Are you waiting on any BJD? And your 2020 BJD wishlist.

Jun 3, 2020

    1. I’m waiting on a Supiadoll Juah in LT with a faceup, wig, and eyes. I don’t know when i can even expect a shipping date and they haven’t responded to my QA :(

      oops, literally as I posted that, I got a tracking number :D
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    2. I am waiting for Telesthesia doll Emperor Jun beast version head.

      And I want to buy Chong Lin head, when YCen will star a preorder gor it.
    3. I’m waiting on 2 full twigling dolls, a Lillycat girl and for twigling’s obsidian preorder to be backed by enough buyers (she said we were at 7-8 people before I hopped in, so we’re at 8-9 and need 1-2 more. I’m also eagerly awaiting Mdr opening a zuri preorder (hopefully this month).
    4. All right, let's figure out where I'm at now. The Impldoll order I've been waiting on (that shipped in April) finally arrived at the dealer this week! I also ordered a little pet doll from Camellia Dynasty, which is in the mail now too (caught at the point of departure for now). So that's three in transit at the moment. I've still got a layaway for a Doll Chateau, two Luts dolls, and I just sent the order/message for a Shoushou Niko after finding out she's being discontinued, so that's four. I think that puts me slightly ahead of where I was last time?
    5. I bought a Miadoll Soo head but she is still in Japan for 9 days no movement at all. Hopefully she come home soon!
    6. This year I have so far:
      Received the Atelier Momoni Pitusa Somni I ordered in August 2019
      Ordered a pukifee in the beginning of January, which I received at the end of March
      Ordered a tiny mermaid in late May or early June, that is probably off-topic, which is due in september/october
      Ordered two tan Pukifees in July which are probably due in.... October?
      Plan on ordering an Atelier Momoni Petete Ren when the pre-order opens if I can afford it....... If I can I will probably not receive him until early next year.
    7. I am waiting on Atelier Momoni Somni and KittyM from the August 2020 preorder. They won't be here for at least 5 months.

      My wishlist is ever changing. I am loving the 1/6 scale, but I would love to get one 1/4 bjd, just not sure which doll(s) fit the bill for me. I have been looking around at different dolls trying to find one that really pulls me in.
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    8. I’m currently waiting on three dolls: A Gulliver Studios Xiaoxi, a Withdoll White Bunny Luke, and (probably the doll I’m most excited about tbh) a Digi-dolls Ponta.

      After that, I’m planning on ordering what will hopefully be the very last doll I purchase: a Ming body from Resinsoul in light tan and black resin with transparent red hooves and Sui wings.
    9. I am waiting on a Doll Legend Lu Ling. Yes, after all these years, Chaeri is going to be shelled into an actual polyurethane resin doll, strung with elastic and everything.

      Halfway there...
    10. Currently waiting on a Pukifee Ena in tan.

      Right now my wishlist only has a Realpuki Toki on it. Or a Realfee, which ever FL opens up first.
    11. The dollshe girl I've been waiting on for two years omg why did I do this to myself should get here on Monday! I am not prepared -- I have some temporary acrylic eyes that probably won't work and she can borrow my Momonita's spare wig and my souldoll girl's shift until I can throw some stuff together for her, I suppose. Oops...
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    12. I love how you’ve had two years to prepare and you’re not prepared. Excellent :lol:
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    13. @Hyzenthlay In my defense, I'm not 100% sure what size anything works best for her... and after two years, my vague character plans have somewhat changed. Still. oops. :lol:
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    14. I just put a Dollmore Trinity Kate on layaway. I’ve got a looooong wait ahead of me since I’m taking a year to pay her off. lol
    15. I came back to the doll hobby this year (after a 10 year break!) and fell hard for so many new dolls.
      So far I've received a Dlace no5 head, an Impldoll Xiv head and a Little Monica Sarubia head with Flora Monkey Body.
      I'm also currently waiting on 3 dolls - Foveo summer Nina who'll be my first MSD, a Dream Valley Belinda on layaway, and a Guudoll Nydia about to ship.
      I also have plans to order a Pipos Raven head to become my Ghibli's The Cat Returns Baron doll.
      I think I'm going to need a long break from buying for a while;)
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    16. I'm also back after almost a decade and trying to make up for lost time. I am sad that dragondolls are gone, glad TD still make them... and sad that Telesthesia doll have not carried on their cheap status... But good for them they deserve it with their cool sculpts. But means I probably can't get anything ambitious this year.
    17. After quite a while of not buying any dolls I may have gone on a bit of a dolly spending spree this year :sweat I finally felt ready to add some new dolls to my collection.

      My DoD Camine was the first. He's the current WIP and his head is away getting painted. I try not to have more than one WIP doll at a time, so I've vowed not to even think about working on the others until his head is back home and he's all pretty and complete.

      Buuuuut I do have two other dolls on their way to me because apparently right now I have no self control. I'm waiting on a Delf Breakaway and a Delf Lishe as well. Ooops! :doh

      So those are my 2020 dolls I guess. I'm definitely on a doll buying ban after this :lol:
    18. I am waiting for the arrival of my Fairyland MNF Alicia!

      My future goal is to track down a Fairyland MNF Liria in Tan. I might not be able to accomplish that in 2020 though!
    19. New to the hobby~
      I think my wishlist so far is:
      -Myou Ben
      -Myou Zimo
      -Dollzone Sho
    20. I'm currently waiting on a dollpamm ruri, i'm so excited! :XD: She's my first "anime" style doll and her body sculpting looks amazing!

      As far as my wishlist, i'd love to get a body for my napidoll agabell - but i'm still looking for the perfect one. I'm also very interested in getting a DD at some point (probably not this year, though i'd like too xD)