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Sep 27, 2018

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    1. I love Deepti! I looked at your website but can't find any measurements other than her height. What size wig, eyes and shoes does she wear? And does she come with both flat feet and heel feet?
    2. vermont chick
      Yes, she comes with a pair of additional high heel feet.
      She wears 6 mm eyes and wigs about 4'

      Head size:11.5cm
      Neck size:4.8cm
      Shoulder width:8cm
      Chest size:14cm
      Waist size: 9.5cm
      Hip size: 15cm
      Foot length:4cm
      Foot width: 1.3cm

      Here on DoA is a topic about my similar sized girls - where some shoes and clothes finding was discussed... :blush
      Bardo Research 40cm girls Sadana and Remi

      Thank you for interest! :3nodding:

    3. Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I'll take a look at that discussion thread.
    4. Hello,

      On your website it says that the doll will be ready in winter 2019. Is this Jan, Feb, Mar 2019 or end of year (Nov, Dec 2019?

      Kind regards,
    5. I wondered about that too.
    6. Hopefully we will get an answer soon :)
    7. I think it will really be beginning of 2019.
      Last year for Deept's pre-order there was a 4 month waiting after pre-order's period ending if i recall correctly. Casting was done by Haru Casting.

      Also why 2018 december would be part of 2019 winter ? ;) XD

      While i'm happy there's new pre-order for Deepti as i wished to get another one, i'll have to pass, i'm broke. :(
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    8. Winter begins December 21, 2018 and ends March 20, 2019. So the last week in December 2018 counts as part of Winter 2019. But you're right. I expect sometime in January-March 2019. I just want to confirm it.
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    9. Yes, I mean Jan-Feb\March of 2019 of course))))
      Dec 2018 is desirable but too optimistic
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