Argonautica Dolls Discussion

Aug 8, 2016

    1. That just looks amazing! Did you make the top?
    2. She is amazing! Love her!
    3. I bought the top in a set with a skirt, it is a little bit tight on her hips as meant to fit a standard SD but not too bad, do think she looks like a woman you would not mess with!
    4. Friends, my Argodoll order is being delivered TODAY. :dance:shudder:chibi
    5. Amazing! My doll was cleared through Russian customs on the 25th so I'm just waiting around for it to roll its way over the border to Finland :D According to my post's website there shouldn't be any issues, but packages may take longer to arrive due to the current situation. So exited!
    6. Sorry it's been a while, I don't get notifications 1/2 the time. I think she looks beautiful but bad a$$ :D

      Congratulations, @EmortalFreak can you post photos?

      @ronnie92 Oh wow, Finland :D Hello way up there :D (from USA, Califonia) LOL. Did your doll arrive? How long does it take to receive a package from Russia?
    7. Nope! Usually things are pretty swift, but this time the package has been stuck at the border (not yet released to Finnish customs) for a few weeks. It's probably for the better - making sure there's a necessary quarantine period due to the current world situation. It did clear Russian customs yesterday and was admitted to the next step, so I'm hoping it'll clear to this side of the border soon :D

      I'm hoping to take pictures or a box opening video when the doll arrives, but that also depends on how light it happens to be at the time. If I only get to open the package when it's late and there's no more natural light I probably won't be able to wait lol
    8. @ronnie92 I also ordered an Idmon in a tan she doesn't regularly have available! Mine cleared Russian customs early last week, but according to the tracking hasn't actually left Russia for the US yet.

      I hope you get to take pictures or a video when he gets here, and that your wait isn't too long despite the current situation!
    9. @Sozael and @ronnie92 my girl cleared Russian customs on 3/28 and is still in Russia.
    10. Yah, I think all mail services are backing up due to many people being out. It'll just take a little longer. Hope it all finds it's way to you soon, everyone! :D
    11. I’m sure everything will arrive safely. It’s funny how we wait forever for the dolls and all of a sudden we have a pandemic and they decide to be done! I’m currently waiting for 3 girls in the mail from 3 different countries.
    12. I asked about the customs situation, and got an email response that it is in fact due to the quarantine and that they're looking into if there's anything they can do to speed up delivery. I'll keep you here posted if I hear anything specific, but it's more likely that we're all just going to have to wait it out. While it's a bummer, safety is more important right now.
    13. My girl went through customs in New York yesterday. So things are definitely moving.
    14. It may be your package was able to leave Russia before it got locked down. Please post pictures so we can vicariously live through you while waiting on our dolls lol : D
    15. She was last scanned in Russia on 3/28, so that was after yours. They will all arrive safely soon, I’m sure.
      The NY customs are always slow and she has to cross the country to get to me, but as soon as she’s here I’ll take pics.
    16. Kind of figured that was the case, and strongly agreed about safety being more important. I figure I've waited this long, I can handle waiting some more!

      Glad to hear your girl is getting closer!
    17. So I came across Argodoll a few months ago and can't get the +size Nelei out of my head. Do you guys know if they re-release any dolls? I've tried looking around to see if there's a second-hand market but they don't really seem to be a popular company at all.
    18. He's here! He arrived during the workday, so all I've taken so far are a few quick shots in not-so-great lighting. He's a little lighter than my monitor settings made me think he'd be, but he's still a nice color!


      I'm going to edit the photos I took of opening him and post a proper box opening thread sometime later this week, but wanted to share with those of you still waiting! He cleared US customs yesterday (never got an update about actually leaving Russia/arriving in the US), and then was delivered today, hopefully once your dolls clear customs your deliveries will be just as quick!
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    19. @Sozael AHH he's beautiful! Congratulations on the arrival of your boy! Just seeing him really hammers it home that I need one someday.
    20. @Sozael he’s beautiful! Congrats!
      My Nelei will be here tomorrow. I’ll be sure to post pics.
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