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Aug 8, 2016

    1. @Dreadfulme - You got a tan girl, didn't you?? I'm *very* curious to see the tanned resin. I bet she'll be very pretty.
    2. Yes I got Leith in custom tan E ^_^ .... I almost went for the face up but really wanted the opportunity to paint her. I really should have gotten the fist hands though....
    3. @Dreadfulme Im with you here. I cant wait to get my Leith. I ordered her I think somewhere on 14th or 15th August. But I guess there is still like month of waiting.
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    4. Yes, I did the math and we have another month or two just based on the 60-80 business day time frame. But hopefully we get them much sooner :D ... What color + body options did you order? Did you go for the faceup?
    5. I think i got normal skin. Small breast and nothing more. I have friends who are very good friends who are great at faceups. And when I bought her, I didnt know what I want to do with her so I got her without faceup. Now I think I want her in Elsa style but dark Elsa. And Dollshe boy is ordered so he will be her Jack Frost. Hopefully.
    6. That sounds really fun, can't wait to see your girl. :-)
      I believe my girl will be African... either Egyptian or from the Fulani tribe. I will know more when she arrives
    7. Does somebody have a shipping time estimate for a head? And resin match for other companies?

      I'm in love with Leith head. I considering ordering her :)
    8. I m now waiting two months and 10 days for whole doll. When she arrives I could do some comparisons with my other resin. I have her in normal skin. But it could take long time before she arrives
    9. I now recived email from Svetlana,that my gal is ready to be shipped. I m so happy.
    10. Congrats! I received the same email :aheartbea
    11. Lets see who gets her firs. :-D I think, that even though I m closer, I m very unlucky person, and you ll be first. :-D
      But still it takes long time. I hate russian post Its soooo slow and unreliable :-(
    12. Yes, I once had a doll get lost in Russian Post (from the company) and it took over a month to get her and that was EMS ....

      I officially got my tracking number :aheartbea .... Tho it doesn't work just yet. My bday is Tuesday but I know she won't be here that fast but its all good news any way :fangirl
    13. I got tracking yesterday too. Hope it ll work soon.
      I had same issue with russian ems. But i was waiting two months for that doll. I was sure,that she is lost for ever. And if she by some miracle apears she will be all in pieces. But she was packed so safely nothing could happend to her. Aaaanwaaaay, I cant wait untill our beautiful girls arrive.
      Maybe some luck will be with your doll and she arrive on your bday. And if not,belated presents are great too. I had bday month ago and still waiting for Linkin Park t-shirt from my hubby to arrive. It will be great late present. :love

    14. I am sorry about your doll that is still lost :( I once had a doll lost too but she was coming from Denmark and she never showed up and she was a Soom Mecha Angel ... I don't know how a box thats over 4 feet tall gets lost but she did ....

      That is awesome for your tracking number and the Linkin Park tee from your husband (I like Linkin Park as well!)

      I may need to order some hair for my girl ... I am thinking olive green dreads... We will see :)

      Edit - My tracking number is working!!!
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    15. That is awesome. Lets cross ours fingers this time post works well.
      I have angora. And I hope I ll make nice wig for my girl.
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    16. Hi, guys :) I'm super excited, since I ordered a Little Ifi a while ago and got my tracking number for shipping the other day (late to the party)! It says she's in Moscow right now :3
    17. @CaityJay, I'm curious to see your Little Ifi as I have the larger version! Did you get a face-up? Be sure to post pics.
    18. @phanuel I did not get a faceup. And I'll definitely do a box opening, and will post here when I do! :)
    19. Congrats! Which resin color did you choose? Did you get heel shoe parts with the little Lfi?
    20. @Dreadfulme I got her in tan! I did not get heel parts, though (she's for an elf character; I don't plan to have her in anything but bare feet and boots!).