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Asleep Eidolon discussion

Sep 17, 2009

    1. I would ask Legend. They are very helpful.
    2. Yes. They have some that fit the 58cm body because that’s what I have. They’re also supposed to fit the 54cm Xaga body.
    3. Awesome, thank you. Now I know they exist, I'll send Erica a message about them :)
    4. I just saw Chiara and she is the perfect blend of pretty and cute to me! Her face-up is perfect. I want to order her ASAP!! :D
    5. Hi all.
      I'm new to the house. :D
      This is my Sylph and Vanessa. <3
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    6. Welcome! Your girls are lovely!
    7. Thank you! I'm plaining to restyle them soon. I'm waiting for the tailor to finish the clothes. <3
    8. @snowle21 Both of your girls look great! :whee:
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    9. Hi all!
      This is my AE Yara: Villandra Omelia Price (abbreviated Vi)

      She really likes mori style.

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    10. Cool, my Fairy Slamander arrived a few weeks back, just in time to enter the AE 13th anniversary contest. Sadly as I don't know anyone on Instagram I doubt my entry will get any likes as I don't have a big social circle I can ask to vote for mine but it's still fun to do :sweat
      Is anyone else planning to enter or have entered the contest? I'd love to see what you've done for it :)
    11. She is lovely! I hadn't heard about the contest. Where are the details?
    12. Details in this thread here :)
    13. @AzureFantoccini Your satoshi look awesome! Anh the background so cool! Did you do the background yourself?