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Aug 8, 2016

    1. This looks incredible!! Wow.
    2. I managed to get some resin samples from them for matching my BlackCherry Dolls head to. I found a colour that will be a perfect match, unfortunately the samples arrived after the pre-order closed so I'll have to wait for the next one to order.
    3. Talk to them, maybe they will squeeze you in?
    4. I've recieved word that my Idmon should be ready to send in less than a week - I'll make sure to post pictures when that happens, as mine will be in a tan color!
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    5. Oooh! You ordered a couple months before me, but I'm assuming if they batch cast orders it may mean that my order could be shipping out soon too?! EEE
    6. Maybe! The batching may be off due to the tan color I ordered (that's not usually available) but I hope everyone's dolls arrive soon.
    7. @ronnie92 Please oh please post your Idmon when he arrives! He's one of my absolute grails but I didn't have any money in the last preorder and I need to live vicariously though you haha.
    8. Hello all! Joining this thread to hopefully get one of these beauts someday. I want Nelei on the plus body. Such amazing curves and I think Nelei has such a calm and pretty face.
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    9. Me too! I’d love to pick up Nelei, especially on the curvy body.
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    10. I am waiting for a Nelei on the curvy body. I ordered during the Black Friday sale.
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    11. O wow, congrats! I can't wait to see pictures of her :D
    12. pictures will come as soon as she gets here. Not sure how long the wait is.
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    13. My Ifit has scored the new Supiadoll ballerina body. She never looked right on the April Story body, and the doll I got the Supia body for didn't look good on it, but surprisingly did look good on the April Story, so all is well :D

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    14. Friends! I have an email from Lany saying my order (Plus size Body, Brown, Dec 12th) is ready to be shipped. Expect mails for your lot soon I’d hope!

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    15. I got an email as well!
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    16. Oooh, congratulations everyone!
    17. Photo of my Phoenix doll Liu head on the plus body, been meaning to post this for a while but now that I am off work for the foreseeable future I might as well try and catch up on the jobs I keep intending to get round to.

      [​IMG]DSCN7949 by avrilbartlett, on Flickr
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    18. :aeyepop: PAAAAAAAANNNNTTSSS!! AAAAA! *breaths* What kinda pants are they? My incoming plus size body is a pants lady and I've no clue where to begin because of her big legs/hips *_* sorry to have screamed like that... I got excited. :sweat
    19. Pretty certain they are Iplehouse leggings in a sort of ripped design but not made by them any more, the Iple girls are taller but as long as they have plenty of stretch will expand out to fit the hips/thighs.
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    20. Thank you very much!!