Basic info for Volks Dollfie Dream!

Aug 21, 2004

    1. Here's another set of pictures of a DD-01 head to give you an idea of how they can look:

      It is true that because the mold is very open, so it's difficult to figure out where to put the color, but if you're artistic, you'll know when it feels right. Good luck with your first girl!

    2. I am also planning to get a DD, but I am worried whether it will be esay to turn yellow like Jenny dolls ?
    3. I don't know if anyone has had any of the DDs long enough to even be able to guage the problem. But I've not seen anyone complain about the vinyl going off on them. These dolls are very high quality. The only trouble I had was the first day I got my girl I som ehow managed to get her arms and legs covered in blue tinged finger prints. I wouldn't worry about it though, I'm an artist, and I probably had charchol on something on my hands. Anyway, it all wiped clean. I make shure I have clean hands and I line her clothes in white fabric/undergarments.
      I do have some vintage dolls that are made of high quality vinyl, such as Madame Alexander's taller ballerina style doll, and a few others from the 50s and 60s that belonged to relatives. The vinyl is fine on all of them, and I'm sure the formulas for such things have improved. Also, Volks dolls seem to get very many complaints on DoA. Other than the DD shouldered and ankle joints getting a little loose over time (which is fixable, and therfore tolerable in my mind), the Dollfie Dreams are absolutely great! :fangirl: :fangirl:

      Um... infomercial over. And I realise Aislinn is probably clapping at me from her corner of the desk, shout ung "Brava!" Oi...
    4. Thanks!

      One of my friends said it's easy to turn yellow but surely she hasn't got any DD. Now I can correct her idea. :lol:

      DDs are so lovely! I like Femi and Cheryl, but it seems difficult to find them on YJ. I only see now there is a Femi head on YJ.

      I am looking forward to see what kind of DDs will be released in the DP at the end of this year.:fangirl:
    5. Isn't it basically the light skinned ones that get the 'sensitivity' problems?
      The two newer dream dolls are SOOOO beautiful. I know I'm getting both.
    6. I've never actually seen a picture of one of the light skinned ones. My sister wanted one, but then she opted for a used doll we found on the boards instead. Even the regular skin DD are pale compared to my Miami tan, lol, a paler one might freak me out.
    7. Hey there everyone :) I'm newer to vinyl care and was curious what the most secure way to hold eyes in are? The putty currently in use in my DDH06 head seems to keep giving way and the eyes are shifting. Any thoughts?
    8. Oo, an old thread rises from the dust! I only have one DD, and his eyes came stuck firmly in place with hot my experience with the correct putty for vinyl is pretty much nil. But, being the cautious soul that I am, if I ever have to replace them I'll probably grab a little container of this putty which Volks assures is safe for the DD lines. Of course they sell the glue, too...but I'm sure I'd mess it up horribly and he'd be semi-permanently cross eyed. :sweat
    9. :D I saw that they sell a glue gun and glue, which makes me super happy since I'm addicted to my hot glue gun for crafting. It only makes sense that I would wind up using one for my dolls LOL

      Thank you so much for the link!!! I'll take a look at the putty too.
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    10. If you're experienced with glue guns and can get the eyes positioned on the first try, then I'd definitely say go for it. It does seem to be their method of choice for the DD eyes these days. :thumbup
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    11. Hi! I've owned DDs since 2007 and have never had them yellow. I dyed mine several years ago (link in signature) though. So I can't say if they yellow beyond 5-ish.

      As for eye putty I use Mack's silicone ear plugs. They've served me well for years. Though they need replaced every few years
    12. Oh hey! I didn't know if it was safe to use or not, but I love the silicone ear plugs! It's what I use for my dolls now :D