Argonautica Dolls Discussion

Aug 8, 2016

    1. Oh no...Zet is perfect for a character of mine. And they even offer him in a gorgeous brown skin tone. The only problem is the body is too short. :( Uhh, I guess I'd have to hybrid, but trying to match brown shades sounds like hell...maybe just wait for Argonautica to release a bigger boy body? :XD:
    2. has anyone got an Ifit to share??? I think she's lovely, but I haven't seen her around. How do you guys like the posing? the girl body is sure beautiful...

      and the boy body is incredible. it might be just right for my currently bodiless icon guy. it would be helpful to know the shoulder width, though, not just the circumference. other companies just give the width so it's harder to compare this way.
    3. Holy cow, I have been searching for this doll. My exact requirement for his character were, "V" shaped face, tall and thin with long fingers. I love it when artists read my mind and make exactly what I wanted.
    4. I'd also love to know the shoulder-to-shoulder measurement, if @Lany has a moment!

      Interesting body... I'm keeping an eye on it!
    5. I'd seen the little alien ones and marveled over them, but somehow missed that they had SD sized dolls! Zet and Leith are so striking. Distinctive and simply gorgeous.
    6. Oh wow!!! I was just saying on another thread today how I wished some bjds had high prominent cheekbones than I find the Argonaut bjds.

      Leith is gorgeous!!! She is definitely going on my wishlist. Her cheekbones are amazing!!! I want her in the arctic white skin with faceup and breast size 4 which is the largest. I would want her with heeled feet and legs and get her with pumps and platforms and with the fist hands.

      Maybe when I am done this last layaway payment on the 3rd of August I can put her on layaway.
    7. Does somebody have any resin comparisons of Argonautica dolls with BJDs from other brands?
    8. [​IMG]
      This is my Ifit, Lyudmila Arnesdotter, with Whispering Grass Chris on Dollshe 28M body, Arne Magnussen .
    9. Does anybody know about Argodolls current waiting times? There isn't a waiting room for them :(
    10. When I ordered my 1/6 Ifi I placed the order at the very end of December 2016 and I received her on April 1st 2017. It probably would have been sooner, but I was dithering about the custom faceup (couldn't make up my mind). I hope that helps!
    11. So I have seen a few of their heads, but the new guys...omg. I love them. But even more I love that 66cm body! Does anyone have it, or is it new?
    12. Semi new, they started working on him at the end of 2016, and Zet was released Mid 2017 :) Someone on flickr has made some great pictures of it: Search: argodoll | Flickr

      Super tempted to get the body for a supergem head I have here... just can't decide of 2 or 3 part torso. Movablility versus aesthetics x.x
    13. @meanae Thank you!! Those photos were just what I needed. I think I found the 65-66cm body I've been looking for! Now to scrape up the cash XD D:
    14. @Lany They are wonderful! I just love the way you sculpt lips!
    15. Argonautica Dolls starts March Sale!

      Free random Pihho animal will be added for all orders greater than $400 during all March
      Layaway orders are involved, if the first payment in March.

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    16. I am definitely ordering the boy body. Probably this weekend. Of all the bodies in this size range this is my favorite by far! I'm actually excited! Though I am not looking forward to the wait XDD

      I've been buying too much second-hand lately.
    17. Both the new guys are absolutely lovely. With the sale faceup, Feret's eyes and full lips were reminiscent of Soom Sabik for me. Blank, though, that effect changes and he looks a lot more boyish. Seems he could go several ways.

      I have to admit it's Laertes who brought me here, though. He looks so poised and calm... but also as if he knows something he shouldn't. Kind of like a certain priest character of mine. I deeply appreciate the well-lit multi-angle photos of the blank sculpts on Argonautica's sale pages. More companies need to do that! Without those shots I wouldn't have seen what a beautiful profile this guy has. That NOSE. That BROW. The temptation is building.

      I know they've just come out, but did anyone order either of them yet? Have you got any plans?
    18. I just ordered the body. But no head. If I wanted another floating head I'd have ordered Laertes though, he is love. Like I really want him but I have no room right now for extra dolls. So, body only. But he has the features I like in a doll.
    19. Do any of you know if any of the resin colors match fresh skin from Dollshe?