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Aug 8, 2016

    1. So great there will be more beautiful girls here.
      Mine tracking says she was sent from Moscow two days ago. But no movement since. I would be in Moscow on foot in two days from Czech :-D Why is this plane so slow. LOL. I guess they dont know, I want to have my doll,like right NOW! :-D
    2. I understand! I hope she can arrive this week for you ...

      I am so excited about my girl but I don't have things for her yet ... I need to get the hair for her wig and some other things. Depending on how her teeth part looks in person, I might do something special with it for her .... its a secret for now but yea I am super excited for all our girls to arrive!
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    3. That is wonderful!! I am sure she will make a great elf. Tiny Leith is coming out soon, I saw the pics on Flickr. I must admit, I'm tempted!
    4. Its like miracle. She was at custom at Prague this afternoon and now its on her way to our city main post office. She will maybe be here at thursday.

      And did you se that girl as special order? And I even saw today Kristen Stewart sculpt by Argonautica. So beautiful. Svetlana is so talented
    5. Yaaaay!! That is awesome news, Congrats!!! I saw Kristen Stewart doll and love her. I would like to get her and make her as Vampire Bella. 

      here is tiny Leith - Little Lei | Doll | Argonautica Dolls
    6. That was my though exactly. To get her and make Bella. And to get Robert Pattinson minimee and make Edward.Hmmm Maybe I can make Bells from my Leith. And Edward from incoming Saint. Oh my. No no no. I have blonde angora hair for Leith. So she will be Elsa... Or not. :dance
    7. Well, things are getting really exciing now ... I can't wait to see who you choose Leith to be - Bella or Dark Elsa. Either way I can see her working well though I must admit I have a soft spot for Bella ;)
    8. She is here. Ans she is very different. She is very loosely strung and will need hot glue in some of her joints maybe. But poseability is great.
      But now I m sure she isnt Elsa. Hmmm.
    9. Congrats on her arrival!! ... Any ideas on who she can be if not Elsa? What color eyes did you recieve?

      My girl arrived too. I quite like her ... at first I was like wow, she is odd but after putting a wig on her, things started to really come together. I think she's amazing and unique ~

      More pics on Flickr:

      [​IMG]Argodoll Leith by N Montgomery, on Flickr
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    10. Woooow. That color is incredible. She is fabulous. And that dreadlock wig is awesome.
      Mine came with green acrylics.
      Her geeckbones ar just pure perfection. So yeah still Elsa is i the air. But today in the morning Angelina Jolie came in to my mind. :-D Well I dont know. I m yet going to check some high fashion photos of Kristen Steward. And I will see, what Leith will want to be. Its crazy, that sometimes, dolls have their own minds. :-)


      And I got this red thing which I dont know what is it.
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    11. Oh, wow! @Dreadfulme and @margitan - they're both gorgeous! I actually like the blank photos more. You can really see her face. Love, love, love the tan. What a pretty colour!
    12. Thank you so much Margitan and Blithefoll!!! I really love this color its a nice soft natural tan. :-) And I love these eyes she came with ... Usually I do hazel or green or grey but these really go well with her necklace and pop just right. The wig, I made :aheartbea

      Margitan!!!! Your girl looks lovely! I received some show parts in the normal skin color and it is so pretty in person - I like the pink undertone. I can see Angelina or Kristen for her... I like the wig color, is it a midnight blue?

      I received the red part too ... this is what it does: Forceps adapter | Argonautica Dolls

    13. I think its just black. It only light in my work make it appear with blue undertones.
      Oh great. Now I know how tu use it. Lol. I already had my girl apart. Because she needed hotglue in joint under her brests and in ankles. But didnt use it. I only use my fingers to hold rubber band. So I wount damage resin. But now i know,thanx to you. So my fingers wount be all red. Lol. That is cleaver thing.
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    14. You are welcomed! It really is a clever tool and Lany is so generous. I enjoyed my buying experience with Argodolls very much ~
    15. I just ordered the Leith head :) Really looking forward to getting her
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    16. I've bought a girl of the marketplace, and while I wait for her I'm considered what brands of clothes fit the body - what do you use? Is she a normal SD13 or nYID girl?
    17. She's more NYID sized :)
    18. I finally named my Lieth and had her a headress and wig made, gosh I love her. Hope to do some more work on her over the summer
      Bear Headdress and wig by EassternWingStudio on Etsy

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    19. Argonautica Dolls presents new doll Zet
      This doll starts new male line of 1/3 dolls.

      Zet has 66 cm height. He is available in various colors with torso type selection (two or three part),
      additional fists are also available.

      Head and body are available for purchase separately.

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    20. Oh! He's quite handsome! :love