Bambicrony Ciao Bella 27cm Discussion part 4

Apr 30, 2018

    1. i think that i will ordered soon !
    2. Hello! Does anyone have a comparison of the Baby Body and Ver.2? I know the Ver.2 one has double jointed elbows but are there any more differences in posing?
    3. Here is Thistle, in her new wig and eyes...Going to look for some cute bows! Just wanted to share! I'd love to see everyone Bambicrony elves :D (excuse the tissue box)
      [​IMG]thistle8 by fp1989, on Flickr
    4. She's adorable! A bix of tissues is a rare and valuable resource!
    5. Did anyone else order one of the limited Summer Greenery tan Ciao Bellas? I saw Bambicrony posting about it on Instagram and just couldn’t resist! They look soooo adorable in tan skin, especially Lapin! :D It took me a long time to settle on a sculpt, I was waffling between Lapin, Baby Heart, Vanilla and Mellow but in the end I chose Baby Heart. :blush I’ve always adored Bambicrony’s dolls and I am dreaming of either a Belezza Sugar or a Mini Sugar, possibly in tan! But my biggest dream would be if they offered their Bonbon Sugar again, I just love her big head on that delicate body. :3nodding:
      Anyway, please tell me if there is anyone else waiting for a tan lovely!
    6. I passed because I just got Baby Heart in Milk Choco from the last Valentine order. But the tans are soooooooo cute! Great choice on Heart. I love her, but Lapin is also so cute! (Already have Vanilla lol, also so sweet)
    7. Does anyone know what the fit is like of Littlefee clothing on Bambicrony girls with the Ver.2 split body?
    8. @dolliberate The milk choco skin is so beautiful! :D You HAVE to show your girl some time! I fell in love with Baby Heart in tan when I saw her in Milk Choco, I hope the summer tan skin isn’t too much darker. But in the promo pictures it looks delicious! :3nodding: I really can‘t wait for my girl, unfortunately I‘ll have to wait quite some time because I put her on layaway. But I‘m really grateful that Bambicrony offers layaway at all otherwise I definitely would have had to pass on the tan skin.
      I just got my first Littlefee today and I’m completely hooked on the YoSD size! :love
    9. I have a milk choco Heart from the last order, so I'm ordering Melody in their current tan event :) Debating getting a WS Sherbet as well, but its really hard to find owner photos of her.