Best Mature Tiny

Jan 27, 2019

    1. I love the thought of having a small travel friendly doll, but I’m not sold on the kid tinies. What are some of your favorite mature tinies, be it artist or company?
    2. My favorite is Batchix’s Clever Little!! Good luck on your hunt! These are also some more affordable resin head/obitsu body hybrids APPLE DOLL - Apple Doll ! Best of luck! If you need anymore help I’m happy to help!
    3. I've been seeing a lot of Youpla Dolls on IG lately, and I think they have a really charming look. The "Alize" line is sort of on the edge between mini and tiny, but the girls are only 38cm.
    4. Oh just remembered 5 Star Dolls Miss S Miss S - Ball Jointed Doll ♔ 5STARDOLL she’s also a great option + she has a free faceup option! With shipping she comes out to about $130 I think? I think she also fits Barbie clothes?
    5. Oh also @JustGreg 's new Asleep Eidolon Mini Sylph is precious. There was a choice between a slim male body, a slim female body, or a curvy female body. The previous set of fairies was limited, but maybe they'll release more sculpts for those bodies? Worth keeping an eye out for.
    6. Elfdoll has a mature tiny. There are plenty of others.
    7. So many amazing mature tinies! I currently have three, a bardo research peme (off topic cause sculpted in eyes) who is my smallest at 18 cm, a merry doll round mousse, and then a solar wind dolls konstantin at 30 cm.
      Konstantin is my favorite poser out of all my dolls, his engineering and sculpting is nothing short of incredible. My favorite travel buddy of my tinies though is my mousse. Shes not the smallest, but shes much easier to put in a pocket and carry around. The way her hands and limbs are sculpted means they're heftier than many dolls in the size range, so I'm much less worried about her breaking than I am about my delicate fingered peme and konstantin. I've taken to putting her in my coat pocket and bringing her along on tiny adventures with me.
    8. MaskCatDoll and LittleMonica have some nice ones! Also Xagadoll :3nodding:
    9. and Natalia Loseva dolls... a realistic 35cm lady
      but very expensive
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    10. Are you looking for a male or female sculpt? Granado is currently in the middle of their limited ordering period for Napoleon, a handsome little 31cm man.
    11. She is so wee-tiny, but Rosengarden's Fleur/Nari/etc are very wonderful dolls!
    12. I have a Xagadoll, and he's a joy to handle. I also have one of Dollzone's "Special" girls. She's smaller than most mature tinies but really cute.
    13. Limhwa's ToYou Line is cute! I have one (that I admittedly haven't done much with and has been sitting in a desk drawer for months...:sweat) and they really are pretty little dolls. Seeing all the little details on a sculpt that small is amazing! I don't think they're being sold through the company anymore, but they pop up on the MP sometimes!