Argonautica Dolls Discussion

Aug 8, 2016

    1. @Havra
      I really like the body! It's very posable (I got the 3 part body option), and all joints are pretty smooth and pose well. It is a bit small compared to the 70cm guys I have, but I works for the smaller head I have on it. He arrived loosely strung, and I still need to tighten him to determine the stability
    2. I’m really hoping to be able to place an order for the plus size body before the pre-order ends!
      Argonautica mailed me resin samples about a week or so ago, I’m really hoping they arrive in time for me to check a possibly resin match for my head
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    3. @americanseamstress Thanks so much for replying. Not a lot of info or pictures of this body to go on yet. Could you also tell me the width of his shoulders?
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    4. It’s Thanksgiving here in the states so measurements will take some time. Here’s my review though
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    5. Thank you, the video was helpful to see!
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    6. Why does this have to be when I'm broke. ;~; I'd love to get Laertes but I can't swing it right now. T_T
    7. @Havra

      Sorry for the delay! The shoulder width is 16cm, from tip to tip across the shoulders, following the curve of the back, or 15.5cm if I were to use a straight edge from shoulder tip to shoulder tip instead of going with the curve of the back. The width of the chest joint at the shoulder (so ignoring the added width of the arms and shoulder parts) is 11cm.
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    8. @americanseamstress Wonderful! Thank you so much for the info. I’m sure future lurkers will be grateful too.

      Hmmm, these guys must have pretty small heads, then...
    9. Just ordered the plus size body :chomp::...(:dance (last day of the preorder... I know... I’m crazy)!!

      Anyone got any ideas what clothes fit? I know iplehouse EID’s have similar measurements but are obviously taller and aren’t as curvy...
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    10. [​IMG]Argodoll Plus Size Body Brown Resin by t4124, on Flickr

      I preordered the Plus Size body in brown, July 20th during the summer sale period, and she arrived yesterday December 17th! I think this might be the prettiest doll body I've ever had in my life. I'm so happy with her.
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    11. The body looks amazing in the brown color - congratulations! Do you have a head for it already?
    12. @T4124 Such a beautiful body! How is her posing?
    13. @ronnie92 I intend to color match a Supia Lana head. We'll see if I can actually complete that since I'm busy with a baby ^^;

      @SeriousBunny Her posing is almost flawless. Very natural movement in every joint from her hips up. Her ankles with the heel feet are a bit weak but I'm about to suede her and expect that will 100% solve the problem. Her knees have excellent range and function, and are just a tiny bit tedious to "pop out" that double joint. However that means her knees hold super well when standing. She doesn't crumple at the knee like my Dollstown 18yr body!

      Overall I do the most posing with arms and hands, and she is just perfect there. Her wrists have excellent and natural range. She can obviously reach anywhere on her face and head easily.

      Her torso joint moves smoothly, and looks natural instead of stiff. It doesn't snap into just hunched or stiff upright; it sort of glides around.

      I do think it is a good candidate for old fashioned sueding because most of the joints are very round and not action-figure-y (hinged) if that makes sense. I love this body.
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    14. Oooh!! So pretty!! Can’t wait for mine to arrive now (in 4-5 months time lol). How where her hand and feet S-hooks? I know previous batches had problems with them bending out of shape and causing issues upon arrival...

      Also if you are dying the planned head to match, can you please let me know how it goes and what colours you used and things as I plan on dying a head to match my incoming brown body :)
    15. Oh my gosh, that's an amazing color! I didn't realized they had that option !

      Wish k had money :...(
    16. No problem at all with her s-hooks as far as I can see. I have her completely apart for sueding and everything looks great.

      Actually I had planned to airbrush the head to match with acrylics. I would prefer a dyed head, but I have no faith I could get the color close! I'm pretty confident in my acrylic paint matching skills, though it won't have the glorious undertones of the body resin. I look forward to any pics if you dye parts to match!
    17. Does anyone know if Lany does resin samples? The head for my body will be arriving sooner than I expected and I want to dye it to match the body’s brown colour, meaning I need to know what shade to aim for.

      I did email Lany about a week ago but received no response as of yet.
    18. @EmortalFreak I did end up dyeing the head since you mentioned it, I realized, I should give it a try and could just paint over it as originally planned if it went wrong.

      I'm very sorry I started off keeping track of amounts, but ended up madly mixing later so I don't have an exact recipe. But I used Rit DyeMore, mostly "chocolate brown", with some "graphite" and "royal purple" added.

      That took an older NS Supia head to close to ArgoDoll Brown. My personal experience with this head was that it darkened quite a bit after I took it out of the dye and it cooled off and dried. I never had that happen before, but just a heads up, maybe take your head out of the dye before you think it's done. You can always dunk it more, but not less heh.

      Below is after a matte spray and very light brown pastel dusting.

      [​IMG]AA300F19-1BDB-4A18-98D0-99E8BCD6ED29 by t4124, on Flickr
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    19. I gotta say, that looks incredible @T4124 !