Bambicrony Bellezza - 60cm size dolls

Mar 16, 2011

    1. I can't wait too to see picts of these girls, cause I want an esther^^
    2. [​IMG]

      My Carla ! I want more Bellezza's Photo *.*
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    3. violetpink, your Carla is so beautiful! :D
    4. greeniebone : Thank you! ^0^ I love her.. *.*


      20mm eyes is big to Carla , so I Changed 18mm :)
      18mm is good!
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    5. they are so gorgeous!
      do you think bambicrony will sale them again?
    6. After a very long period of time, here is my Brigitte.

    7. Hello there!

      I´d love to see owner photos of the Bellezza body, and also to know your impressions about it. Can you help me, please? :3
    8. Has anyone else fallen for the new basic Bellezza, Chloe?*3* I'm getting all these lovely Volks/Salon de CoCo/ChicoBricks vibes from her. I think it's her big eyes, cute nose, and full lips!:aheartbea I just wish Bambicrony offered a small bust option or sold her head separately.>.<

      Edit: Ahahaha, now I know why I get the Salon de Coco/Chicobricks vibe - it seems to all be the same sculptor.xD
    9. I just saw the new Bellezza line today and Chloe is the one that caught my eye, too! I find her lips a little peculiar, but I really love her cute button nose and her overall adorable appearance. :)
    10. I'm interested in a Chloe, too! I definitely agree that her top lip is a bit wonky but she's overall insanely adorable.
    11. Well, I ordered a Chloe with faceup yesterday! I have all the things I want for her on order except for shoes. Her clothes should be here sometime next week.
    12. Does anyone offhand know Bambicrony's paypal? I asked them for their paypal again so I can send them a payment, and it has been a few days with no reply. I am getting concerned :( I hope everything is OK and I am just being a nudge.
    13. @Misuka

      I've contacted them twice and it usually takes four days for them to reply. You can find their paypal information in their FAQ. The link is here : click
      Hope this helps. ^ ^
    14. This thread has been inactive for a while but I hope someone can help me. I'm planning on ordering Sugar soon but the Bellezza body is too mature for her face. I think a Volks SD10 body would be more suitable. I was wondering if anyone knows if Bambicrony NS resin matches the Volks resin? If not, what would be a good match to their resin?
    15. I'm absolutely in love with the new sculpt, Eucaly. She reminds me of a hybrid between Volks Charlotte and Lieselotte! Has anyone ordered her yet?
    16. I'm seriously considering her. She has such a cute sweet face. But I don't really like the bodies, so something perhaps different...I may hold out for the SWITCH body maybe blushed will look ok, because the resin match isn't exactly 100%.
    17. I might have to order Chloe one day! I wish they would offer her in a brown shade...
    18. Looking forward to seeing some pics of Chloe!
    19. Hi!

      Has anyone adopted a Bellezza yet?
      If so, please give us pics. Please! :love
    20. Still waiting for pics as well haha:D
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