Argonautica Dolls Discussion

Aug 8, 2016

    1. Does anyone with Argonautica tan know any companies that might be a close match? I'm still thinking about a hybrid with the new body, but maybe tan...
    2. A little late about posting this, but my Zet head in brown arrived! And I am so in love <3

      [​IMG]Elroy arrives! by bickaberry, on Flickr
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    3. I've wanted an Ifit for sooo long. I had to put off my plans because of a change in jobs, but I love seeing other peoples'!
    4. This thread has been quiet for a while. Has anyone gotten Nelei on the plus size body in?
    5. I got mine a while back! There's a box opening vid for it here. I also got her a wig yesterday, and have been starting to make clothes.

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    6. Yes I got the plus size body a few weeks and ago and have a Supia Rosy head on her, I will try and do some photos for here.
    7. Wow, she is sooooooooooooooooo lovely!
    8. I'm slowly getting my Nelei clothed. She's now got her basic outfit almost done - though I may be shortening the skirt and adding more detail later. I'd just rather wait for her to have shoes before that so I know exactly how much to edit.
      I'm also tying down the color scheme a bit with a ribbon on her head. Now I can start planning her faceup!

      Have other people recieved their Neleis?
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    9. I have my girl here! I can’t seem to insert photos via my phone, but I put a few very poor pictures on Flickr
      I have the Nelei head on a crazy hybrid body of supiadoll chest, and dust of dolls bomi lower body. I just need to work out a better face up for her.
      the plus size body (which is my absolute dream doll body! I’m head of heels for her!) has a LeGrand doll Lidia special SD head! I couldn’t be more happy with her! I did however have a hell of a time getting her to stand in her heels before adding moleskin kips
    10. Everyone's Neleis are so pretty! I love her eyes, they give her a happy/amused expression!
    11. That sounds like an awesome hybrid! Please post images of it sometime - I'd love to see how all the pieces work out together.

      I had the same issue with the high heels - though I think it's a lot to do with the s-hooks, as mine had bent during transit somehow. Haven't gotten around to replacing them yet, but it's something I want to try out.
    12. Hello Everyone, I'm hoping someone is able to help. I've been trying to find information regarding resin comparison between Argodoll and Souldoll. I have the (now discontinued) old Souldoll female double body and I'm really keen to try out Ifit's head on it (when/if the heads become available again) Does anyone happen to know which of their resins match? I think the body I have is a normal pink which has yellowed a little over time.
    13. @shirahime I don't know, however, I have found that, if starting from scratch, that is you don't have to match an existing head, it's quite easy to match any white head to a body. The head is always painted and it's small and we're already being careful to protect it, so it's pretty much no problem. I've matched several heads to their bodies using pastels and I'm not even an artist! My own Ifit is matched from afar, and although the head turned out a wee bit darker, it was fine for me as I'm not super picky. As long as the tones are the same.

      I'm on a new phone and don't have access to linking but here are some examples:

      Elfdoll Hazy (white) to impledoll normal pink done by myself (unprofessional)

      Ifit, painted by Russian arrest to fit my April Story body. Originally a white head. Ifit again

      Here is an old cp/luts juri LIGHTENED up by AngelToast to fit a new luts body

      And this was my first attempt ... No second attempt at color matching. Again a white head

      Here is attempt #1 where I started with too peachy then used pink . I ended up keeping him that way, as it turned out good enough for me .

      Anyways, I just get white now and match if I'm hybridizing.
    14. Those links are great @IngieBee . Thank you for the information.

      You did a great job with the resin matches for yours. It makes sense when you look at it that way, white resin seems to match well with other company resins and can be easily blushed. I wish I was starting from scratch but I don't have the space left to get yet another SD body (not to mention the killer exchange rates right now when you live outside the US). I admit, I like the challenge of hybriding but I like to see if I can find information first. I've been fairly successful with normal skin hybrids and as the body I have has yellowed over the years, I think it will be easier to find a match as it's not so new anymore. But it's always good to see comparison photos.

      It all depends though on whether that head is made available to order again as it's sold out right now on the website. Good to be prepared just in case!
    15. I got mine in the market place, so keep an eye out for them :)
    16. Hi everyone, I just discovered Argonautica dolls and I’m in love with the plus size body, it’s absolutely perfect for one of my characters. Does anyone know if it will ever go on pre-order again? I emailed the company but I figured I’d ask here as well in case anyone knows, I’ve often emailed Doll companies and received no response:|
    17. No idea on the future availability of the plus-sized bodies, but I certainly hope they have more sales periods. I'd love to see more of them about!

      I also have some news on clothing fit: I've had my plus-sized body wear Iplehouse an Iple SID-sized corset and while the back is more open than usual, the fit look good. The lenght of the back and proportions along the bust/hips seem otherwise good in proportion. I've also bought and tested an EID dress, but can't confirm the fit much because of the fit being intentionally a bit loose. General SD-sized female shoes have been a good fit as well, but boots need to be loosened on the thigh, as they are more thick.
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    18. It's a wonderful body, can I wish I knew the answer. But I suspect it isn't as popular, thus the smaller companies will offer such things for a limited time, thus getting a good number of orders together for a more efficient batch to cast (especially if casting is not in-house)
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    19. Yeah, just thought I’d ask, thanks guys. If I get a reply from the company I’ll be sure to post it here. I really hope they say they’ll rerelease it again.