Bambi Crony November Elf/Angel Dolls

Nov 6, 2006

    1. Wings. :love Elf ears.

      Why, why, why do they have to be limited?!?! :...(
    2. LOL... to make you want them more, of course. ;)

      I thought I was set on Kumi, but now I'm leaning towards Roko... *_* Clearly I should just buy both? xD Maybe if I sell Mika by the end of the month. <_<

    3. Clearly! They're both gorgeous!

      ...I just hate finding/falling in love with limited dolls while I'm unemployed. :...( If I still had a job, it would all be peachy. And that lovely limited Kumi would be mine!
    4. Well, I caved and ordered an Elf Kumi. Hopefully she'll be able to share wings with the Yo Tenshi :)
    5. i've ordered a kumi a few days ago as well. i couldn't deny that cute little face

      they both show as being sold out now :(

    6. that would be great! those little wubngs make me hurt! wso cute
    7. Questions for those who ordered ELf Kumi or Roko...

      Did you order their make-up service, and how much was the shipping to the US?

      Thanks in advance.
    8. Yup, the doll with makeup service was 321.00, and shipping was $30.87, for a total of $351.87.
    9. Thanks so much for the quick reply.
      I think I am gonna order Elf Kumi with make-up.
      I was very disappointed when it had a "sold-out" sign about an hour ago, but now it is on sale :)
    10. Phew! Yeah, nearly gave me a heart attack!!! Clearly I must buy soon so I can stop worrying! :3
    11. Bambicrony said the elf dolls "will be sold on certain period but are the amount is not limited". Unlike the new tan ones, which are limited to ten each.
    12. Gr.. it said today they would show off the tan dolls, or at least give the option of buying one...

      Or do you guys think that they took it off once they sold out of 'em? q.q *wanted to see what the others would look like tanned*
    13. they haven't been posted up yet suppi so they probably have some delays or something just be patient :D
    14. lol, I'm trying! So hard though! lol
    15. i know. im dying to see what they look like too
    16. lol~ I know, I just felt like being a nut about it. :D

      I ordered my kumi just now!! I can't waaaait~~ :whee:
    17. *froth* Argh, they'd better not sell out, I was holding off 'til the 20th when they're supposed to be restocking the wigs!! *_*

      Fingers crossed . . .

      -- A <3
    18. I am doomed. I want them so badly.

    19. Did they post the tan ones yet? I haven't seen them!