bambicrony resin being rough?

Jan 25, 2007

    1. Fine grit should make it smooth but I wouldnt use 1500 cause it makes them shine like a mirror. Our BC also has a weird smell. I think its just the resin cause it smells the same as my other dolls did after being sanded but our BC's smell just isnt going away.

      And about the hand... BC willl most likely agree to replace the had that has bubbles. But... if Im not sure if they actually send replacements. When our doll came they had tied the kangbo too tight and it broke her hands(this might be part of the reason they dont use them anymore as the change came soon after). They said they would send us a new hand and claimed they sent one, but it never arrived. Then they said they would send it with EMS even, with a tracking number. They never got back to us on it and we still havent gotten a new hand.

      And could someone take a picture of these new S-hook hands? Are they different than the string hands or do they just have an S hook instead? And did they come with S Hook feet too? we use carpet thread to tie our feet on, but it breaks a lot in bad situations.. like on the school bus...
    2. i don't think it's 1500 grit, it just says fine, lol. i started sanding her seam on her arms, and it doesn't make her shiny at all, so i think i'm ok. (knocks on wood ^^) ouch, the wrap broke your dolls hand? goodness. >< i didn't really care about the wrap thing, i think the cushion thing like elfdoll uses is much better imo. my dod dolls had the same thing, i use charm beading wire to tie their hands on, but it's a pain to do, and once or twice my hand slipped, and made a dent in theit wrists. ><
    3. Alright, bambicrony told me that they would send me another pair of hands and s hooks, by airmail they didn't comment on their resin being rough though, ah well. :)
    4. At least they're going to send the hands, hopefully that won't take long. :)
    5. yeah, hopefully they'll be here before she comes back from her faceup! I don't plan on taking her arms off anyway until i can get some s hooks, i'll just have to either sand her with her arms on or just wait.
    6. Yay, I'm so glad to hear they're going to replace the hands!

      My elves shipped yesterday, so I will take some pics and let you know what the resin on mine is like.
    7. My Bambicrony Lotti has mostly wonderfully smooth resin and slightly less smooth just on the body.
    8. Lopmon both the hands and feet are still tied when they send the hands out. The s hooks are sent on the side with the spare hands. I'll see about taking pictures. I haven't even opened the bag on those.
    9. I placed my order on Jan 1 and it arrived on Jan. 24. That's the time frame that was promised on the Web site. I don't know whether it was during their "extra stock" period ... I don't think that it was.

      The following is completely off-topic, but I thought it would be interesting for people who ordered Bambicrony dolls to know: I had also ordered wigs with the dolls, and learned that Bambicrony will be mailing the wigs separately from the dolls. I think this is because the wigs are made on demand, when you order them, and are not pre-made. I suspect the wigs must be made by different people than the people who make the dolls.
    10. it feels like i got the reject one, lol. i love my little kumi though, even if some things went wrong with her! :) thanks angel, maybe mine was an isolated case of roughness, lol.
    11. Yes please take pictures if you can! And does anyone know what size of s hooks they take?
    12. SO, i found out the feet are tied too. >< What the heck do i use to tie them back? The tension string is so small, i'm afriad of jabbing a pencil or chopstick on her foot to tie back the string! ><
    13. Just get a new string. Use upholstry thread or embroidery thread and use a chopstick to hold the elastic while you tie it. If her elsatic is too tight you should change it. Mine was as tight as it could be and made it stiff. She should have come with enough extra elastic to restring twice.
    14. I just looked at my package and seems they sent me two extra head s-hooks instead of hand s-hooks just like they did with Amanhora. I might end up buying the new yo-sd hook set from volksusa next month.:doh
    15. areeelf, they did the same thing with me! two head s hooks! just tell them, and they'll send you replacement parts, at least that's what they told me, along with extra hands, since one of mine has bubbles in it. >< do you think those yo s hooks can work for the bambicrony feet? i really dislike having to tie back her feet, such a pain! ><
    16. I'm hoping they would fit. Though I doubt bambicrony will send just the hooks they didn't want to send me a kangbo even though technically it's their error in not correcting description. I hope they send you your replacement hands though.

      I'm hoping the hooks work since their the same scale doll. I'll add it on next supply order I make to volksusa in February.

      I'll ask someone who has both dolls
    17. well, i did have two yo's once, i think it would work, plus, it's only 5 bucks. i might do a volksusa group order, not sure yet though since maybe someone else more established might do one soon.