Are you waiting on any BJD? And your 2020 BJD wishlist.

Jun 3, 2020

    1. I'm waiting on a Dream Valley Bethel (Layway), a Luts Terra Werewolf, and my DollZone Leon who would have been here if Dollzone hadn't sent BJDivas the wrong one. Also very close to getting a Luts Kale in Bubble Mint, because that fantasy resin is love. Oh, and a Claudia head from LoganDolls.

      My wishlist for this year is Dollnoize Wrath (or any of their upcoming sculpts), a Soom Dune/Nor head (with the elf ears), a Resinsoul centaur body in white skin for my DollPamm head, and a new body for my DollZone Mo.
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    2. I'm waiting on:
      Rion from SNG
      Enoch from Freedomteller
      2 1/6 dolls from Dream Valley
      Summer event head from Luts that I managed to split from someone
      I'm spending too much of my government COVID-19 support to be healthy
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    3. Aaand... let's just make this five. :doh There was a limited Luts I fell in love with well after she was released. I even asked if she was going to be added as a basic option and was told no. Well... at some point in between then and now (it wasn't even that long!) they went and added her anyway, and I noticed she'd been added last week while trying to work out the right option for a planned purchase. Since she'd been my first choice (and was bumped purely because I couldn't get her), there wasn't much question for me about ordering her. :) So that leaves one that will probably still get ordered this year when that company has an event again.
    4. Still waiting on a Maskcat Feline. I love the Maskcat dolls, but also have my eye on some non bjd dolls for my collection.
      I'd love another Secretdoll Mong, and a more mature doll, not sure who yet as I like smaller dolls based on props.
    5. I'm waiting on my third boy an Akagi Doll Yusri. Ordered him in April if I'm lucky I get him still this yeah *fingers crossed*
      I added the Luts Kdf Kiwi to my wishlist even though I'm not sure I can buy her this year.
    6. I'm waiting for a MiniFee Honoka and a MiniFee FLAM Elf. :)

      My wishlist for this year: FairyLand FairyLine Seahorse Tail (and then buy the doll), but I don't know if I'll be able because they're not easy to find. :(
      I'm also considering to buy a Mini Dollfie Dream, but I'm not sure yet...
    7. Currently waiting on an Iplehouse FID Tedros... and my plans for the rest of the year might just be to get him all the little things he needs to feel 'complete', but if I'm both careful and lucky, I might be able to order his character's husband before the year is out. Mostly, though, my intention is to get him at least one good outfit, a couple props, wig, and boots-- and I can put off buying a new carrier bag until next year.
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    8. Waiting on a LUTS Kid Delf Kale after I finish paying off his layaway!! I'm so excited, since I'm shelling my OC who has BJD joints and angel wings :D

      As for wishlist, I used to own an Iplehouse EID Leonard but the SD size is simply too overwhelming to me and I sold him; one day I'll get him back as an FID!!
    9. I’m not waiting on anything right now but I’m praying to get my hands on a Merry Doll Round Bunyol! I hope there’s another sale this year :chibi
    10. I am waiting on my most expensive doll ever purchased over my over ten years in the hobby currently. (my wallet literally wept blood for him); Iplehouse Leonard doll choice in light brown. It took me maybe an aeon to find the right sculpt in the right color to be the half Indian protagonist of my story and I'm literally over the moon (and on burning coals) waiting for him.

      In adition I'm also waiting on a tan Dream Valley body for my minifee Rendia, Celeste, who will need to be colormatched to tan from NS to match it and that... is planned to take a while but I'm patient (or so i like to think).
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    11. I'm currently waiting on Luts SDF Kara. I would like to order Telesthesia Mochen and Luts HDF Pretzel by the end of this year, maybe I'll wait for winter events.
    12. Ok, so now I'm waiting for a MiniFee Honoka, a MiniFee FLAM Elf and a Mini Dollfie Dream Mayu Tamano. :lol:

      My wishlist for this year is still the Seahorse Tail and a DOD Zen (also hard to find), let's see if I have luck... :sigh
    13. Most of my boys are finally home but I'm still waiting on a few.

      - Ringdoll Hui the Apprentice
      - Switch Ajeong Closer
      - Dream Valley Zircon

      My wishlist is finally down to almost nothing as I have acquired all of the Switch boys I had my eyes on. So grateful for this community as it has been an invaluable asset in doing so! The only doll I'm thinking of ordering right now is Asleep Eidolon's Abyss.
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    14. I‘m only waiting for a PukiFee Ante, hopefully I get her late summer.

      On my wishlist is a Realpuki and a PukiFee PongPong.
    15. I don't currently have any dolls on order, but on my wishlist I'd like to either place an order for a SoulDoll SoulKid Willow or Luts Kid Delf Jean in light tan.
    16. I’m currently waiting on Volks SD17Williams and Cecile from the current online preorder. I also have some doll clothes and wings. I’m planning on hopefully doing a Sato FCS order for Amabie this fall and look for a 20th anniversary Leiselotte this winter. I will have to wait to see if those work out later in the year.
    17. I'll correct myself again:
      I'm waiting for a MiniFee Honoka, MiniFee FLAM Elf, a Mini Dollfie Dream Mayu Tamano and a FairyLine Seahorse Tail. :sweat

      My wishlist for this year (that won't come true) is a Dream of Doll Zen... :(
    18. I'm currently waiting for the following:

      Mewiefish Pollen with extra Mini Absinthe head in mint resin
      Dollzone B68-001 (new version) in grey resin plus the B70-005 Monster hands (also grey resin)
      Doll Chateau Cecilia Head in grey resin

      I also have a Mewiefish Novgorod in Milky tea resin (light purple) on layaway.
      I have one more doll to consider purchasing after these and then I think I'll be done for quite sometime (provided I don't get too tempted by any yet to be released sculpts :wiggle).
    19. I am waiting on Rey Lewis from Dollshe. I ordered him on 4-9-19 and it's been over a year now. At this point, I would be totally surprised if he ever got here. Is anyone else waiting for Dollshe dolls they ordered last year?
    20. I'm currently waiting on a Dear Mine Dune and Doll Leaves Augus. I ordered both back in April, Dune direct from Dear Mine and Augus through Alice's Collections. Not sure about Augus, but Dear Mine sent me an email saying my boy would ship in July and I'm sooo excited :D