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Argonautica Dolls Discussion

Aug 8, 2016

    1. Thank you, @hc29 , I think 12 would fit, but I think the best fit would be 14 with small iris, as I think that will fill the eye well well. And the small iris would keep the sculpt looking realistic. I do have some size 14 with size 12 iris incoming, so when they get here, I will take pictures and we can see if it works or not :)
    2. Ugh mistake
    3. @hc29 , I like to use Eyeco. silicone (platinum glass) eyes. They are flexible and come in odd-number sizes. Plus they look very realistic.
      [​IMG]Giovanna Battista by Nadine, on Flickr
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    4. Ah, I was looking at those on their website yesterday; they are very pretty :).
      One thing I just thought of, about the options for the Argonautica girls: I noticed on someone's unboxing post that Lany included the fist hands separately; I'm assuming that means that the default hands were included as well? Would that apply to the flat feet too, if someone chose the high heel feet option?
    5. @hc29 , Yes, if you order the fist and/or heel feet, you get the regular ones also.
    6. That's awesome; thanks :)
    7. Here I am again :). I'm slowly working on payments toward my Ifit, and thinking about what options want for the body, I'm toying with the idea of eventually adding jointed hands; does anyone have experience using them with Argodolls, as far as size and skin tone matching? I'm getting the cream skin option.
    8. I know this is for discussing the bigger dolls from this company, but does anyone have any experience with the arctic white resin Argonautica uses? I live in Australia and love the arctic white resin, but I'm really worried it will go yellow super fast due to the climate. I'm tempted to go with the pink resin instead so the yellowing mellows it into a peach tone rather than make the white go yellow.
    9. Those are gorgeous, @phanuel and your doll is gorgeous! :D

      I'm sorry, @hc29 I just don't know. I got a bunch of Resinsoul jointed hands, and I'm not sure where I put my daughter's white hands, but I think they were pretty white. My Normal Skin were light, not too pink though and that's all I got... sorry no help :(

      I would hope they use anti UV additives in the resin, @Sno-Oki as most places do now a days?? No resin can withstand full sun for long though...?

      Ugh, I don't know why I'm putting my 2 cents in, I'm not any help at all :doh
    10. @IngieBee no worries! I wouldn't be putting her anywhere where there was direct sunlight, I've just heard that white resin goes yellow really fast even in less harsh climates like Europe. I'm afraid she'll go yellow really fast even with all the proper precautions. I'm trying to get some deets on how the Argonautica resin yellows over time so I can make an informed decision on which body to buy.
    11. Well, I had a Normal Pink doll and I sold her, but I still have some of the extra heads I bought at the time. She doesn't appear to have yellowed much. The color may be slightly more peachy than when she arrived, but not by that much. I don't know if this helps with white resin, which would show yellowing more clearly.
    12. How long did you own your Normal Pink before you sold her?
    13. I received her in April 2017 and sold her about 1-2 months ago. I bought her new, and it took me about 2-3 months to receive her.
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    14. Well, I live in the hot valleys of Southern California, LOL, and most of my dolls have been stable except my old Resinsoul and abapajama (?sp? LOL) Brownies which are all old, like before everyone started using anti UV addatives. But, again, I really don't know about Argonautica's resin..... But you could probably ask them??
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    15. Hmmm, well that's pretty good going! Even though you only had her for a little over a year, it sounds like the resin that would cause a problem usually start showing extreme yellowing much earlier (like the dreaded French Resin).

      Yes, that is true, I could always ask them. I think in the end I will end up with the arctic white or cream, as I would like to body blush a gentle blue into her joints. California has a pretty similar climate to where I am in Australia, so if you haven't noticed anything super wild, then I think I would be safe!

      Thanks for all of your help - I just want to make the right decision, and I'm nervous because this will be my first doll.
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    16. Oh, yeah, I definitely don't see any extreme yellowing. The Normal Pink is a very pretty color - quite similar to Bimong Normal (the newer one).

      I can understand your interest in Arctic white - it looks like a beautiful color, so stark. Blue blushing would look really nice on it.

      I was so nervous about buying my first doll, too (my Argo doll was only the second one I ever saw in person). I hope that you can make a decision easily and are very happy with her when she arrives.

      What sculpt do you have in mind?

      Edited to add: I just remembered - at one point Lany told me that a slightly paler version of Cream would match Dollshe's Fresh skin well (which probably means that the current Cream is close to Oriental). She had offered to cast a head in a custom pale cream so that it would match a Fresh body I ordered - perhaps you could ask her about a custom very pale pink-white color? That way it would have a little more pink to lose (so might not show yellowing as quickly) but would still be very close to white and could be blushed with blue.
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    17. I'm going with Little Lei since that's the only head left and I can't buy the body separately, but I'll probably sell it for an Ifi head, since the Ifi is the one I like best for the character I have in mind. I'm just worried I won't be able to get an arctic white Ifi head, but I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

      And you never know, I could end up loving the Little Lei head more than I expected!

      Edited: I know this is for the big versions of the Argo dolls so I won't talk too much about the 1/6 girls! I was just popping in here because I know the resin is the same regardless of the doll size <3
    18. I understand! Lei / Leith is a lovely head, too! I hope you will love her :)
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    19. My eyes arrived but they were supposed to have small irises. Unfortunately, I don't think I got small irises :( But my Ifit looks a lot better with them on at least. I also got her a body. It's an April Story Classic or Classy doll body??? and she matches well enough for me. The body blushing is wearing off but I didn't have the energy to remove it :P Note the body is yellowish normal and lighter than the blushing done by @Innelda_Isher on the white skinned Ifit, but I think it's a good match :) Thank you Innelda!!! I love the faceup and am glad I could find a body for her! Here are some pictures. I'm not happy with the wig but it's all I've got at the moment. So now we need something to wear!! LOL

      [​IMG]IMG_20180722_193212091 by ingiebee, on Flickr

      Ugh, it got too dark outside, and the flash blows out her face, but here she is anyway,, LOL

      [​IMG]IMG_20180722_194757194 by ingiebee, on Flickr
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    20. @IngieBee , congrats) It's good comparison, and I think I use vivid blush and sometimes it makes different parts of whole doll not only hybrids)it's not very important in clothes or you could blush a neck area slightly)