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Argonautica Dolls Discussion

Aug 8, 2016

    1. Great news! I just got a reply from the company they said they are planning to restock the body in 2 months:D
      Unfortunately I probably won’t be able to purchase it then because I’m saving for other dolls but I’m really glad to know they’ll most likely be restocking them in future and it wasn’t a one off sort of thing.
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    2. That's very cool. Does Argonautica ever re-release their heads? I didn't have the chance to purchase Nelei , and would love to some day..?
    3. I’m not sure, I only asked about the body. I would say go ahead and email them, they were super nice and replied very quickly:3nodding:
    4. Unfortunately, I've done some serious damage to my wallet and won't be able to purchase anything until next year, so I just hate to ask questions when I can't follow through :doh
    5. Same here! It’s so hard because you need information to be able to plan for the future but you can’t buy anything so it’s awkward asking:sigh
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