Asleep Eidolon discussion

Sep 17, 2009

    1. I did end up ordering a fairy Sylph via Legend Doll with the company face-up. Im coming up to the 4 month mark on the wait so hoping it won't be too much longer before she's ready. I think the blue on the ear is blushing as I asked if that could be left off the face-up (I have a different colour scheme in mind) and there didn't seem to be a problem with that.
    2. Thank you that is very helpful info! That's good to know you can opt for no blushing on the ears. The company faceup is really stunning. I hope you get your doll soon, my AE doll ordered from Legend Doll arrived shortly after the 4 month mark. Good luck!
    3. That's good to know about the time frame as I hadn't been able to find out much about the wait on AE dolls so wasn't entirely sure! When I left a message about leaving off the blue colour, the response back was to ask me if I still wanted the face tattoos. I confirmed I wanted them so i'm hoping they'll be added. But i'm a little apprehensive in case of misunderstanding. I don't mind if they forget and add the blue to the ears but would be disappointed if they accidentally left off the face tattoos. I'm also curious about how the wings look as it's hard to get an impression from the photos :whee:
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    4. I'm still waiting for Sylph but Agnes was ordered earlier and is here. But she was shipped without the outfit, with my permission!
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    5. Has anyone seen the teaser image that asleep eidolon posted on insta? I'm anticipating the 'elements' dolls.. but no idea what size or style they will be. Now I'm thinking to hold off on purchasing Sylph before I know what they plan on releasing soon!!
    6. Apparently they’ll be 1/3.
    7. In that case I'm definitely going to hold off! I wanna see what new sculpts (if any) they release. So excited!:D
    8. Looks like the new elements dolls were released. Is anyone planning on getting one? ^^
    9. Another fun set of dolls, Slamandar is very cute (though I wonder if they meant the name to be Salamander and accidentally spelt it wrong ^^). It's also nice they've put out a male doll this time too. I'm really enjoying the fantasy fairy and mermaid dolls AE have been putting out, I wonder if they'll release some matching fairy mini dolls again as well?
    10. Im really tempted by Sara. I might go for her if there's enough time :)
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    11. I've just ordered Freya from Legend Doll as my first resin BJD and I'm sooo excited! :D

      I haven't been able to find any owner pictures of the large Freya doll, only the mini one. Would anyone be able to share?
    12. Freya is so darling! I love Freya & Sylph, such beauties. I think I've seen some owner photos of Freya on instagram, not sure about any on DoA.

    13. My Freya and her mini Freya

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    14. She's gorgeous! Did you get the company faceup?
    15. No, I did not
    16. I ordered the company faceup and I'm excited to see how different she will look!
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    17. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a pair of heel feet that would fit the AE 58cm girl body? I know Angel of Dream and Doll Love sell heel feet, has anyone tried those and/or know if any of the colours match AE's normal pink? :)
    18. AE has SD heel feet. I just ordered 2 pairs from legenddoll a few weeks ago.
    19. Thanks! I can see the 63cm doll has an option for them, do you know if they also fit the 58cm body too?
    20. I would ask Legend. They are very helpful.