Beauty Green...yay or nay?

Mar 19, 2020

    1. I'm kind of digging it.... even back in the day I was never big on CP dolls but I've always had a soft spot for El and seeing the beauty green is really getting me. I like super unique features.

      I remember the Iplehouse tan-green escapade many years ago where it turned like GREEN green if left in UV lighting. One user on here put some bits out in the sun of the light tan and dark tan and WOW. I think that is also a 'beauty green"
    2. Thank you for the thread! Very interesting experiment! I wonder, though, did the person who conducted it control for insects or other animals messing with/pecking at the resin? Or hail, for that matter. That's the problem with scientific experiments; it's very easy to get a false positive if you forget to control one or more factors. So, here, there's two factors unaccounted for: 1. animals and 2. weather that physically interacts with the plastic (rain, wind, hail, etc.), either one of which might have contributed to the pitting.That could be where the pitting comes from. It would be interesting to do a repeat experiment that controlled for that, see if there's a difference.
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    3. When I read about the industrial use of epoxy and PU resins, there were mentions of pitting as well, as I already mentioned previously. If I recall correctly, those tests were performed in control environments, for the purpose of industrial use though, so very extreme exposure to heat, and other elements. I can't say the website is still around, nor can I say I recall what it was called. I just remember thinking that if industrial strength resin is prone to pitying, then craft/hobby ones are probably prone to it as well at some point. I can't say if it's only if exposed to extreme elements -- I kind of hope so, but my dolls are never exposed to anything, so that's that for sure one way or the other. (:
    4. CP's greening problem happened to particular batches of BW resin produced over about a six month period. My earliest example was a BW body from early fall of 2005. My last was a BW Elf Yder who arrived in spring 2006.

      Personally? I *hate* "Beauty Green" resin and the way those dolls age... Absolutely, 110%, full-on loathe it.
      I wouldn't have dolls that color in my collection at all anymore if I could help it.

      Which is awkward, since two of my dolls very much ARE that color... :ablah:

      Over the years, one by one, I've replaced all of the other Beauty Greens I had with NS versions of their sculpts, but I haven't been able to take that path with Kingfisher or Nightengale... Kingfisher is a Vampire Shiwoo, with the "snarky eyebrows" faceup. It's so completely "him" that I'll only replace him with a NS that has that same default, and that's been impossible to find so far. Nightengale has a massive ear-mod. A mod that was difficult enough to get right that the original artist who did it would probably absolutely murder me if I asked her to do it again! So... regardless of my opinion on the color they've turned, I'm sort-of stuck with those two. :lol:
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    5. I would to have a doll and see how skintone changes colour to beauty green from age. Dreams, dreams.
    6. I have three Beauty Green CP dolls...well two full bodies and three heads since two boys share a body.

      One is a Vampire Shiwoo, who I had on my wishlist as "Vampire Shiwoo." Luckily for me, someone saw it and sold him to me, making sure that they said over and over, "He's Beauty Green, I just want you to know that." I had to reassure them that it was okay, that's exactly the kind of vampire I had been looking for!

      This is Tielo, my BG Vampire Shiwoo, who I was lucky enough to get. :love

      Tielo posing 1
      by Ryuichi Sakuma, on Flickr

      One of my two Shared Body Boys is actually a BG CP Dark Elf Soo (DES), which originally was a girl sculpt. I wanted the head so badly that I didn't care at the time that it was BG. But once I got it, it was love! It took me seven years before I found a body for him and actually had the money at the same time. Fortunately for me, the body came with a head, so I was able to not only get a BG boy body for my DES head, I ended up with another Shiwoo for my Shiwoo collection, one I didn't have! Win win!:dance

      I would probably have more BG CP BJDs if my budget would allow it. :3nodding:

      This is Hraban, my BG Dreaming Shiwoo boy.
      My newest Luts/CP Dreaming Shiwoo 1
      by Ryuichi Sakuma, on Flickr

      And Sternauge, my BG DES Merman. I'm still working on his merman tail. :sweat

      by Ryuichi Sakuma, on Flickr

      Mods, I hope its okay if I post three pics here, I can't figure out where in the code to turn the last two pics into links. If you know how, or can tell me how I'll do so. :sweat

      Anyways, as anyone can see, I love Beauty Green! To me, it it really is beautiful!:love

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    7. Thank you for sharing with your beautiful boys.
      I wish there was more beauty green molds and sizes, but I doubt companies will start making skintone on purpose.
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    8. I have an old Luts minifee ve woosoo that has become a bit I named her Moss. She is my little wood elf.
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    9. Do you have a pic you mind sharing? I'd love to see her! :3nodding:

    10. I actually love beauty green, but none of my dolls turned BG, yet. Most of my dolls are elves, so the greenish tint will be very suitable for them. I think it will improve their looks.
    11. Of course you would like the shade of this resin. I expect no less but I support you.
    12. Is that doll actually green, though? Or is it more a case of the colour from the plants around it affecting the resin? As there are other photos of the doll in the album attached underneath, and it's not looking so green in them. However, the evidence put forth by @PoeticSoul is harder to refute. And, strangely beautiful.

      I've never personally had a doll go green, instead of yellow. And, I'm not sure I'd want them to. There's a big thing within the hobby about yellowing, so it's accepted that your doll will, one day, turn a buttery shade, no matter how hard you try to prevent it. However, them literally being to able to go green at the gills is not widespread knowledge.
    13. It wouldn't surprise me to find out that that doll actually did turn green. The pic you showed looks like its from 2011, so maybe he hadn't turned green yet. The only one who would truly know at this point would probably be the caregiver/owner.

      I can assure you that my three guys are definitely green. :XD: It is often difficult to catch in pics, but Beauty Green is quite evident when you see them face to face. They didn't turn "a nice, creamy white" like so many others, but a definite light green, something that I'm very happy happened to my three.

      Newer people in the hobby more than likely have nothing to worry about, since Luts/CP Beauty Green seems to have been a happy fluke accident that happened during a very short window earlier in the 2000s.

      And yes, they are "strangely beautiful." :love

    14. Are BG dolls REALLY green?
      Is it an optical illusion?

      Heh. You tell me how much that color looks like "reflected" color.. >_>

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    15. @Brightfires, I know you hate that some of your guys have turned BG, but I still love to look at them! :D

    16. I also really love beauty green... I made a similar comment in a thread about general yellowing, but I love old dolls and everything that comes with them, yellowing/greening included! just gives them so much personality and beauty. a delf miyu I used to have was just beginning to turn beauty green when I bought her, and sometimes I wish I would've kept her for that reason.