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Sep 17, 2009

    1. I actually got her just a few days before Christmas, if I recall correctly. <3
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    2. I was just quoted 40-60 days. I'd be surprised if it was that quick though, going on past experience.
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    3. Ah, that is good, thank you all!

      The only things I could find were from their slump in 2013 :sweat

    4. I just made my first payment on giant Calandra :) She'll fit right in here with my other huge girls.
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    5. Nice! I received my giant Calandra last week and she is amazing.
    6. Haha, I just realized that my phone autocorrected Calandra to Cordelia. I got Calandra too.
    7. I'm joining on the long wait for our huge Cordelia. I'm doing a short layaway. I have a lusion and I thought she needed a friend.
    8. Do you have any pictures of your Calandra, @hannaliten? I really like her and Settla, but no one seems to have them.
    9. I'd love to see other peoples' Calandras when they come in

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    10. Does anyone have the mermaids or mermen? I got Sachiel today from a seller on Facebook but have no idea how to attach his fin to his tail! Any help please!
    11. I have one of the 1/6 mermaids, she has a S hook at the end of her tail that the different fins she came with attach to, much like doll hands usually do. Hope that helps!
    12. My Freya should be arriving tomorrow. I’m so excited to finally see her in person. Does anyone in here own her already?
    13. Has anyone got pictures of the larger 63cm body they used for Vanessa? I can find lovely pictures of her dressed but none of the body itself, which is more needed since it’d be a hybrid.
    14. HarleyQuinn you can see her nekid in the body sector of legenddoll
    15. Hi, does anyone know where I can get shoes and clothes for an AE chocolate girl(16cm)? the nearest I can find are latis and pukifees but their clothes just don't fit:atremblin:atremblin:atremblin
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    16. I'm curious, does anyone have Fairy Sylph? I've been eyeballing her since she was first released but would love to see some owner photos! :)
    17. Would anyone with a 1/4 and 1/3 AE doll be willing to post a picture of them side by side? I have a mini Calandra and am looking to order her two big bros :) not sure proportionally how much bigger they would be though.. Thanks! Also here is my girl for those who wanted to see pics of Calandra

      I am also interested in owner pics of Sylph! I want to get a Sylph but am debating if I want the body/head or just the head. Also, could anyone verify if the ears are made of actual blue resin or if that's just the factory default blushing for Sylph?
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