Are you waiting on any BJD? And your 2020 BJD wishlist.

Jun 3, 2020

    1. I'm waiting on two second hand sellers whom I'm hoping to purchase Ringdoll Frankenstein 2012 and 2013 from to get back to me. I have also fallen in love with Miracle Doll Lestat, Doll Family H Su Sha, and Doll Family A Youxi. There's also Dollzone Gene because his wings are great. Now I just need to save money...
    2. Oop, got several waiting.
      Minifee Ria, Mir, Carol, and Celine
      DF-H Linfeng
      ...I think that is all haha. I'm most excited about my Minifees since I've recently gotte back into them.

      As for a wishlist... nothing! I mean, I have a wishlist, but nothing I'm super wanting to get anymore, so it's simply just... a list of dolls I might get.
    3. Right now waiting on dollstown body for my black cherry head, a dollshe boy and a clockwork Faery! Someday I’m going to have such cute things! Haha someday....
    4. I'm hoping to get fairyland Mami Tomoe this year
    5. my only purchase I plan on this year is a Realpuki which would be my first ever bjd. That is financially all I can afford this year but I will buy/make some clothes. A wig will also probably wait until I have a more solid idea of her character.
      There is a wishlist of sorts but it is more of what I may want and not what I need to have so it keeps changing.
    6. I'm waiting on one that I ordered back in December. According to the company website's timeline, it should have arrived late February to early March, so it shouldn't have been affected by the pandemic. I suppose the company must have been backlogged with a lot of orders to fulfill, and then of course shipping shut down. I do understand things happen and it really wasn't the company's fault, but I'm still frustrated, enough that I'm not sure I still want the head. The fun's kinda been ruined.
    7. I am waiting on my Pukifees Cupid and Zio to come in the mail. I have 2/3 layaway payments left for my 2020 White Pukifee Ena dryad, and I am looking to add some new members to my lil doll family, including the White Rabbit (Emily facesculpt) from their 2020 Alice in Wonderland themed release :daisy
    8. I will hunt to the ends of the earth for a fullset Fairyland Lunnula Moonbeams. I doubt I’ll find her this year but someday!
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    9. Waiting on a April Story Diana :chibi

      I also made the mistake of browsing dolls for other characters I have...
      So now IOS Valentine and DF-A Max have unexpectedly slid into my wishlist! :frownyblush:
      It's so hard to find owner photos of both of them :pout:
    10. I am waiting on a Dollshe Rey Lewis.
      I also have a MNF Mirwen getting a faceup and tattoos.
      Waiting on some
      Clothing orders from Etsy.
      I would love to get a Lilycat doll in Chocolate this year.
    11. Waiting for my Migidoll body to come in for one of my floating heads. Really want to get a Volks Lady Oscar in the future.
    12. Currently I'm waiting for my Mystic Kids SD boy: QingChen FOX (Full Set). :kitty2
      And I'm already looking for an alternative wig, clothes,... etc. :evilplot:;)
      My plans for this year?!? Perhaps saving enough money for another BJD from my wish list. :sweat
    13. Yes, I'm waiting for DiM, Winterrain and some Supergem I bought second hand. The shipping during pandemic is very slow, and Korean EMS doesn't ship to Europe.
    14. I am waiting for Doll Chateau Laney on y-body 6, and my last doll is Rindoll Law on Dream walley 70cm body. He is still on layaway. I like to get at last one of them this year.
    15. Currently waiting for DZ Licht (fullset), ordered in May, and Aimerai Neo (blank), ordered in July. The only doll on my wishlist right now is Little Rebel Andre. He came onto my radar two weeks too late for the June preorder, and it looks like it might be another year or so until another preorder opens for that sculpt, based on previous release calendars.
    16. Im currently waiting on the full Wen doll from doll zone (without the clothes!) and im hoping some time tthis year i can snag a Sheepy home casted head but im not sure if that will happen :(
    17. i'm currently waiting on a loong soul Lanting - Goumang basic doll, and i'm hoping to also buy a loong soul little xiang before the year ends!
    18. Not waiting on any, the ones I ordered for this year have arrived last week.

      Wanting to buy in 2020 - plasticmoon Teru.
      Hopefully one will come up.:(
      Keep waiting and looking.....
    19. I'm currently waiting for Dollzone Jocelyn, Ringdoll Leo, Thelestisia and Dragon Mochen and wish to pre order Dollnoize Envy when he comes out this month! With any luck I should have them all by next February :whee:
      Altough the wait times are killing me, ngl
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