvids. I would love to have one but i dont see howd id justify that much money for a huge boy. Maybe one day. I just dont see how because of space and price.
    5. There are a number of dolls I like but would probably never buy, like a Limhwa half elf, or a Minifee Chloe or Supia Rosy. I just can't afford it. I'm also not much of a collector of things...The only doll I can see staying with me long-term is my RS Ya, and that's because she was the first doll I ever bought. I'm probably going to sell the others after I finish customizing them.
    6. i think..enchanted doll
      i really like!! with no money TAT
    7. I think it will be a permanently fantasy doll bodies. While I like to enjoy people's fantasy doll photo, I don't think I want to have a doll with bodies like that. IF it just a changeable part, like changeable elf ear, I like to collect it. Maybe because if it permanent, I find it hard to modify with what I wanted.

      Also, I think I won't buy sleeping head, or maybe I will just to modify it into bigger eyehole. But seeing people's photo is really nice, just not my cup of tea to collect :)
    8. I absolutely love Doll Chateau's Douglas, but unless I had an unexpected windfall, I wouldn't buy him. I don't have any characters he'd fit, and if I did get him, he would literally arrive, sit and look pretty. I wouldn't even want to change his outfit, because I like what he comes with. So yeah, love him, but unlikely to ever buy him.
    9. I would love one of those Asleep Eidolon 1/6 new mermaids that they just put up for sale. But I wouldn't know what to do with her once I got her. She would have no place in my storyline, and she would just sit around. And for how much I would be paying to get her I would want to be able to take her places without the fear of something happening to her and not being able to replace parts, or the doll itself.. :)
    10. Yes! I have a long and changing wishlist, but I'd probably end up buying all of them on there and more if I had the available funds. The only dolls I really love and wouldn't buy myself are the sculpts that my best friend owns; I love them very much and can appreciate them when I visit rather than "needing" to own them myself.
    11. I really like the Unoa dolls, but I think they are just way too popular and expensive so I'd probably never get one. I'll just sit back and admire everyone else's. :P
    12. Hi guys,

      Just wondering if anyone here fell in love with a doll/sculpt but ended up not buying them? Like for me, I really like the Popovy dolls but when I discovered how much they cost vs their size, I just sighed and tried not to cry. LOL. Or maybe you loved a doll/sculpt but it got discontinued and your never found them again.

    13. I love so much Spiritdoll Snowdrop in full set but I do not know why I still do not add her to my wish list...
      These was love from first sign I really want her but not yet!! This is really "complicated" betwen us x) Hope I can get her one day ;)

      Yup Popovy are expensiv maybe you can find cheaper on second hand market?
    14. Snowdrop is so cute! I hope you get her soon! :)

      Still waiting for my marketplace access, hopefully I can find one once I have access. Thanks!
    15. I love Iplehouse Bibiane. First bjd I saw. I still want her, but for some reason I can't figure out, I guess I don't want her enough. I doubt I'll ever get her, but I'll always love her.
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