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Aug 8, 2016

    1. @Sozael He looks great! Is this the H tan?
    2. My Nelei arrived today! She’s so pretty. I’m trying on some clothes, so pictures will come a bit later.
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    3. @ronnie92 He's in resin color G, so H will probably be a couple shades lighter than he is. Honestly, in person, he looks about the color that H looks on my monitor.

      @hannaliten Congrats! I'm sure she's beautiful, looking forward to pictures when you get the chance. :)
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    4. Got mine yesterday! Here's the box opening video :)

      Also a picture
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    5. @ronnie92 AHHHHHHH HE'S GORGEOUS!!! :love:love:love I'm going to have to get one! Unfortunately your video link leads to a picture of Cyrodiil, but your picture link is fine.
    6. Oh, derp! Thank you for letting me know - it's new been fixed!
    7. @ronnie92 Glad he arrived safe! He looks great, I hope the color was what you were after!
    8. Argodoll announced on their IG they’ll be releasing a 1/4 version of +size Nelei and I have never been more excited!

      Kinda wanted 1/3 for the sake of having a big big girl, but 1/4 fits with the other girls I have at home!
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    9. Thank you for the information! I have a dark tan head that could look really good on a plus size body.
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    10. Just ordered Neleiiii :D:D