Argonautica Dolls Discussion

Aug 8, 2016

    1. @Innelda_Isher Sure, but perfection is not for me. If I do anything, it'll be to clean off the old blush on the body. I don't like how blushed bodies get all scratched up :P I think she looks just fine as she is, only I think I want to find a better wig :D I really love her, thank you for that amazing faceup!!!
    2. @IngieBee , I'm so glad to hear you love her^^
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    3. Yes, I am trying to think of the right wig for her :D
    4. Ohooo, why did I go to that site? Why did I have to come across Laertes? Arrrrgh, what a beautiful mature sculpt... Five days left until next month...
      Is there by any chance a Overview of the resin colors?

      (I am having a feeling that I am going to be a bad girl in a few days... I really am in love with the sculpt)
    5. LOL, yes, he's awesome!
    6. My order is ready to ship!! I just got an email requesting my phone # for the shipping label! This is great because I bought the head in question another body and now I need it for something else XD so this body will show up at a good time.
    7. Mine just got shipped too!

      Together with my masterpiece eyes order and a custom alpaca wig that I ordered a long while back, with my luck they all get stuck at customs at the same time, haha.
    8. Congratulations to you too, @meanae! I hope you'll post a lot of pictures!
    9. Lol nooo!!
      But seriously, isn't that how it always goes? I was waiting on three big things for months and two shipped at the same time (the other came from Ringdoll though, which means it time-warped here because I have it already.)

      I can't wait to see this body. It really looks like it's made well.
    10. She deserved more and better pictures :D

      [​IMG]IMG_20180803_165107393_HDR by ingiebee, on Flickr

      I don't have the Argonautica doll body unfortunately, she is on an April Story Classy Doll body. But it does seem to suit her, and she seems to be happy with it, LOL Please show the body off when you get it, @VampireAngel13 :D
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    11. @IngieBee oh she’s gorgeous! What a fantastic look!
      I got it today! Unfortunately I put a head on it and dressed it already so I don’t have photos. I’ll get some tomorrow- I want to mess with sueding and restringing him anyway
    12. LOL @VampireAngel13 I can't wait to dress my dolls either! Do you have pictures anywhere? Gonna try your links in your sig :D BTW, is the guy on the far right a loongsoul? He looks so much like my nephew!!!
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    13. Did you go to Flickr or instagram? XD which picture?
    14. I first went to your tumbler, it is the guy with the eyepatch :D Your dolls are too cool!
    15. Thank you! Lol that’s John, he’s a modified Ringdoll K on a Dollmore Model body. He is a silly thing. The guy with the beard is on the Argo body. Which I still have not stripped D:
    16. They all look awesome! I'm about to go to bed as it's 2:30 AM here :doh but if you have a tutorial on how to do a beard like that, OMG, I'd love to see it!!!
    17. Thank you! And I do not....that is my first and only beard XD I only practiced on his blank head before I got his old body. Then I did his faceup, crossed my fingers, redid it and hoped it turned out. I feel like it needs product on it to keep it in place but other than that I'm pretty happy with how he looks.

      Sadly he was very heavily blushed to match an Impledoll body....and now that he's on the Argodoll body they don't match at all. And his actual resin is pretty close to Argo's XD
      I can't win lol
      But he is not getting redone.

      But FYI for anyone wondering, Granado heads fit very nicely on Argodoll!
      Ringdoll does not.
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    18. Good info, and if you should break down on redoing the faceup :wiggle:wiggle:wiggle hint hint :XD::mwahaha Please take pictures of the process!!!
    19. Argh... Laertes is so tempting... Not least because the underlying sculpt looks uncannily like Peter Wingfield, aka Methos... He's also the actor that I tend to picture when imagining what Lord Vetinari looks like (thanks to the Paul Kidby illustrations)

      Only issue is, at 7.5 inches that head is even more out of scale with the sculpt I found for Vimes than the current 'Havelock Vetinari' headsculpt. Though I suppose he could be Methos.

      Is there any sort of info on how soon this sculpt is likely to be discontinued/limited run? (I'd like to have a timescale for dithering over this decision!)