Bambi Crony November Elf/Angel Dolls

Nov 6, 2006

    1. Pics are now posted in the Incoming Dolls forum ^^. I tried to get some good opening shots, plus comparisons to the human Kumi I have.
    2. My Kumi came today as well...she's so cute!!!

      Bummer about the wings, though. Let me know if your magnet trick works.
    3. Didn't, unfortunately (apparently my grasp of general science isn't quite up to par *heh*). I think the only answer is to go in the body and somehow pry out the bars of magnets in there, then reverse them. Nothing like taking a chisel to your new doll *_*. I have no idea how strongly the magnets are adhered to the inside...certain bonding agents are impossible to break, but if they used the same glue as what adheres the wings to their magnets, there's hope.

      Congrats on your arrival, tho!! :aheartbea
    4. my little kumi came today. she's so cuuuuute. she's so much smaller than milo (lati green ronnie) she's shorter, thinner, and her head is a lot smaller than his. ill try and take some pictures tonight even though she doesn't have anything of her own yet. everything is in the mail or being made for her right now
    5. Of course, the one time I write a whole long review, DoA eats it in one of it's infamous time-outs... :roll:

      Well, long story short, my Kumi arrived today and she is *adorable*~~ I am so happy with her! :D

      Congrats to everyone else on their arrivals, as well!

      (Now I just have to resist ordering a Roko too... I dunno if I'm gonna be able to last two more weeks though!)
    6. nooooooo why did they release the elves in i want a tan roko...damn why does it have to be christmas time and i dont have any spare monies
    7. Sick... bastards... :o HOW CRUEL!!!

      Oh that tan roko elf is so coming home... *passes out from the cuteness* She looks so... sassy or something... XD

      Your pictures are absolutely beautiful Aya!! :D
    8. OMG! Tan!!! Sooo cute!
    9. I ordered mine, woohoo!!! (Elf Kumi)

      I'm going to see what I can do regarding the magnets on the Tenshi wings that I have . . . will share the results when she arrives and I've had a chance to play :>

      BTW, I heard back from Bambi Crony on the Q&A Board -- their wigs are delayed by two weeks, so I decided to go ahead and order while my girl was still in stock.


      -- A :D
    10. well the magnets are just glued on the inside of the torso so im sure with a little effort you could get them off and switch them around.
    11. actually, I am a little concerned about that, though... the epoxy they're glued on with looks really heavy-duty... I was going to attempt it, but... :shudder

      I'm going to take her with me into my studio tomorrow cause all my tools are there, and attempt it. I'll let everyone know how it goes~~ :chibi
    12. I managed to pry my magnets out, but there just isn't enough space within the torso cavity to work with them without them snapping together. I think that Bambicrony actually has a different polarity on one of them so that the sides of the magnets attract each other. When trying to glue them back in any other way, they just became a solid block of four.

      I also don't think the magnets are strong enough to hold the much heavier volks wings on :(.
    13. I love the Tan ELves arnt they gorgeous
    14. curse of the double post ...sorry

      Bambi heads are smaller than AI , YO, LEEKE ,Lati green

      they are, the same size as Bobo Domoya

      I do make the tibettan wool wigs for them

      I will have my own new arrival soon ...Just not an Elf ;)
    15. Yep, I just ordered some magnets from this online store, and I'm gonna put those in her instead. I had to order like 15 cause they have a minimum sale amount, but they're only like 18 cents so it was no biggie... XD Plus they have a bunch of sizes, so ones that are good for headcaps, too! :D I've been meaning to magnetize my Kaede girl's headcap... damn thing drives me crazy... :|

      If they're not strong enough, I'll just use extra magnets on her back, sometimes I do that when the volks wings aren't strong enough to hold on, on top of clothes layers. It serves to strenthen the magnetic field, since it's like... +(body)|-(magnet)+|-(wings) or the reverse of that, I'm no engineer... :P Either way, it works!!! :D
    16. If your trick works, I'm sure you'll have some buyers for your extra magnets ;)

      *raises hand*

      -- A :D
    17. I wish i had one with the elf ears and the wings. Missed them when I went to the site. Guess I will have to wait and see if they bring them out again.