Argonautica Dolls Discussion

Aug 8, 2016

    1. My Little Lei is being shipped! I'm so excited! This is my first doll and StellaMarigold sold her Little Ifi head to me, so my girl Aeron is coming together.
    2. I'm so excited to hear that, @Sno-Oki! I look forward to seeing what you do when your girl is complete!
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    3. Awesome @Sno-Oki ! I was just going to pop in to say my Ifit got a new wig and outfit and I hope to take pictures tomorrow :D
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    4. Um question - which of Argo's resin colours is the best match for Dollshe Pure Freshskin? (Sorting out the details of my order with them at the moment but not sure if I should go for cream or white skin)
    5. Some time ago I wanted to match an Argodoll head to a Dollshe body, and Lany told me that her Cream option perfectly matches Dollshe Oriental, and said she could make a custom batch of paler resin in the same shade. She told me that when I ordered the body, I should leave a message in the comments section indicating I needed a paler version of Cream. So you might email her and let you know if you want a paler Cream (she's lovely to talk to!).

      And if she's not offering custom colors now, if you are not in a hurry, I'll be receiving a white skin Argodoll head within a week or two (it has shipped, but I'm in the US) and I can compare it to the my Dollshe Fresh samples.

      Judging by the comparison posted on Flickr (comparing my Normal Pink Argodoll head with my Dollshe Fresh samples, Cream definitely looks closer than White):
      Argodoll Basic colors
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    6. Thanks! I'll ask about the pale cream. Though cream also looks useful if the answer about custom colours is a no.

      (Managed to get my Laertes head ordered at the very last minute. He might become Havelock Vetinari mkII replacing the current shell for the character, or he might become Methos depending on how I feel when he arrives. Though if he's Methos I don't know what skin colour would have worked best lol, but much blushing will have to occur.)
    7. You're welcome! And congratulations on purchasing the Laertes head! I like him a lot - he has wonderful cheekbones.
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    8. Thanks! Yeah as soon as I spotted Laertes I was doomed - those cheekbones and that nose scream either Havelock Vetinari as drawn by Paul Kidby or... Peter Wingfield/Methos which kind of amounts to the same thing tbh!

      (woo! Pale cream is a go - thanks again!)
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    9. Yay! I hope you receive him quickly and post photos when you finish his stylization!
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    10. @Vetinari I hope everything comes together well for you! Congratulations on your order!

      My Ifit got a new wig and outfit this week, so of course I want to spam a picture :XD:

      [​IMG]My Argonautica Ifit by ingiebee, on Flickr
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    11. She looks wonderful! I love that combination of reddish hair, freckles, and green eyes!
    12. Thanks guys! If he comes out anywhere near as wonderfully as your dolls I'll be very happy. The Argo sculpts seem to paint up incredibly well from what I've seen on this thread.

      @IngieBee She's stunning!
    13. Aw, thanks ya'all. I think I need to style the wig a bit more, but I wanted something a little different, shorter hair. That's always harder to get right :) .I am hoping to make her a tartan dress or jumper (I got this thing for jumpers, LOL) with a beret, LOL
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    14. Wow, I think she's so pretty on both bodies, but the bigger body would be unique to my collection. I know there have been bigger bodies made before, actually I have two "fat fairies" from sleeping elf, so she wouldn't be entirely unique.... but I can't get anything!!!! So tempting!
    15. I love this! Ordered one, and the head that goes with it. I LOVE that it's in the under 60cm scale, as other dolls similarly detailed often seem to run on the 65cm end.
    16. Congratulations @ronnie92 !!! Wish so much that I could order!
    17. I got lucky with the timing for sure. The Nelei head is so pretty too....

      I have no plans for this one, though. I hope she'll find her place when she arrives.
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