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Aug 8, 2016

    1. Great news! I just got a reply from the company they said they are planning to restock the body in 2 months:D
      Unfortunately I probably won’t be able to purchase it then because I’m saving for other dolls but I’m really glad to know they’ll most likely be restocking them in future and it wasn’t a one off sort of thing.
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    2. That's very cool. Does Argonautica ever re-release their heads? I didn't have the chance to purchase Nelei , and would love to some day..?
    3. I’m not sure, I only asked about the body. I would say go ahead and email them, they were super nice and replied very quickly:3nodding:
    4. Unfortunately, I've done some serious damage to my wallet and won't be able to purchase anything until next year, so I just hate to ask questions when I can't follow through :doh
    5. Same here! It’s so hard because you need information to be able to plan for the future but you can’t buy anything so it’s awkward asking:sigh
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    6. So, I just took some pictures today. Just doing some drive-by spam of my Ifit, she is so geeky cute.

      She's long and skinny and almost knock kneed, and so cute!

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    7. Her eyes are gorgeous! She’s a lovely red head and those freckles are so cute.
    8. Thank you @Sno-Oki :). I think she needs a pair of eyeglasses now, LOL
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    9. I've just ordered an Idmon! I got the two-part body, fist hands and a faceup as well. The nose is so perfect! I'm not sure how I'll feel about the eyes IRL, so I'll just have to see how they look next to my other dolls, style-wise. I'm kinda hoping to reshell Aka (currently a heavily modified Resinsoul/Mirodoll hybrid since especially from these images the match would seem pretty good, but if that doesn't work out maybe Aka will get a brother instead :D If the brother plan works, I won't need to have an ear mod done either, since Aka isn't a full elf.

      Ah! So many plans!

      Has anyone else ordered and Idmon or a Tifis yet, or planning to? I would love to hear more about your plans :)
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    10. I hope you can manage the brothers so you can keep both :dance. Congratulations :D.
    11. Very interested in these dolls. I'm sort of wondering what possiblitiy I have for Idmon the most mature ambiguous face. I feel like I know him/her, but then again don't. I see so many characters and my mind isn't processing. I guess I should order him/her and then see, but $$.
    12. $$ is always the problem :pout:. I do love it when a doll gives me that feeling of familiarity but doesn't ruin it by being just like someone Leaving open room for interpretation :)
    13. Hello everyone!
      I’m hoping to get the 1/3 plus size body for a hybrid sometime soon and I’m curious about resin matches.
      I have a Black Cherry Doll Ichigo who was supposed to match Fairyland NS but she’s a lot lighter than the F60 body I have for her. Changing the colour of the head to match the body is out of the question at this point as I’ve already had her professionally painted
      Does anyone have any comparison pictures of any colour Argo resin against Fairyland NS? I’m leaning towards their cream colour as my possible choice but would like to see some more pictures of it.
      Thanks so much!

      Oh, should add that I did also email the company and ask when they would be selling these bodies again and they told me they plan to restock both the body and the new girl before the end of the year!
    14. I'm sorry, but I can't help. I got the white head so I could blush to match. If your head has not been given a Faceup yet, or one you don't mind wiping, you can usually match the body pretty easily via blushing (blush head to the body not body to head), and I've done this so much, spent hundreds of hours researching to end up with something that didn't match, LOL. So I suggest getting the body and use pastels to match or be prepared to lighten with white pastels. I will say I had to match a Pinker and seemingly darker head to a normal yellow. When I chose a pastel, it turned out to be just the right color. Anyway, hope this helps?
    15. I am definitely getting a Nelei on the plus size body during the Black Friday sale on Friday. Who else is looking to pick one up?
    16. Oh wow, figures that this would happen when I'm completely tapped out :(
    17. I think that kind of sale is amazing, I've never seen a bjd company do that. Wish they would all take a leaf out of Argodoll's book.

      I got notice that the plus size body I bought in the July preorder is ready to ship!! Fingers crossed it gets through customs quickly. Last time I had a package shipped from Russia it took literally an entire month to clear customs. And currently have a package from Spain that's been in transit for a month.
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    18. @T4124 definitely post pictures when it arrives! It’s been a while since I had something come from Russia, but I remember it took forever to get here. I hope my girl arrives quickly and safely when that time comes.

      I’m debating on what color to get. Most of my dolls are pale pink/normal so I’ll probably end up with normal pink.

      @IngieBee there’s no way you can get her?
    19. I want to get Zet in cream or normal pink. Does anyone know good (preferably inexpensive) for a hybrid? I want him to be about 70 cm.

      Thanks :3nodding:
    20. Does anyone have any info on the poseability and stability of the 1/3 male body? Reviews? Opinions?