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Aug 8, 2016

    1. Lany told me that her "Cream" skin is a close match for Dollshe's "Oriental," and that she could do a custom lighter Cream to match with Freshskin. I think you would need to email her to request the custom color.
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    2. I'm ordered the 1/3 girl body (normal pink, small breast) I'm actually excited! Waiting time was 2 month, it was very fast.
      it's amazing, perfect and I'm very glad that I ordered this body. thanks to Lany for beautiful work.
    3. Hello, I'm popping in because i just bought Innelda_Isher's Ifit head. I have an Impldoll body that is too pink for it's intended head, so I got that head another body. Innelda_Isher is going to try and match the skin tone and give her a faceup for me. I'm super excited! She is an amazing artist!

      Anyways, pretty quiet in here! @klausslukas which head did you put on your body?

      @Prinsessen , did you ever end up purchasing a body?
    4. @IngieBee Congrats on your Ifit head :D

      No, I didn't buy the body. The head I was gonna use it for arrived miscolorated, so I decided to wait while they make a new head for me. Then I can finish uni (just need to do my master thesis defence here in June) and after I can concentrate on unpacking the dolls and better decide how to hybride my doll. Right now half of my dolls are in storage, the others are split between my friends, so I plan to just take some time to move and unpack everyone before I buy the body.

      I have one of the Kristen Stewart minimes, but she is in storage. I hope I can show her off later in the summer :D
    5. Sounds awesome, good luck with your thesis @Prinsessen!
    6. Congratulations, @IngieBee! She looks so lovely! I think all the freckles are just charming :)
    7. Thank you @StellaMarigold :) Unfortunately there was an accident with the sealant and she had to redo the faceup. But the new version is just as pretty, maybe slightly darker, but just as pretty :) I'm a little nervous to see how the color matches and how well the head looks on the body, but Whatever happens, I can always find a better fit/match if I need to :)
    8. Oh, I'm sorry about the accident! But I'm glad she is back to the way you were expecting :) Good luck with matching her to the body (that's always nerve-wracking).
    9. Thank you :kitty1 It will be mailed out mid week then it's the crazy waiting game :shudder
    10. Anyone know about how long it takes to ship? I bought a body back in March, and I was wondering about how much longer I have to wait....

    11. @klausslukas said their order of a body only took two months, @VampireAngel13 ? Maybe the faceup is making it take longer? Which doll did you get VA? And klausslukas, who did you get? Can you share pictures? This thread needs more pictures! LOL
    12. I only got a blank body, so there should be no faceup. I hope they didn't forget! There's no login that I can find on their site, so I emailed my order...which means I can't check the status or anything. I did get a confirmation right after I paid, so there's that. Maybe I'll just email them.
    13. Yes, do mail them, @VampireAngel13 and let us know what happened. You never know with these smaller companies, they could be run by a single person who's overwhelmed and gotten things confused?
    14. Emailed! I'll let you know if I get a response. Bad wording really, I mean when, but you know. If.
    15. LOL, I hope all is well! Fingers crossed they'll write back right away :D My head is in the mail :D I have a tracking number, it's on USPS, as received, so far so good!!!
    16. I finally heard back from them! Sometime in July is my quoted shipping date - they said it was in production now. Not a bad wait, I'm really just happy they finally answered lol

      I hope the post moves your head fast! :D
    17. Awesome, @VampireAngel13 ! My head arrived at the post office this morning! It should be delivered today (fingers crossed!)
    18. Well, my Ifit head arrived today! Unfortunately, the skin color didn't turn out like the body I wanted to use (she didn't have a sample, so was going off what I said, so???) Now I guess I need to find another body. But in the interim, she is borrowing my Supiadoll Hamin's body. Hamin is always a good sport :D

      [​IMG]IMG_20180619_195843101 by ingiebee, on Flickr

      Oh, nevermind her buggy eyes, LOL. I didn't know if it would be better to photograph her without eyes or these 10mm I had. I had nothing else unfortunately, as I'm still waiting for eyes I ordered :P
    19. @IngieBee She's gorgeous :). Which eye size do you think would be the best fit for her?