Bambi Crony November Elf/Angel Dolls

Nov 6, 2006

    1. what a cutie pie :D i wish i had some more money!!!
    2. :aheartbea I REALLY love Elf Roko. I can hardly stand it.
      I love the long, thinner shape of her elf ears.
    3. I ordered my Kumi elf, and she has already shipped! :o
    4. holy crap mines been shipped out too.
      .....i have nothing prepared for her yet. i thought i had until the end of the month....eeps
    5. No way!! :o How long ago did you guys order?

      Maybe they were really smart and cast a bunch before they opened up sales to keep things running smoothly~ ;)

      And thank god I don't like suntan dolls that much, otherwise BC would own my checking account right about now... *_* They're evil!!
    6. eee, mine too! I never would have thought to check the order status this early.

      She's scheduled to come in Monday. Now if only her clothes would get here...
    7. Wow, mine as well....with a faceup, in what, four days? Dang. That's freaking amazing.
    8. i ordered mine last saturday :D i can't believe she's shipping so fast!
    9. the tanned one reminds me of Volks Toppi. ouh yeah, gotta get the one with the wings. no one have seen a tanned angel doll yet yea? i wonder which company will be the 1st doing that :P
      darn it **takes off shoes to count pennies in socks** hieh hieh hieh
      have to work harder or i would dip into savings><
    10. wow!! YAY! :D Hope I can expect my girl to ship in the next couple of days, too!! :fangirl
    11. Failed delivery to the office yesterday (of course, no one was there ^^;; ). So hopefully they try again today. I find it amusing that I actually would have gotten her yesterday if I'd just put down my home address rather than work :sweat.

      I don't know if I'll be able to stare at the box today when it's delivered and not open her! *shoves wig and Volks wings into her purse* :apresent:
    12. How did I neglect to read that thoroughly the first time? XD I just assumed everyone was getting emails~~ :blush

      Just checked, and my kumi's shipped too! :D just passed through US customs this morning!! :whee: Hope she comes before the holiday break!
    13. Mine is in San Diego as of yesterday....oooooooh, maybe she'll be here this afternoon :)
    14. Eeeee, Elf Kumi's here!!!

      First impressions:

      Firstly, for those who have volks wings, you will unfortunately be disappointed. They used the reverse magnet in the body :doh. Which means that instead of attracting the wings, they repel. ARGH. I wonder...if I put a strong magnet in between, would that second magnet then attract the Volks wings? Won't be able to try until I get home.

      They did a fabulous job on her faceup...beautifully soft (I did make that request ^^). Just the pinkest little lips, and teal-blue eyes.

      Her ears are BLUSHED on the tips! And absolutely adorable.

      Her wings are fabulous; very very CLAMP-esk. The magnet sticks out a bit further on the right wing than the left one.

      For those who have bought Bambicrony before, their little fabric 'papoose' has changed. Mine came with heart fabric, attaches with snaps rather than ribbons on the outside, and has a 'hood' for the head. It also came with a tiny pillow :aheartbea.
    15. mine is outbound out of customs so i should be getting her tomorrow. im excited. i can't wait
    16. I asked them if they would sell their outfit for the elves at all. They told me not separately, but as a set with wig, makeup by Viya and outfit for 490.. a bit too much for me considering I just want the outfit and doll. Roko sold out, of course they'd make more, she's a cutie.

      chanth: please take pictures!!!
    17. Yep, just as soon as I get home tonight! I keep on opening the box to peek at her :3.

      A word of warning on the wings: unlike the volks wings that have the magnet embedded in the resin, these are super-glued (or Korean equivalent *l*) to the backs of them. Being fairly strong magnets, one just sucked the magnet right out of the other XD;;. It will be pretty easy to fix with some super glue, but I did want to warn people to try to keep them separate if possible when they're not attached to the doll.

      I really hope the package with her outfit is waiting for me at home!
    18. Grrr . . . the wigs haven't been restocked, so I can't order yet (I really want to get a wig that FITS for my girls!) They said the 20th . . . guess I'll keep checking back.

      *frets and fidgets*

      -- A :/
    19. yep mines now marked as before shipping yay....

    20. they may not get around to it for a few more hours Ashbet, in another hour it should be 8am there, maybe they'll update them then! I wouldn't worry, since they said they'll be selling them till the 10th of december! I'm sure they'll restock the wigs before then! XD

      And @the magnets falling out... blech. :( I keep having that happen with my volks girls' magnetized headcaps too, I wonder if maybe the cold has something to do with it...? But either way, elmer's super glue has been keeping them on *really* well, so maybe it's just important to use good glue... :sweat